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  1. Bannan for me 8 Is Joao a luxury we can afford ? Asking for a friend
  2. Put on here earlier in the year what a friend of mine herd earlier in the year in the board room that Mr C had sold the stadium to a close family member, and I was soundly derided,just what I was told from a guy who mixes in these circles!
  3. The no’s have it,the no’s have it !!
  4. Why not pay as you play ,review if he doesn’t breakdown ,the guy is Class and we have sorely missed him!
  5. Officially to be announced at 1 pm but won’t be able to be pitch side straight away as he reqs knee operation,his assistant will be in charge in his absence!
  6. It’s family a bit like DTaxis and Elevate drinks!
  7. Christ that’s reight funny av just wee weed ,CHILD Follow the big boys!
  8. As I said just don’t get all the neg poo but if wrong I won’t post any more threads on here not worth the agg
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