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  1. How good was this team?

    Fabulous times. This was the team when I was a lad who thrilled me with 90 minutes of pure excitement. Sterland and Marwood along with Lyons now and we would walk this league by Christmas.
  2. I was thinking before we signed him that he would be the final piece of the jigsaw that would see us dominate for a few seasons.. How wrong was I.
  3. The only games we seem to win is with Clueless banished to the stands.
  4. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Vote up the posts you like vote down the posts you don’t like is how it works. Sorry if it dents your ego.
  5. Hopefully with a bit of luck he will be gone very soon. Wasted a huge opportunity this season not saying goodbye after the Huddersfield games.
  6. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Good I don’t care for your opinion either but I will not be silenced or cowed but by people who think differently from me.
  7. The Carlos to stay brigade

    I am not here to set or raise any standards of debate. I post on here because I have the hump with the way the club I have followed for 40+ years is being managed at the minute. This is a football forum and not the Oxford debating society FFS
  8. Paul Lambert? Thoughts?

    Not a fan of Lambert.
  9. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Sorry I will only defend my own opinion.
  10. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Oh ok then if we are promised promotion or to challenge for promotion then we should just accept staying up? With the backing have we are under performing and its plain to see. The manager is the issue and if you can’t see that then I suggest you lack perspective.
  11. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Who mentioned lucky to stay up or seasons done?? We need a new manager and fresh ideas not a dose of Prozac
  12. The Carlos to stay brigade

    For me it would be at the top of the league we are in as promised firstly by the chairman and yesterday by the failing manager.
  13. The Carlos to stay brigade

    Another apologist for failure, Remember he gets paid for being the manager. If I fail at my profession and don’t meet KPI’s then I am out the door, it doesn’t matter how many times I bring cakes into the office and smile at the lass on reception. I love how some people think he is here out of the love from his heart ❣
  14. The Carlos to stay brigade

    I would be pretty certain it couldn’t get much worse. Impotently proving that lesser teams can hold their own against us as we are scared to attack. We are a shadow of the team in Carlos’s first season. No point having wealthy backing if you stubborn and unable to adapt. He has had his time and nobody can say he wasn’t backed by both the chairman and the fans. I have waited for for years for us to have the ability to compete again and now it’s lost as we have failed manager in place.
  15. The squad we've assembled

    Agents have b*m f**ked us in terms of signings in my opinion. A Chairman without a background in football has been dry bummed by the money men. If not then Carlos is completely incompetent for sanctioning the dross we have brought to the club.