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  1. Chris waddle watching euros when he was left out buy Turnip in a hillside Bar in Cyprus asked him , how he felt being left out ‘barring in mind it was the year he’d been voted players player of the year ‘ he just shrugged his shoulders, best player for me to ever don a Wednesday shirt ,not long after that as more Brits arrived he just slipped away out of the bar , what a player.
  2. Looking forward to my little, savings club cash back soon and pleased I haven’t spent the cash watching the utter tripe seen on screen imagine the ferocious bile that would have been spewed out every Saturday afternoon/tues evening,so yes please can I have my £1200 plus cash back now please I have a holiday to book ( Pandemic allowing)
  3. Clicked on this link fully expecting the bile and negativity aimed at one of our players, but I’m so glad to see the lad who for me try’s his best every time he plays for us and for me seems to be the first to congratulate his team mates and never shirks a tackle, just seem the sort of kid that could do with an arm around him and a pat on the back from his team mates now and again he try’s so hard to be accepted by his team mates Well done Joey lad fans starting to notice you !
  4. I saw three of them spontaneously combust!
  5. Neither Windass nor Green could trap a bag of cement !
  6. Why have we on home soil had to endure these two muppets for 94 kin minutes! Wanted to smash the telly in several times ffs
  7. Thank you for your service to my club,Rest in peace sir.
  8. What’s up inspector,don’t ya like being proven wrong, pretty quick to correct the other guy
  9. The Limit night club opened in 1978 just to set the record straight !
  10. Barring injuries Shearer would have been a sub!
  11. This whole forum has turned poisonous! people Just waiting for someone to post something that they and their little gang don’t like Nuhiu isn’t the best striker we’ve had by a long chalk but the guy has a heart as big as an Ox the rest of the players love him who do they search out and run to (when he’s on the the touch line warming up) when they’ve just scored,the guy has ,(wether the haters like it or not)won us some games lifted the team spirit on and of the field And had the crowd on it’s feet cheering,So before you start to rip my post apart ,I for one would like to thank Atdhe for his time and effort he has shown my club Thanks lad and good luck
  12. Make him Captain for his last game , The bloke has bled blue n white for our club,might not be the most gifted but how many times has he rallied the troops when our arse was on the floor thanks Atdhe
  13. Comma after Chester, written as a report ps sorry for delay in response ta ! Then went on to quote what was told to me hope that clears it up
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