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  1. Hi, do you have any contact details for either please?
  2. Hi, anyone know of any coaches other than the Intercity Owl going to Stamford Bridge? Looking for places for 8 people.
  3. Agreed the statement was too long by about 8 paragraphs! There's been honest and transparent and then there's just dumping everything out of your head on to a sheet.
  4. And for all those saying they are concerned with regards to Bruce....he's signed a contract he will be here 1st February as stated a million times by journalists that are very well connected to him.
  5. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I'm sure DC regrets signing Abdi, Van Aken, Jones, Rhodes etc however at the time they seemed like decent signings which the majority of us applauded. Rightly or wrongly he rolled the dice in those first 2 years. We are now going to have to take our lumps and start again. No amount of whinging is going to get us out of this situation. Lets see how the next 2 months unfold and then go from there. I'm 99% sure that the 1867 scheme is not the only thing he is considering at the minute. Take a breath and chill, things will work out.
  6. Why are people reacting like this is something they didn’t already know? DC has said multiple times before we will have big issues with FFP if we didn’t achieve promotion.
  7. wmb


    Some of our fans are embarrassing. At the minute there is a horrible self entitled, childish attitude with some of our fans.
  8. You are either on a fishing mission or you are a full on cap end.
  9. wmb


    Rhodes is done with us. He never settled here and is clearly happy living down Norfolk/Suffolk. Would be a pointless exercise trying to make him fit into a club where he is clearly not happy.
  10. wmb

    Agnew on recruitment

    Personally I would rather the club don’t just sign players for the sake of it this transfer window. The season is pretty much gone (we aren’t going up and we aren’t going down). If a player comes up that will benefit us long term then yeah let’s go and get him. The remainder of this season should be used for Steve Bruce to analyse the squad and to work out what needs to be done to give us a chance next season. Let’s take this opportunity to look at 1 or 2 of the U18/U23 lads. I would imagine lads like Shaw, Rice, Hagan, Dawouda (spelling?)warrant a look.
  11. A fully fit (I know a big ask) Foristierri would surely be perfect for the number 10 role? For me essential buys for next season are two new full backs, a DM who is an upgrade on Pelupessy and can replace Hutch. A forward with pace and a CB if Hector can’t be signed up.
  12. Wasn’t a great performance but nowhere near as bad as some are making out. Luton looked well organised and showed some grit without creating anything. Some people seriously need to chill out. There will be bigger shocks than this over the weekend.
  13. Seems a decent guy. Ok so £250 not huge going by his salary however doing this indicates he’s in touch with community etc.
  14. He did the help a Hallam child visit instead with Hutch and a few others.