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  1. If healthy translates to meat free processed poo then no thanks, I would rather blow a tramp.
  2. Came across like a right minge there didn't he?
  3. Absolute colossus of a captain for us. Terrible illness dementia, I know from first hand watching a very close family member suffer for a few years now. Best wishes to Mick and his family
  4. It's not a binary choice you can play winning, entertaining football it's just much more difficult at the pub league level.
  5. Second best all over the pitch and the centre halves have Gregory in their pocket so far. We just don’t look good enough over the games so far.
  6. Palmer tries hard but just isn’t up to it. The sooner we get hunt on the better we will be.
  7. My partner has something that look like that in her bedside drawer. Always wondered what they were for
  8. Along with bet365 going off nearly conspired to ruin my evening.
  9. From the start then. My dog is more ITK than the wasters on here
  10. 45 Pages summed up in one word "Desperate"
  11. It's the BBC ignore it, I mean it's not like we are paying for this nonsense is it?
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