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  1. What's the alternative then? Oh enlightened one bless us with your superior powers of wisdom so we may too be as big a Fan as you one day.
  2. Flint was MOM for me. Less complicit in that shambles due to less time involved. Hopefully this will be the final straw for the clueless manager and the pathetic keeper.
  3. If you fish it out the bog it will probably stop more than Dawson next game.
  4. He is probably aware the Chairman will sit on his hands until it’s too late too. We are an embarrassment.
  5. Monk is a totally negative manager, nothing going forward and no chance of ever scoring setting up like that. You don’t mind getting beat if you give the game a go, We don’t even trouble the worse sides in the league. Wycombe are certain to turn us over if he is still here and setting up to keep the score down.
  6. If he had an ounce of decency about him Monk would be on his bike after that performance. Totally inept and needs to consider his future in the game if that is the standard he sets for the players. We are relegated already as Chansiri won’t act until he totally ruins the club.
  7. We can rebuild and we can come back, At least with administration and bankruptcy it’s the rock bottom and the only way is up. If this absolute joke of a Chairman stays at the helm we are going to endure years and years of misery. He is stubborn and doesn’t have a clue how to run a club or employ staff around him to actually assist. Probably sound like a Turkey wishing for Christmas but can anyone reasonably see his tenure improving at all? This is horrific, an absolute car crash.
  8. Love to be able to give a manager time to build his team and make his mark but we are still chopping and changing and the end product on the park hasn’t even looked like improving. Monk gives me no confidence he knows what he’s doing now and is just winging it in my opinion. If anyone else had the home record we have I would be peeing myself, It’s just not good enough and shows no signs of getting better despite different personnel in the back room and on the pitch. He is out of his depth at the minute and sinking fast, we needed to come out fighting at home and he just plays not to
  9. Or stick with this joke of a manager who struggles to string a sentence together never mind a cohesive side.
  10. New coaches, New players and the same woeful displays. Monk is far too negative and lacks the ability to grab a game by the horns. We are shocking
  11. Donkey vs Narcissist Great viewing for someone somewhere.
  12. Van Aken was my pick the block literally secured all 3 points for us. He looks twice the player he was previously.
  13. Let him go if the offer is substantial and we can look for an attacking Midfielder who plays in the oppositions half and not ours. We need the cash and he will walk for free in the summer.
  14. My mother is going through the dementia nightmare at the moment. Cruelest illness of all takes the mind but leaves the shell. Sympathetic to everyone who has been there or who has yet to go down that road. I can’t wait to see this after that trailer.
  15. Proven Championship player with bags of experience and a leader figure. I don’t understand why we think we are above this type of player. FFS we are about as attractive as the Fat girl alone on Roxy’s dance floor at 01:55.
  16. Don't worry mate I will send her back when I am done with her!
  17. My point proven by your very predicable response. Your post gives me the impression you are exactly what I am talking about, Devoid of ambition in life and just accepts this an plods on.
  18. I used to think of us as a big club during my youth in the late 70”s and early 80’s but now realise the club’s ambitions match the fans ambitions. We come out all snarling and up for the challenge but ultimately roll over and have our tummies tickled. The Arsenal cup finals fully convinced me of this fact, We were the perpetual losers and happy to have a losers medal and a pat on the head. The lack of a winning mentality is rife through the club and the fan base, We just settle for making up the numbers and have very little fight in us. Without an exceptionally good manager we will
  19. Villa fan at work rates him highly and thinks he could be a future star at the right club. Thinks he would be a very good signing for us in out current situation.
  20. OTHER - Hard working, Counter Attacking without the Attacking bit!
  21. Even with one leg he couldn't be worse
  22. A bit like Jay Bothroyd, who was a crowd favorite there?
  23. It's a must win in terms of confidence and self belief if we are serious about getting the points deduction knocked off. QPR aren't a great side and we should have the ability to give them a game especially at home.
  24. Can’t even blame spell checker.....
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