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  1. Prince

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    I remember an away game I think it was Grimsby and Di Canio was getting it in the ear from the bench to pass it to Booth instead of cutting inside. Next 3 passes went to Booth and the ball bounces off him and out of play. Cue Di Canio with his hands in the air basically telling the bench to do one. Danny Wilson couldn't handle a talent like Di Canio. Di Canio was worth the transfer fee alone for the goals against Southampton away and Barnsley at home. pure magic he was!
  2. Prince

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Negotiate a way out of his contract and pay him off. I am fed up with hearing he is only weeks away only for him to break down again. If he was a horse he would have been shot before now!
  3. Prince

    Quick and simple

    And how do we sell it to people if all they have been brought up on is Rotherham, Sheffield United and Barnsley being on the Radio. We are losing a foothold in the market of the local sides all looking to recruit new young supporters.It's a very blinkered and dim witted view. The elderly use the radio more then the young too and find that getting to matches is too much, they can easily keep in touch with what is happening. A close family member lost his eye sight and as a result couldn't attend games, the radio was the only method of keeping in touch with what was happening and the commentary was a vital part of that. Yeah I can just see a blind guy firing up his laptop to google ifollow or some other crap.
  4. Prince

    Quick and simple

    How does this promote us in the wider community? The Radio and matches covered Live is really advertising our brand. if this is in house only then is does nothing to promote us as the audience are already fans. The sums mentioned are small anyway so we would have been better taking the hit in exchange for some free promotion of events and good news based stories about the club.
  5. Why are we not doing anything like this to get us a cash flow coming in.
  6. Sell anyone who we get a fair offer for at the minute before the contracts run down and they leave on a free. Invest what we are allowed in young talent from the lower leagues, look at player of the seasons in the two leagues below and sort out what we need from the cream of the crop in the loans market. Entice people to back the club and not alienate them with price rises in both the POTG and Corporate sections. Speak to the BBC and get them back on side to promote the club locally free ticket promotions and giveaways to help younger fans through the gates. Sort out the club shop and get branded stuff in that people want to buy. Holiday and beach stuff in the Summer, In the winter do branded gifts and sweets. Make the club open and approachable and basically give back to the community. Without even trying the list above would give us a quick win in the battle against financial ruin. If we gamble on promotion this season with a weak squad and fans loosing interest then we are properly screwed.
  7. We don't need a quality keeper... Yeah that's just what I thought when the third one went it on on Saturday.
  8. Prince

    Jos time line...

    Anyone who accepts the job under DC is doomed to failure. It's not the manager that needs to be replaced it's the Chairman, His ego is huge and just won't admit he is getting everything so wrong. We need someone in who knows about football and very quickly. The team we have struggled last season and we have lost players and not replaced them. We are going to be fighting relegation all season with this team and the clueless bunch in charge, whilst paying some of the highest prices in the league and alienating fans more and more everyday.
  9. What a full weight example of the ruin this club has become. Anyone who thinks we are actually going anywhere with the current regime must be crazy, They could have a bottomless pit to spend but just haven't go the brains to use it. How many others have been gifted with this sort of management style?
  10. Prince

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    Blaming the fans allowed Richards to use us as a stepping stone to his future career and condemn us into the lower leagues , Blaming the fans allowed Dave Allen to take us right to the brink of oblivion. Time to get your heads out of the sand and realise that if everybody claps and cheers it won't turn us into Real Madrid. We have been mismanaged and poorly run for years because lady parts who support us put up with it. You either want us to do well and achieve or you don't. Please don't make out anyone wanting to see a winning side is a Spoilt brat just because you would clap the skin forming on custard.
  11. Poor squad, Poor team, Poor manager, and very poor Chairman. Amazing supporters is about all we can cling on to at the minute. Hopefully the guy in charge will see sense and find a buyer as soon as possible, he hasn't a clue at all.
  12. Prince

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    FFS stop the excuses. We could have Adolf Hitler as Chairman and the dopey dimwits on here would still be clapping away like demented seals. We are royally screwed and the Chairman is fully to blame so this whole sorry mess. Jesus get your heads out of the sand. In my eyes you are not supporters of the club if you don't want the best for us and clapping this egomaniac and his stupid ideas isn't going to sort this out we need to show him we aren't happy with the way he is running us into the ground.
  13. Prince


    No point anybody putting cash in if DC is going to be spending it. The guy is clueless and would probably just fritter it away as the past has shown. If someone is looking to invest then DC needs to be bought out and sent packing back to Thailand with his price structure wedged between his buttocks.
  14. Only to be shouted down as a single dissenting voice while all the starry eyed lubed up fan boys bend over to take a length? Been there, done that thanks. Not for me, hard hitting questions don't go down too well at these events.
  15. This is why I don't take any interest as it becomes a brown nosing exercise or how far can you crawl up the chairman trouser leg contest!