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  1. Imagine how good some of those guys would have been if they had abstained from the drink until retirement, we could have had world beaters instead of also rans turning out for England. In tournaments such as Italia 90 and Euro 96 that extra % from fitter players could have carried us over the line.
  2. Palmer never came back from injuries 2 stone heavier. Parlour and Adams I can’t really comment on as I didn’t watch them week in and week out. Surely you are not trying to make the argument that heavy drinking doesn’t affect recovery from injuries or athleticism? Hirst was his own worse enemy and lots of our fans are blinded by hero worship so much they forgive his lifestyle and pass it off as being one of the lads. He was unprofessional and it cost him a great career instead of the average one he had.
  3. Shearer recovered from injuries because he was professional and not down the pub drinking 10+ pints a night. If Hirst had the same approach to the game as Shearer then his career wouldn’t have fizzled out like it did. Hirst was as good if not better than Shearer for ability but Shearer looked after himself and didn’t p1ss his career up the wall.
  4. Restaurant chain with 650+ UK outlets are geared towards a July reopening and have been for 3 weeks. Pure hope and speculation or Government tip off?
  5. I can’t see this having a modicum of truth in it but Ashley certainly knows how to run a business. Like everything or anyone successful in this country you will have detractors But his record on getting Newcastle promotions is very good. We are failing under Chansiri not only on the pitch but everywhere else too. Falling crowds and rising discontent about the way he just seems to sit on his hands is testing fans patience. I am not a big fan of Ashley’s but he would drag us out of this endless rut we seem to be in under Chansiri.
  6. Cancel the season and everyone starts again when it’s safe and appropriate to do so. It wouldn’t sit right with me playing games behind closed doors while people are still losing their lives from this pandemic.
  7. This will probably be the first question at the next Downing Street briefing from Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC, no wonder nobody trusts them anymore.
  8. I was at the game too and still have the programme somewhere kicking around. 100% effort and commitment those days compared with the 30% we seem to get now.
  9. Will Sky and BT be handing back the subscribers money when they are chasing the clubs for the loss of earnings if the season ends now? I won’t hold my breath.
  10. I was at the game and got p1ss wet through at Oakwell. Hirst came on as sub and got the winner, I think it was 2-1. Happy carefree times😃
  11. I am not offended I just find it in poor taste and not something I would resort to. We all have different standards I guess.
  12. No wonder we are in an absolute mess, Chansiri is a joke figure and it sounds like all the players see the club this way. No wonder all motivation is lost and Monk is p1ssing in the wind. That being said also Wallace has gone right down in my estimations too, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  13. Nope, Performance doesn’t match the ego for the last few years. He should be shown the door and replaced with a younger player with ambition. Great on his day but living off the odd performance years ago.
  14. It’s the English stiff upper lip, Keep calm and carry on as planned while taking sensible precautions.
  15. We are a rudderless ship, without direction just drifting from one disappointment to another the chairman offers no management or direction. It could be worse I agree but it could also be a hell of a lot better. I would like us to have a leader not a figurehead.
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