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  1. Prince

    DC and Hillsborough

    Save the cash or buy a foreign feeder team for us to use to bring on the youngsters and give players games.
  2. Desperate times indeed. The only solution is to sell who ever we get a decent offer for on the playing staff and build again. Fans are not able to provide the sorts of funds required to make any sort of dent in the black hole we have it seems for P&S. We need to be run prudently and not desperately lurching from one call flow crisis to another.
  3. One in one out with the incoming earning no more that 75% of the outgoings wages. I believe that is the rule on soft embargo.
  4. Sell FF, Reach and the ineffective Bannan, this coupled with the sale of Rhodes and the end of the contracts in the summer. Hopefully this give us enough to stave off the embargo and give the ball a god kick under Bruce at the end of the season. Well that's how I read it.
  5. One of the gang who used to go to the games with us reckoned that guy was was his RE teacher at school, Told us a story about how his car had "Jesus Saves" emblazoned down the sides and on the last day of school someone sprayed underneath "But Chapman scores from the rebound" Never believed him but who knows.
  6. Prince


    The EFL have to maintain the integrity of the sport. It's the thin end of the wedge isn't it until you get to full blown out and out cheating, I hope he walks to be honest, Shouldn't have sanctioned the spying as it's bringing the reputation of the sport and the league down in my opinion.
  7. Prince

    Efe ambrose

    https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/plymouth-argyle-close-signing-former-2392454 Looks like someone is trying to drum up some interest in him. Not good enough for what we need is my honest take on him. Shocking at Celtic, another dud from the Scottish pub league.
  8. Prince

    Possible Signing

    Surely you are not serious. Rossi was past it 3 Years ago.
  9. Prince

    No one coming in....

    Why do people fall for this nonsense? So many Muppets on Twitter hanging on every word a 12 year old makes up in his bedroom.
  10. Progressive thinking such as getting sides promoted from this league is what he is about. Nobody knows the league better than Steve Bruce and he is one of the best appointments we could have made. Lets face facts the last permanent manger we had was a complete failure and completely out of his depth. Bruce has been there, seen it and done it in this league. Hopefully he will see what we need to do in the transfer market and trade to facilitate any players we require.
  11. Yes and when he takes full charge in February I am sure he will be more forward thinking and have more charisma than the Dutch plank we have sent packing.
  12. Prince


    10 First half crosses? Who were you watching because it certainly wasn't us?
  13. Prince

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    This is why The Star has less readers than Bramall Lane FA cup crowds.
  14. Prince


    Would anyone pay for an injured player who has been out of action for 18 months? Surely anyone would wait till we have paid for all his treatment and got him fit before signing him up.
  15. Prince

    Hooper and Lee

    I hope they do have other offers elsewhere because the last thing we need is two injury prone oldies taking up the wage budget. We need hungry, young upcoming players not two players who have been injured for the biggest part of their current contacts.