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  1. The recruitment has been a shambles. 3-5-2 only works if you have 2 capable wing backs. We have none. 4-4-2 only works if you have 2 capable full backs and a mobile centre midfield. Again we are lacking in those departments. 4-2-3-1 is something new to this group of players. It’s the new managers preferred formation. He deserves a chance to implement his own system. Let’s face it none of the previous formations have worked consistently with this group of players. Playing 2 up top would be fine if we had 2 capable strikers. We don’t. We have Rhodes who has been garbage for 95% of his time here
  2. He’s got to be allowed the opportunity to try to implement his own way of playing. Surely people can see this? It won’t happen overnight. We’ve had Pulis the relegation preventer specialist come in who couldn’t do anything. We’ve had Thompson who did ok but then the wheels fell off. At some point this club needs to stick with someone and allow them to put a plan in place. We are going down. Make no mistake about it. Chansiri and the fans now need to show some balls and stick with someone and give them a fair crack.
  3. There’s plenty blaming him on here. Have a read through the thread.
  4. Yeah because lumping it up all season has returned a fantastic haul of points.
  5. I’m done some reyt bell ends on here tonight. The mans been in the door for a 6 days and you’ve got people calling him a clown.
  6. Aye it’s 100% his fault that Borner got himself sent off and that Izzy Brown couldn’t deliver a corner. He’s had 1 week to work with this set of pathetic excuses for professional footballers. Not sure what people expect. At least give him a fair chance with his own players ******** hell!
  7. Let’s turn on Darren Moore shall we. Ffs are some of you actually that thick? The players are abysmal. The owner is a nutter. The season was done before he took over. He’s been brought in with an eye on next season.
  8. I'm not confident he will stay but the football league world isn't a credible source really. It's more opinion based stuff generally and snippets picked up from social media and other outlets. It's generally written as click bait. Knowing people who work for them, I would be surprised if they managed to get an exclusive from anywhere.
  9. Agree an unstable environment in any situation generally means failure in the long run. In the short term I do think a stronger minded team would be making a better fist of this though. Suppose the issue is it's not short term for some of the squad they have been in this environment for a few years now.
  10. He's right we had more than enough chances to put that game to bed. It wasn't a great performance but if we had any quality up front we would have won the game. Patterson is not and never will be a centre forward of championship standard. His link up play is appalling and his finishing is even worse. That being said it's not his fault our recruitment team saw him as the answer to our desperate need for a striker. It doesn't matter who the manager is. This majority in this group of players are weak minded, untalented and generally not fit for purpose. Until the recruitment is impro
  11. Nice to see the club make a forward thinking and progressive appointment. It doesn't feel like a Chansiri appointment does it?
  12. The short term thinking by Chansiri is nothing new. Apart from ticketing schemes I can’t think of anything he has done with a long term view in place. I just don’t think he has that type of strategic thinking. What makes this odd though is I would have thought he would have invested short term to keep us in the division. He seems reluctant to put anything in place that takes us past the Summer. So he’s either struggling for cash or he’s selling up. Let’s hope it’s the latter!
  13. It's really not rocket science is it. Sure there is an element of luck to any decisions and appointments etc but we really shouldn't be in this mess. Communication and structure is key. Some general rules i'd advise/follow if in his position. Appoint a CEO to run the club whilst your away. If you want an head coach to purely coach then appoint a DOF/Tech director. If you do then ensure they are compatible witheach other. If you want a manager employ one and give them full control over who comes and goes. Give appointed DOF/Manager/Head coach a mandate and
  14. The worrying thing is I reckon out of that list about a 1/3 (Maybe a little less) have contributed anything of note to the club. The rest have either spent all of their time injured, been useless or not even made an appearance for the first team.
  15. He is strangling the life out of the club day by day. It just feels like a total lack of respect for his own position. The list of his mishaps and general incompetence is endless. He has got no idea (or doesn't care) about the club's values and traditions. He doesn't understand the game he has invested in. He's played with fire RE FFP and has got burnt. He doesn't learn from his mistakes and to be honest it doesn't look like he even acknowledges that he's made any! The succession of poor managerial appointments. The lack of ability to tie our best young p
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