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  1. Prince

    Ron Atkinson

    I don't agree, Bert McGee appointed Big Ron and the success on the pitch was built from there. For me to be a successful Chairman then surely you must leave the club in a better state than when you joined,I don't really think that can be said for Richards and the mess he left after he secured his dream role.
  2. Prince

    Ron Atkinson

    Richards was so far up his own rectum it was unreal. Richards is a complete C U Next Tuesday who ruined us for his own ego and a job on the FA
  3. Yeah playing for a Mickey Mouse Scottish outfit is really appealing. Dreams of Spurs wakes up to Hearts. No matter how it’s dressed up it’s a huge step backwards from playing at Hillsborough.
  4. Waddle. He would get us promoted on the form he showed in the early 90's
  5. Prince

    What is the furthest out..

    Yes this one
  6. Prince

    Favourite Away Grounds...

    Remember some great games at the Baseball ground, proper atmosphere when we played there too.
  7. Prince

    The Club's Strategy

    Dc is looking in the medium term for return on his investment and the only way to get that is a premiership return. Keeping the fans happy and painting the ground isn't going to generate enough cash to subsidise the amount it takes to run a championship club season in and season out. We need to break even before DC blows the family silver.
  8. Oh well was hoping we were going to swap him for Butterfield on season long loan. Seriously those this is excellent news for us going forward.
  9. Remember going to this game as a guest of my boss at the time in an executive box. Ripped the p1ss out of me days before about how they were going to stuff us... Ended up defending me when the third went in and I jumped up on the balcony of the executive box. Too much free Red Wine I think. Ended up on a pub crawl all the way down Tottenham High Road can't remember much after that!!!
  10. Hopefully we can get a position covered we are lacking in this loan window and this guy looks like the sort of player we need.
  11. A = Adult U = Under 16 Is my understanding of the letters?
  12. Prince

    Michael Hector Signing?

    More loans than Wonga!!! Must be a player in there somewhere hopefully.
  13. Told the old bill he just closed the door to stop him taking anything else from the car and didn't know his hand was in the door. Got a talking to from the Old Bill and let go. The thieving scumbag walked away with a sore hand to do the next car.
  14. Daughters partner caught someone stealing from her car so he slammed his hand in the Car door. Old Bill came round instantly in 3 cars to arrest him, Toe rag claimed he was assulted!!!
  15. Prince

    Penney / Preston

    Penney has the shirt at left back now for me and hopefully he will make the position his own. Composed display from both Penney and Preston last night shows that we have so decent U23's in the ranks who are fully able to step up when required and give the old guard a fright. Energy and pace was a lot better with the injection of the youth.