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  1. I understand that kids will want them, and I don't begrudge anyone pleasing their kids. But adults who are annoyed with the poor quality and lack of stripes - don't buy it. If sales are poor, that will make a clear statement to the chairman.
  2. Urgh. Imagine.... Amazing commitment from this guy! He has my donation.
  3. Post a positive

    Almen Abdi is getting game time, and hopefully accumulating match fitness. He will be a key player for us this season (Fingers crossed for no new injury)
  4. iFollow

    Veepee n question: I created an account with one running - a free one. It has limited data allowance though. If I long on with it switched on, do I have to then keep it on whilst streaming?
  5. iFollow

    Can I get this ifollow onto my firestick? Can someone please explain how I do that? because I can't work it out

    Yeah I'm a UK citizen Does the afformentioned veepee tuuurbo do the job? In which case I just need to find the app.

    Ho do I get it on to firestick? Is there a handy youtube video or step by step anywhere? In theory - I should be able to watch in the UK if I'm running Turbo VPN?
  8. Nixon

    Don't understand why everyone is such an expert on him - How do you all know for example, how he performed on the whole last season, when we were all busy watching Wednesday? It sounds from Villa fans, as though he was performing well? As for the age thing - How old is Bruno at Brighton? 36/37? He seemed to okay for a good few years in a promotion winning side.