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  1. Cream always rises to the top ,very skilful player!
  2. Crowley’s going to Huddersfield according to talksport ,after they said they weren’t bothered ??
  3. I will publicly take the shame I deserve thankyou!
  4. Slag me thurs if I'm wrong ,same kid who told me of ground sale last year check my posts can't give you more than I've posted just that he's gone!
  5. Me thinks this could cost Ashley a lot of dosh cos I don’t think Mr C will back down this time no restrictions on the cash he can spend ,he feels dishonoured and my guess he’s a tad angry
  6. Change of mind seeking more money! Maybe nearer your figure,
  7. Just had a text saying Chansiri changed his mind and wants more money!
  8. Wait and see! Same info came thru this guy for sale of ground in November,posted it on here got lambasted as per just wait n see !
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