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  1. Simon Grayson Terry Cooke Lee Bradbury Tommy Johnson Paul Heald Jon McCarthy Some glorious names there!
  2. Apart from Westwood I don't think any of them are worth keeping. Westwoods wage could present a problem though. All have had adequate time to prove their worth and the majority have failed consistently. The squad is terribly imbalanced right now anyway. Like it or not as a club/fanbase we are going to have to go through this upheaval for the next season or two. You can't reshape and rebuild without clearing the decks.
  3. I think it's time to get rid of all of the out of contract players. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to press the reset button in football. I can't think of many times where what will be a relatively new manager has had the chance to rebuild and reshape the squad pretty much from scratch. Obviously FFP will dictate to some extent the quality of player we can attract but with Bruce's contacts, a few decent free transfers and 4 or 5 decent prem loans we could see a rejuvenated squad next season.
  4. I think that's not far off to be fair. Would like to see one of Winnall and Rhodes replaced with a forward that can play off the shoulder. Vital that we get a centre midfielder that can get box to box also.
  5. So you disagree that he's been a good servant to the club? He's an attacking midfielder being asked to play in a deeper role than suits him. It might also help if we actually had a few decent players in front of him or down the sides for him to aim at.
  6. Despair at some of our fans sometimes. The lad has been a good servant to this club and gives his all every game. I've said it before but our fanbase is toxic at the minute.
  7. 8 clean sheets in 12 - With a largely unchanged back 4 yet people want to disrupt it? I'm not a big fan of Palmer or Fox but they are part of a defence that is doing a very decent job at the minute. I would agree that Aarons probably should get a run out against Rotherham though as we are clearly lacking down the left going forward.
  8. Hi, do you have any contact details for either please?
  9. Hi, anyone know of any coaches other than the Intercity Owl going to Stamford Bridge? Looking for places for 8 people.
  10. Agreed the statement was too long by about 8 paragraphs! There's been honest and transparent and then there's just dumping everything out of your head on to a sheet.
  11. And for all those saying they are concerned with regards to Bruce....he's signed a contract he will be here 1st February as stated a million times by journalists that are very well connected to him.
  12. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I'm sure DC regrets signing Abdi, Van Aken, Jones, Rhodes etc however at the time they seemed like decent signings which the majority of us applauded. Rightly or wrongly he rolled the dice in those first 2 years. We are now going to have to take our lumps and start again. No amount of whinging is going to get us out of this situation. Lets see how the next 2 months unfold and then go from there. I'm 99% sure that the 1867 scheme is not the only thing he is considering at the minute. Take a breath and chill, things will work out.
  13. Why are people reacting like this is something they didn’t already know? DC has said multiple times before we will have big issues with FFP if we didn’t achieve promotion.
  14. Some of our fans are embarrassing. At the minute there is a horrible self entitled, childish attitude with some of our fans.
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