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  1. Tom Daley is a much better diver and probably would sign for less than £60k a week... Extortionate for a limited player who loves to cheat. He’s not what I think we need anyways.
  2. We don't have the means either to be successful and still be in the black. Decent players cost money as we learnt from all those years treading water under Milan. Just to add to that also we were still bleeding cash even though we never spent any. People need to move with the times, Football is business and investment is a double edged sword. We are lucky to have an investor that wants us to be in the high echelons of the league through his own funds and isn't in it for a quick return.
  3. He has stumped up out of his own pocket so he entitled to a bit of loyalty from the fans.
  4. Rotherham are a very good example of not spending to match ambition hence why they bounce between the leagues. I would argue he is living within his means as they appear to be vast and the only thing stopping him dipping into his personal wealth is the fact P&S says he can't. We just have to go with it I am afraid if we want to compete at the top end of this league or we can just make up the numbers.
  5. We can but we would end up like Rotherham. The owner has ambition and cash to back it up, Let him get on with it and enjoy the ride, It's not like he's remortgaged your house is it.
  6. I thought that to be honest, If other clubs and agents think we have no spending power because of P&S restrictions then they aren't going to be looking to fleece us if we come in just below asking price. On the other hand if Gibson at Boro is moaning about it then it's probably common knowledge in the circles that matter.
  7. FOOTBALL Sky Bet Championship clubs accused of selling grounds then renting them back to exploit FFP rules Matt Hughes, Sports News Correspondent May 17 2019, 12:01am, The Times Football Premier League Derby recently revealed they had sold Pride Park to Morris, the club’s owner The English Football League will review its financial fair play rules this summer after complaints from clubs in the Sky Bet Championship that their rivals are exploiting the system by selling off their grounds and leasing them back as a way of balancing the books. Sheffield Wednesday and two other Championship clubs are believed to have followed the example of Derby County, who revealed last month that they sold Pride Park to the club’s owner Mel Morris for £80 million last year, enabling them to record a pre-tax profit of £14.6 million for the 2017-18 season. Aston Villa are understood to be considering selling Villa Park if they fail to win promotion to the Premier League in this month’s play-off final. Under EFL profit and sustainability rules that prohibit clubs recording losses of more than £39 million over a three-year period, there is nothing to prevent such sale and lease-back schemes, which are an accepted method of solving cashflow problems in other industries. Many clubs consider it unethical, however, and the EFL board has agreed to review its regulations. It is understood that the subject will be on the agenda at the end-of-season meeting of Championship clubs in Portugal next month. Several clubs have expressed anger that their Championship peers appear to be using creative accounting to bypass financial fair play (FFP) regulations that have resulted in Birmingham City being docked nine points and Queens Park Rangers fined £42 million for breaches in the past 12 months. Derby and Villa are understood to be two of the clubs most at risk of breaking the EFL’s £39 million loss cap and incurring sanctions if they are not promoted to the Premier League. Wednesday and Leeds United are also at risk. The EFL introduced a set tariff for FFP breaches this season. A maximum of 12 points could be docked, although a further nine can be added if an aggravated breach is proven. One owner of a Championship club told The Times: “According to the rules it’s not cheating, but we should change the way the rules are written. In this instance fair play doesn’t mean anything. It’s not ethically correct.” The chief executive of another club added: “My owners are furious about this and demanding change. It’s not a level playing field at present as the rules are meaningless.” Villa raised £4 million through the sale of a car park close to Villa Park last year and will look at selling the entire stadium as an option to raise funds if they are in breach of the EFL’s spending limits this summer. Wednesday’s situation is even more intriguing as they have yet to file accounts for the year ending July 2018. These were due on April 30. Villa Park could be sold if the club fail to win promotion to the Premier League The Times understands that the club have also failed to file accounts to the EFL which were due last December, which could lead to them being fined. A club spokesman said that any new arrangement regarding Hillsborough would be clear in their accounts, which they insisted would be published in the next few weeks. “The long-term sustainability of all EFL clubs remains of paramount importance and we will continue to work with Championship clubs in respect of the rules at next month’s summer conference,” an EFL spokesman said. “Clubs have also been reminded of the stringent processes undertaken in reviewing financial submissions and that in the event any club is found to be in breach of the rules, they will be referred to an independent disciplinary commission.”
  8. I wonder if this is how we got out of the embargo in the summer by having the ground sale included in the figures. Only time will tell if this pays off but we are left with no room to stay inside the P&S law. Premier league clubs come down with a full wallet of cash and the only way others can complete is to offload the assets of the club, In my eyes this goes against what P&S is aimed at doing and puts clubs in a very dangerous position for the future. We have seen what happened at Coventry and this could lead to a few casualties if ground owners are not very closely allied to the clubs owners.
  9. The Bin Laden family now own the ground....
  10. Get all the transfers done before the ELF pull the shutters down and dock us 500 points.
  11. Lyons was a proper captain and the nearest we have come to a leader like him is Nigel Pearson, Saying that Lyons was so committed and tough he made Pearson look like a big girls blouse in comparison.
  12. More likely to be "Mine's a Pint" Never far for another glass of beer.
  13. Not good enough at the end of the day, Son of Hirst was lauded on here as the second coming of Christ and he has failed to live up to potential so far. Should have got his head down and worked hard instead of listening to advice from a well rinsed source who sort to make up for the failings in his own career path. Zero sympathy for his plight.
  14. Fingers crossed we can remain injury free most of the season and see where we end up. One thing is for sure this manager knows what he is doing in this league unlike to past incumbents in the role.
  15. That free kick against Greece in 2001 for England was World Class and very special. How anyone can say he is overrated is just silly. Madrid and AC Milan don’t sign players just because they are media darlings. Beckham was pure class and would walk in to any side at his peak. Zidane was a World class player too and out of the both of them I would go with Zidane.
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