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  1. I think similar to last time would happen if Carlos came back, but with diminished returns due to the finances. It would see a similar 3 season cycle where he would be sacked again. But If he kept us up who cares... most important season in a long time.
  2. He did that too late - and no one can say Carlos didn't have a good crack at it before then. Also, I'm not convinced that we even sacked him, given the move he had lined up to Swansea
  3. Over 90% out. I wish this could actually have any impact but unfortunately I think Chansiri not being able to physically see and hear the opinions of the fans on match days will buy him about 5-6 extra games, by which point we will be way too adrift.
  4. 2/10? Really? Harsh. 5 is fair. No one played below a 5 except maybe Rhodes when he came on (probably a 4).
  5. I'm going to give Hunt a 5. Even though there isn't much ill will in peoples assesments, i think there is some over exaggeration about his performance. I don't think he was the right player to start, but he didn't shy from taking on the ball and he kept it moving - it was more when we were out of that he became problematic as he isn't use to handling a team who can cut through a team on the counter as quick as that. I'm sure he will come back and give plenty of better shows than that in the future.
  6. It does. They just weren't on it first half, which has clearly skewed the perception if how good we were first half. We were OK in the first half against an underpeforming team that were much closer to their potential 2nd half. Same as against watford.
  7. He was fine in the first half, and ropey in the 2nd like everyone else.
  8. I actually have a fair bit of faith in him, and I think this thread will look very silly in the future.
  9. Very negative. Get behind Gary and the team.
  10. LOL This post seems very familiar for some reason....
  11. Has everyone struggling with buffering tried logging on in incognito mode? It's helped me a couple of times
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