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  1. Westwood 8 Iorfa 6 Palmer 6 Lees 8 Hector 9 (MOM) Bannan 8 Hutchinson 7 Reach 7 Aarons 8 Fletcher 7 Nuhiu 1 Winnall 6
  2. See why Chelsea paid a good wedge for him. He is a quality defender and reads the game so well, A cut above most at this level and performs to that standard 9 out of every 10 games. We need to try and bring him in for next season and if at all possible but I am sure SB will be all over this.
  3. Find myself listening to these now after a few years of not being bothered. Steve is refreshingly honest and it's sure easier to understand than the monosyllabic stuff served up by the last manager. So far so good, keep on keeping on!
  4. "We all know Lewis can play, he has been a very good player. He is still only 30, it is just whether we feel he still has the legs to do a job for us" Very accurate article. Wasted his career or has some other baggage that stops him performing at his peak.
  5. This whole thread is a load of rounduns, guess work from dubious posters who seem to enjoy negativity or have other interests at heart.
  6. Condolences for your loss. Life is cruel sometimes but your memories will bring comfort during this painful time.
  7. I once went in the Weatherspoons pub called the Rhinoceros in the centre of Toytown. Jesus what an eye opener, the people in there would steal the laces out of your shoes as you walked past. Lucky to get out with my wallet intact.
  8. Somebody pick his dummy up for him.
  9. Think it’s time BB was moved on in the summer and replaced with a dynamic midfielder who gets forward. Our midfield has got no creativity at all and the constant back passing and playing deeper than Jacques Cousteau it is making my p1ss boil every week. We lack pace, drive and aggression and BB isn’t going to get us playing further up the park on current form. If Kieran Lee ever gets back to where he was then the team dynamics might change but Hutch and Bannan gives us zero attacking drive ATM.
  10. Barry "backwards" Bannan is what I refer to him as. Talented player but too much looking the wrong way.
  11. If he continues the straight talking and the openness then he will get the backing he deserves. Lots were sick of the veil of secrecy under the previous manager but I actually like to hear Bruce talk.
  12. Got £50 on @ 5-1 for a top half finish the day Jos was flushed. Underperforming side held back by his lack of managerial ability and the strange choice to freeze our best players out.
  13. Top Keeper in the division for me. We need to keep hold of our best players if we are looking to go the right way out of this league.
  14. Depends what you want doesn't it? If you have no ambition and like to watch the ball bounce off The Donkey week in and week out then I suggest you are easily pleased. I prefer strikers who can actually score goals and offer something to the team other than being the football equivalent of a Speed Hump.
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