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  1. They spent big to try and be a force in Europe and it didn't pay off. Draw any comparisons here? Basically they did the same as us but for a different purpose and neither the big gates or the £20 tickets or even the £200m a Year could save them from the drop. https://www.dw.com/en/bundesliga-schalke-to-slash-spending-commit-to-coach-david-wagner/a-54013261 I am not saying I wouldn't be happy with that level of support or income but German Clubs as a whole are always held up a a paradigm of the ideal of fan ownership and it isn't always the case as this proves.
  2. Fan Ownership doesn't even work in Germany to the extent people will have you believe on here. https://gameofthepeople.com/2021/01/29/schalke-04-are-defining-what-crisis-really-means/ Socialist Ideals are great until you need to fund them.
  3. So much for the German fan owned utopia some on here seem to fawn over.
  4. It’s our lot your referencing so it should but called the “slow jog in”
  5. Yeah because a load of fans on a forum twisted his arm and made him totally incompetent. Spending is one thing, Being a numpty is another.
  6. My point proven. Fans like you deserve to watch the 3rd rate garbage we serve up. On the other hand you may be right, after all I want us to compete so I guess there is no hope for me when numpties clap and idolise these heroes.
  7. Both shocking and should never have been offered the honour to pull on the shirt. People moan about us being gash but then add credence to the club’s failures by cheering this garbage on. No wonder we are where we are.
  8. Chansiri has brought shame and dishonour on our once great club, His name plastered all over whilst he has dragged us through tribunal courts, caused point deductions, Embargo’s, taken our ground and made us a financial basket case. Listening to someone who isn’t a snake makes a refreshing change and this Barnsley guy seems to know how to get the fans onside not alienate them with cloud cuckoo schemes and high prices. Good luck to Barnsley but I suspect we will need more than luck to save us from this disaster.
  9. Trying not to be too harsh on his stewardship, He's hardly run the club so far as if he's interested at all. Silly statements like promotion is our aim this season when even the club cat knew we would be fighting relegation. It's his lack of engagement and interest that has scuppered any thoughts of progress for a decade to come and that's if he does the off now.
  10. We are going to struggle with the idiot we have running the show. Here's my view on the situation yet to unfold. Plenty of free agents available will have gone elsewhere by the time numb nuts gets his ducks in a row. Financially we are screwed or numb nuts would have spent on a decent forward instead of a pub player in the past windows. Not owning our own stadium and vultures like Alonso circling tells us we are desperate. Lack of heart and fight in the squad means we are likely to struggle again. Sky high prices and total lack of direction means fans are diseng
  11. If Bannan had a forward pass in his locker he’d be a decent player.
  12. How does this pub league player even get a shirt? The sweaty socks have even seen sense and dropped the clown.
  13. Nostalgia FC strikes again.... Look forward not back or we might as well play in the over 35's league.
  14. Sharing my mornings entertainment. https://www.drfc-vsc.co.uk/index.php?topic=279851.0
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