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  1. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cardiff-city-manager-neil-warnock-12338343 Article about him hitting form for Cardiff and Warthog saying he has been lazy previously.
  2. We need to move on from the mercenaries and get behind the new dawn. Look forward and not back.
  3. This will do for them. Plenty of room and more modern than their current home.
  4. Prosophobia (from the Greek proso meaning forward and phobos meaning fear) is a fear of progress, came about due to some claim that even though it is a fundamental component of humanity and life, progress can ruin their people's lives through the effects of changes and new advances. Some may even believe that people making progress is one step closer to the end of the world. Prosophobia can be treated using logic, that is, using personal progress for enjoyment. More reliable options are psychotherapy, which involves educating how progress works it's uses and benefits.
  5. Let’s quit trying to win games and become a rest home for retiring professional footballers, It seems loads on here would be happy with that. None of these guys played for us out of love, Correct me if I am wrong but all of them took a decent wage even when unfit to carry out their duties. We need to lose the sentiment and start cheering on the winners and not the try hards but ultimately failed. Our fans are always looking back never forward.
  6. I have seen the huge upturn in reporting on Wednesday recently by The Star and I do enjoy some if not all of the articles. In my personal opinion I like to read more interviews and in depth stuff, basically less speculation and more in depth behind the scenes. I know it’s not easy but links to the higher echelons of the club do need to improve from both sides to bring the fans on board and to sell subscriptions.
  7. Hopefully something in it, definitely a step up from Dobbin the Donkey. 😃
  8. Maybe we can use him as an impact sub at striker to see the games out. I have also heard he is good to have around for moral and we should offer him a longer contract.
  9. Here is my top ten from my lifetime watching. Big Ron - Amazing to see him transform the club from the shocking state it was in and champagne football too, Who knows what could have been if Villa didn't call. Sgt. Wilko - His side was exciting to watch and just lacked a few ingredients to be title contenders through no fault of his own. Big Jack - See Big Ron above but without the champagne football. Trevor Francis - Brought in quality and played some good stuff but lost the plot after the Arsenal finals. Paul Sturrock - Got a Job done with a very average squad and limited resources. Dave Jones - Instilled belief into Megson's falling away squad and achieved promotion with an unbelievable run of form. Carlos - Great while it lasted but resorted to dire football and a rabbit in the headlights style in the later stages despite spending fortunes Stuart Grey - Did amazingly well on scant resources. in my eyes should have been given longer even though the football was dire Brian Laws - Same as SG punched above his weight in difficult times and his side wasn't too bad to watch. Megson - Built the side the Jones promoted but lacked the ability ultimately to do it himself.
  10. Hirst the answer to all our problems...... Jesus, Are we a conference side or have I missed something. If his name wasn’t Hirst then nobody would give a flying. next
  11. Welcome back, Hope you doing ok and well on the road to recovery. 😀
  12. Jesus, No wonder we haven’t made progress for years. I hate the fact our fans make cult heroes out of absolute tripe. I want to see football not the donkey derby.
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