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  1. Fricking hell is it Tony Pulis you’re on about or Jim Jones. Do me a massive favour mate, If he offers you any Kool Aid don’t drink it.
  2. Banyan looks better.... I will have a line of what you’ve been snorting please.
  3. 10 at the back, willing runner in attack. Doesn’t matter if we line up against Barcelona or Bracknell, it will still be cack.
  4. Anyone name calling is obviously struggling to come back with a credible argument and resorts to the lowest retort possible. As for wanting the team relegated, pick your dummy up son!
  5. Funny that but teams without a pot to p155 in locally can manage to play football to a reasonable standard and hold their own. Lots of our fans think the only way to complete is set up like we are playing Brazil from 1970 every week, 10 men behind the ball and hope for a lucky goal from a set piece. We are playing in the league with Luton Wycombe and Rotherham for god sake not Liverpool, Man City and Tottenham. Pulis and his brand of diarrhoea football isn’t going to take us anywhere, If it was so wonderful and winning why is he here and not at a club further up the pyramid looking t
  6. Each to their own but give me footballers over work horses any day of the week. I love to watch entertaining players and players with ability you don’t see in the Sunday League on the local park. If you are happy to watch the crap but 100% player then fair play but I am not.
  7. Some of my best moments watching us at home. The crowd shouting Olé as the opposition can’t get the ball off us as we pass it to feet and retain possession. It’s not direct football if you only play for long throws and corners and have 10 men behind the ball it’s dire but not direct. I am sure most fans would rather see skill and ability rather than lump it and scarper.
  8. Pulls mentality kick everything up in the air! We were shocking to watch last night and didn’t deserve the point we got. Don’t get me wrong I am over the moon we got something out of the game but no way am I going to be paying to watch that crap when we are allowed back. No apologies to anyone who is salivating at the thoughts of us boring our way up to 4th bottom but it’s dire. Don’t anybody give me the fact we can’t entertain on our budget either as all the other South Yorkshire sides play a more entertaining style than us and have all done it on 10th of our budget. Alw
  9. Musa must have an high opinion of his ability. Surely it’s a mistake, an error, an oversight he’s currently unemployed. Wait till Real Madrid, AC Milan or Barcelona find out, He will be buried with offers.
  10. Going to try and watch it but have the remote control handy, Getting caught watching us is more of a stigma than getting caught watching Naked Attraction alone.
  11. Nuhiu type scoring record.... Let build a shrine dedicated to him then!
  12. Did this yesterday and got £25 a month off my biil for 18 months. FWB did this too and got movies and multi-room added for no extra cost. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. FA to probe Fisher.... Its probably on his bucket list
  14. This Mink? Glad he's gone now horrible looking thing...
  15. Most surprising Atherton getting an assist for that swing and a miss.
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