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  1. The flipside to everyone shouting sell - which I can understand at 15 million - is that with a likely large points deduction coming our way, Iorfa is one of a small handful of great players that are pushing the team on. Lose quality players like him who take games by the scruff of the neck, we could quickly find ourselves in a hole we can't get out of. 15 million or relegation?
  2. The guy is an absolute beast. Serious player on our hands - tie him down for as long as possible.
  3. Great footballer, but a fascist. Would prefer him to not come back for a visit tbh. Not a nice person.
  4. Are there any outlined minimum, or maximum points deductions? Or any other specifics about possible means of punishment?
  5. We don't get overrun everytime. Leeds? Boro? We have played well a few times 442 and missed out by fine margins, or won.
  6. He has been great for us, but thought he wasn't at his best today. But I suppose no one was shining really.
  7. Thought we came under pressure from a good strong side - They will finish much higher than their current position. But yeah - it was hard work. Forestieri made a lot of difference as an outlet, after replacing Harris who I thought was pretty average.
  8. Lees should now be kept out of the side until one of Iorfa or Borner gives reason to be dropped, imo. Iorfa is excelling at CB - would be silly to swap his position.
  9. I can see a decent player in him who is doing okay whilst not at top form. I thi k he will play himself into good form and silence a few critics.
  10. They look a strong team But I can't help but look back to the games against Newcastle where they were the runaway side in the league, and we outplayed them both times - and we still have the key players who did the damage. They have got off to a similar start to us and I don't think we have to fear them.... We can beat them at home.
  11. I will never forget that Jordan Rhodes who battered us with 4 goals for Huddersfield. I just can't see that player in him anymore sadly, or ever getting it back here or anywhere else.
  12. Palace for sure. Also the 2017 home loss to the pigs. I wasn't there... I'd been up all night and was pretty drunk, sat in an empty pub in Stoke Newington, and felt embarrassed that i'd bothered.
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