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  1. Does anyone remember the streaker with huge paps running on the pitch late 70s or early 80s ?
  2. Comma after Chester, written as a report ps sorry for delay in response ta ! Then went on to quote what was told to me hope that clears it up
  3. I seem to remember being called a lot of names for offering a insight into a conversation with Westwood from someone who is a family member, Sometimes a few people are far to quick to judge! If you have any information on a situation, would you put it out on here ? I wonder, have you ever thought as I do after reading his (Westwood’s ) post he wanted the fans to know he wasn’t in the plans anymore.
  4. Have they scrapped under 25s ticket.?
  5. Just seen and spoken to in hotel in Chester, to quote deal done to play for Huddersfield sat ,eleventh hour Wednesday decided they wanted a fee and scuppered deal ,says he only signed new contract because of Bruce!
  6. His first mistake I thought was that he had just had an altercation with Fox, Fox had to head over because he didn’t get a shout from Westwood ,Then Westwood began to savage him verbally Fox turned away and had a word with Bannan and Bannan in-turn gave West wood a blast ,this could only have been a few seconds before the first goal ,the afore mentioned altercation must stil have been playing on his mind resulting in the total fubar of an attempt to keep goal ,He really needs to keep his mind on his own game for me!
  7. Looks north n south doesn't She ?
  8. Squeaky bum time hitting bridge tops now just drove out to chesterfield through Sheffield,Don into Rotherham is very rapid,ulley Res overflowed all roads which have streams that feed Don are closed around wincobank etc I think it’s gonna be touch n go that we don’t get flooding at Hillsborough,hope im wrong
  9. Crowley’s going to Huddersfield according to talksport ,after they said they weren’t bothered ??
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