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  1. Basically telling their players “If you don’t work hard enough here lads this is where you will end up earning a living” It’s like the trash tv show where bad kids are sent to jail for a few.days to calm their behaviours.
  2. Derby would be a great option for him to buy a big club on the cheap. It's the way he's built his business empire taking struggling businesses on the brink and making them profitable. Love him or loathe him he's a smart operator as his bank balance indicates.
  3. Reality bites us on the Ars3. Hard work and quick thinking gets us out of this league not big ego’s. Hopefully this will be a leveller for the players and management.
  4. Breath of fresh air instead of the boring media trained puppets wheeled out game after game. Antonio is a class act and his personality had me smiling after the game.
  5. Huge difference having a first class keeper and that penalty save was top drawer. Very good result for us away from home, Keep it going and keep winning.
  6. Decent away point for us, Just slightly concerned about the lack of creativity going forward. Plenty of plus points for us in the game, just need to become an attacking force in the future. I’m sure DM will have us sorted in the next few weeks.
  7. He’s bobbar. Stephanie Hirst would score more than the boy blunder.
  8. Putting all that pressure on Saka for the last penalty was silly. Bringing on two players to take penalties at the end when they had hardly played was another crazy decision. Our strength on the bench should have been used to win the game not sit and wait for the lottery of penalty kicks. Fair play to Italy they had us in there back pocket for all but 15 minutes.
  9. I was so grateful to my former employer who paid me less than I was worth for the work I put in. I think all our former players should stand on their doorsteps and clap every Wednesday evening for us to show that gratitude.
  10. Great move for the lad if it comes off. Possibility of Champions League Football with a huge club or Third division dross without pay, hardly a choice is it?
  11. Stayed at The Celtic Manor a few times and it ain’t all that. The corporate rates the club will enjoy I guarantee will knock the rooms down 25% at least, so a Hotel room for around £100 a night ain’t lavish. I always prefer the St.Pierre Country Club just down the road from there much better food and service from my experiences. Can’t knock the Golf courses though at Celtic Manor.
  12. The White one is the worse of the Three, Other Two are ok. What's wrong with a nice Yellow away shirt?
  13. Deliberate attempt by a fan to make profit from our demise. I will give it a miss thanks, plus it’s good damn awful to boot.
  14. Ask Hertha Berlin if we can use their shirts from last season
  15. Legalities I imagine, such as sell on clauses and payment terms?
  16. Sell him to the highest bidder. We have to accept we are skint and need any incoming cash offered.
  17. This is the sort of market we are shopping in now. We are going to need a minor miracle to be competitive in this league this season.
  18. One task to reunite the club. sell it to someone who knows what they are doing.
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