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  1. Has it occurred to anything that maybe there is something rotten in the Watford player camp? And they could have let him down? His methods didnt seem to hamper him in his other jobs? He wouldn't be my pick, but it's amazing how knowledgeable some of you think you are about Watford.
  2. A- He can't help the fact we hsve had reds.. I believe we would be out of the drop zone by now without them, and no one would be moaning. He is working with a good few of the tools missing from the box.
  3. Nope. Felt generally proud of the commitment, and even think we might have won the game without the red.
  4. I don't feel any sympathy for him really. He's garbage and I want him to leave.
  5. Jprdan Rhodes can F off. I don't give a hoot about his feelings at this point. He has been useless.
  6. He went to Leicester when they were riding high off of their title, and played European football for them. We are at the foot of the Championship and awful - one mans junk....
  7. The incident has absolute nothing to do with race so I don't know why you harping on about it - you are drawing attention to race to harp on about old news, when the only thing that should really be being examined is the sexual harrassment/assualt.
  8. He see's this as away of connecting the tories with working class people - it's desperate.
  9. I want him to just get us safe, and above Forest as I have a bottle of whisky riding on it with a mate. I think all this can be achieved.
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