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  1. Bags

    I sent my mate home with it from the pub...
  2. Bags

    Because circumstance dictates you have a bag with you? It's not that weird. I'm visiting and getting in just before lunch... Taking my bag to friends first will shave time off time I could he in the pub
  3. Bags

    I'd say worse case scenario is they I say I can't bring my bag in, when I have a bag with my clothes/laptop etc in.
  4. Bags

    Safe. Cheers
  5. Did they ever enforce the ban on rucksacks/bags? I'm most likely going to be with rucksack on Saturday... Lightly packed and easy to check. Will I get any grief?
  6. Westwood in demand?

    Some overly extreme views of what selling Westwood would mean to our ambitions as a club. To me, it would indicate we are making a sensible choice to sell a player at the right time - He's been a great servant, but is a saleable asset, who in my opinion has peaked. I'm not saying he's suddenly over the hill, but I don't think he's getting much better. I have great faith in our 2 young keepers, and Wildsmith deserves to carry on as our number 1 at present.
  7. Seem to remember them having similarly strikingly poor stats about goals scored when we visited them earlier in the season... We all know how that panned out... twice.
  8. Whatever these 2 were in the past - they are 2 terrible players for Sheffield Wednesday. I cannot wait to see the back of them.
  9. Build a team....

    It's definitely too early to judge Nielsen. Thorniley should be in the list too - but yeah I agree. Build a team, rather than assembling a collection of 'stars'.
  10. Score predictions for tonight?

    0-2 It's going to be looking like a smash and grab 0-1, until the last minute game killer. Both goals from Reach. Scenes.
  11. I understand that kids will want them, and I don't begrudge anyone pleasing their kids. But adults who are annoyed with the poor quality and lack of stripes - don't buy it. If sales are poor, that will make a clear statement to the chairman.
  12. Urgh. Imagine.... Amazing commitment from this guy! He has my donation.
  13. Post a positive

    Almen Abdi is getting game time, and hopefully accumulating match fitness. He will be a key player for us this season (Fingers crossed for no new injury)
  14. iFollow

    Veepee n question: I created an account with one running - a free one. It has limited data allowance though. If I long on with it switched on, do I have to then keep it on whilst streaming?