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  1. Idiotic post and that’s being kind. Bullen is out of his depth at this level and is only ok for a few games. Bruce is a proper manager and we need to replace like for like if we want out of this league.
  2. How the hell is Megson on the list I would rather have Francis back than that bafoon. Hughton for me if Bruce moves on, anyone up for offering Peter Crouch a first break in management?
  3. Run in from hell if we need the results for a play-off place
  4. No just a separate agreement if one is in place. Common severance agreements with some employers.
  5. Not ITK or would ever profess to be but surely common sense tells you that a £10k figure is complete fantasy for a league 1 club to pay for a loan of a player for a week. The only thing stopping the Hirst's slagging the club off will be an Non-Disclosure agreement and no doe eyed fawning about coming back, This is the real world not some Mills and Boon novel, and the fact he's not good enough anyways put's that theory to bed.
  6. This is very doubtful as the average salary for a player in League One is between £1500 and £3000 a week. Asking £10,000 a week is way out any League One clubs budget
  7. But his name is Hirst so it figures he must be the second coming of Christ...
  8. It’s not about me or my career, don’t try and deflect this on my personal achievements in the workplace. It’s about a player who all of a sudden becomes more effective when he is faced with finding a new deal. I agree you can’t raise ability but application, effort and drive are all easy to raise if you have an incentive.
  9. It can easily be explained away as someone putting in extra effort to secure the deal. Going out focused instead of just going through the motions. In your scenario the question begs then if he has the ability why is he utterly useless 95% of the time he turns out for us and doesn’t recreate the flash in the pan pre-contract form? Like I have said it’s all about opinion and mine will remain that we should be looking at better to achieve our goal of promotion.
  10. Picking him on a regular basis and not having better to choose from could be argued is the reason it was playoff disappointments and not automatic promotion. As for his season last time being disappointing, I would say that his time here apart from when he wanted a contract is best described as disappointing. His goal scoring record is horrendous at worse and at best described as poor. Limited ability players are not what I want to see turning out for us. I want decent players picked on football abilities not because they are a big unit and get in the way of defending opponents. If he around next season then it will be disappointing for me as I hope for better. I get that some on here like to cheer on the underdog but he needs to be replaced if we have any ambition of promotion in my opinion as it’s a weakness in the squad.
  11. It’s a squad game and the better your squad, the better the results will be. If you have weak links in the squad then when these players are required results will suffer. i would rather have a decent option from the bench in instead of throwing a wardrobe on because it’s hard to mark. If we are relying on that then no wonder the previous managers who have selected him have failed miserably. i don’t buy in to this cult hero crap that some many of our fans love. Not good enough for us and we should get rid is my opinion.
  12. Playoffs at a minimum, after the turn around last season proved we have the ability to push on. A few decent additions to the squad and a few more departures of the players lacking ability will improve us no end. We should be looking at a solid start this time and more attacking intensity. Hopefully a season to remember and a huge step forward.
  13. Looks like this maybe true. https://bit.ly/2XbeClG
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