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  1. Surprised Ian Wright doesn't come up a lot - He stands out in my memory as a constant nuisance every time Arsenal visited.
  2. Sorry.. This is misinformation. I half read something on my news feed and mistook BCTV for an overseas channel...... Oops
  3. Its an overseas match selection believe. Hopefully there will be a stream.
  4. Is this supposed to be actually available to overseas viewers? I bought a match pass with my vpn on and now there is no view options. Always works for me today, and AAF that I've spent money and it's not available.
  5. You say that... But then Ross McCormack springs to mind. And who was that 30+ striker who went to Newcastle a few years ago from Ipswich? .... January is silly season.
  6. What the hell does ''don't worry - it's not going to be worse than before'' even mean. What a lazy, meaningless statement. When is ''before''? I'm 35, and even from my relatively short time supporting us (25 years?) There have a whole multitude of lows, that are not good benchmarks, to be doing just a little bit better than. Getting relegated to league 1, could be seen as ''better than before"... As long as we aren't minutes away from liquidation like, then it's better than before. And I don't trust this guy to no take us there again.
  7. Over a 3rd of the way into the season. We shouldn't have to be playing like this.
  8. Exactly. I can't abide by any Wednesday fan who thinks this is tolerable. Will still be embarrassed if we happened to win.
  9. Mostly utilised with back to goal. I'm quite glad the Deon Burton days are over.
  10. He sounds fired up. I needed some hope and this stirred some vague hopefully feelings into me. COME ON JOS. COME ON WEDNESDAY. PROVE US ALL WRONG
  11. More or less this. In London with a few mates its a guaranteed £50 if I go out - Not spending that on something I can't enjoy. It's going to be a S**tshow.
  12. What about the Laws double? I'm not sure you could say we were underdog then, although I'm also not sure there was a clear underdog/favourite.
  13. Christ Brunt - I'd play him at left back and and have Penny in front of him.
  14. This is a strange measure.. the league is too tight at the moment to use above and below as a measure of our quality, as it is going to change so much in the next few games.
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