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  1. Not exactly a song but sod it To the tune of when Jackie jumped the jail The day that Hooper scored the winner There was a big explosion just as he jumped into the kop And thirty thousand wednesdayites took the wee wee out of bumhole lane scrubbers So he drove up cherry street for a livener See the smell of burnt bacon first thing in the morning
  2. This is it then just had pre op checks and everything's good to go. Shirt ready for Saturday and a very good friend gave me his ipad with sky go ( so he should he's got my ticket) the next time I'm on I should be all fixed and looking forward to 15th June when premier league fixtures are out.... Come on lads get the job done... UTO FTB WAWAW
  3. Thank-you everyone but I'm hoping to have come round by 5 on Saturday I'm having the op Friday morning......
  4. After all the waiting for tickets I've had to give mine away after receiving a phone call this morning from hospital offering me a cancellation for a much needed heart operation on Friday. I would normally turn it down but I've been waiting 2 months already and like I say I need it. So can I ask each and every one of you to give the lads just one shout for me Saturday as I'll be In a hospital bed recovering. Hopefully they will let me listen to it on radio without me having to sneak one in... Come on Wednesday take us back to the promised land... Uto WAWAW
  5. Me turning round because I couldn't watch maccas penalty then realising the bloke behind me had thrown my then 6 year old son anoint 10 ft I'm the air and me just in time to catch him..
  6. So how are people getting there and how much?
  7. Snap I just want full time to hurry up
  8. Been crapping it all day can't keep off toilet. Can't wait to get in the ground nah..... Come on you Blue and White Wizards!!!
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