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  1. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch (Dunkley if not fit) Palmer Luongo Bannan Wing Adeniran Gregory Johnson
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if Darren Moore has got his sights set on winning this. Feels like another building block into getting the positivity back into the club. Not a big fan of the competition personally but a day out at Wembley with 40k Wednesday fans wouldn't be a bad thing at all. The squad barring injuries looks big enough to cope with a run in this competition.
  3. To be honest in the short time he was on he offered a good alternative in that wide position against Fleetwood. Surprised me but he gave us something totally different to the other forward players.
  4. The EFL are likely still ratifying any signings above the agreed limit they put on us so doubt we will be as they will be aware of what we are paying and will have authorised it.
  5. Ball playing defenders are not easy to come by. We're fairly spoilt that we have Hutchinson and Iorfa who are both comfortable with the ball. Not many in this league or the championship. I think it somewhat skews the opinion on their replacements. I don't think it's fair to compare Dunkley or Gibson to either of them as they are absolute Rolls Royce players at this level. I actually think barring any injuries I would bank the Green money until January and use it to strengthen where we need to then.
  6. Going to be a bit of a battle I think. Fairly physical Rotherham so would go with: BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Adeniran Bannan Wing Patterson Gregory Brown Harsh on Byers as I think he was really tidy again last night. Just think we could do with that energy and extra height in midfield Saturday. I don't think Johnson has done enough to merit a start. Not writing him off but don't think he is the right man for a local derby.
  7. We can only spend so much on wages for new players per month as set out by the EFL so we won't be doing anything untoward as I imagine it will need to be ratified by the EFL first. I imagine there are a few promotion/performance bonuses in those contracts that have made any deal we could offer more attractive.
  8. I can see us having a mixed start. Tough trip for the first game mixed in with a couple of local derbies in the first 4 games. I think 6 OR 7 points would be a very good return from those games. I definitely see us getting stronger as the season progresses and the team gels together. Wouldn't surprise me to see us come with a charge 2nd half of the season. A little like the 2012 promotion season. I do think a lot of these predictions from various media outlets were written before we completed the majority of our business. On paper I don't think anyone has recruited better than us other than maybe Ipswich. It's a little cliche but Hillsborough can be a big plus for us if we hit any kind of form. Appreciate that can also work the other way though!
  9. Played a few games out wide in pre-season. I'm sure Moore has said he sees him developing into a wide player. I think he will be the last option for the position like.
  10. Agree we seem to have some bad luck with this type of thing but we have options now. Green Corbeanu Johnson Brown Dele-Bashiru
  11. All I keep getting is 'Your call can't be taken at this time please call later', hate being critical but it's a shambles the ticketing process.
  12. Anyone have any idea if the ticket office is open Sunday? Ordered tickets for Sunday on Tuesday but not arrived yet.
  13. Said we were in talks with regards to Sims and hopeful of signing Johnson. Think we as fans (me included) maybe took that as though they would be signing imminently. Sims feels more likely to me. Still fancy us to compete with Hull for his signature though.
  14. Some useful options out wide now. Add Windass to the mix if needed too: Sims Green Shodipo Hagan
  15. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-southampton-winger-breaking-21173279
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