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  1. Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    Finding it hard to reconcile my feelings about the Derby tomorrow. In the past I've always looked forward to the games with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. This time, it all feels very normal. Like just any other game. I've never felt more relaxed. I was more excited at last season's games v Newcastle. Big games against big club's. Anything could happen, but that's true of most games in the Championship. Obviously it's the biggest day of the season for Utd, as a win against Wednesday is about the only thing they'll be able to point to as any kind of success this season. Well, that and staying up. Hope they enjoy their massive day out. But not too much.
  2. You get 24 characters. so MORE MONEY THAN SENSE Fits fine
  3. One thing I hope today

    every team in the division was a 'new team' to Carlos in that first season - and we got to the Play Off Final
  4. One thing I hope today

    Yes the Portuguese thing is a cover
  5. One thing I hope today

    If I was Carlos I'd say "I ask the Chairman at the start of ze season - who is zis Sheffield Uniteds - I do not know there is another team in ze city. Ze Chairman also do not know. *shrug shoulders*"
  6. One defeat in 17

    Forgot about Bolton If you ignore the fact that most of those games have been absolutely crap to watch - weve been playing like Brazil for the whole of last season and this
  7. One defeat in 17

    Are you also ignoring the play off game against Huddersfield? What an absolutely bizarre post
  8. Spot the ball

    Bloodyhell - thats a great spot. Yes. Yes it is
  9. Spot the ball

    That would have still not won Spot The Ball in the Star back in the 70s
  10. United Ticket Give Away

    Wow, that's brilliant, well done
  11. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    Why would any club exaggerate their attendances? Suely that would lead to them paying more tax?
  12. As it stands

    I have never understood this point of view I'd be happy if united went out of business. Don't give a damn about them, or their little man syndrome supporters