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  1. All about opinions isn't it? Some will agree some will disagree
  2. Nope still Compos mentis in my humble opinion anyways :)
  3. Just interested in what other fans think that's all.
  4. Some of the comments about The Sheffield Star and other media outlets got me thinking, Which organisations or individuals do our fans perceive to be against the club as a whole. I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks about this and who is the worse offender in the eyes of the wider fan base. I don't mean non entities like that pig who phones Radio Sheffield with COPD to slander us, but people or organisations that carry some gravitas. I will kick off with David Conn who writes for The Guardian. He never has a good word to say about us that I have seen and it's always harping back to the events in 89. He has in my eyes some sort dislike for us.
  5. Monk is decent and has experience at this level, he wasn't my first choice but certainly wasn't someone who i didn't want us to consider either.He plays a decent brand of Football too from what I can recall. The Cowley's would have been silly to take us on, they have a cushy number at Lincoln and we are a very different animal to a lower league club punching above it's weight. At Lincoln they are on a pedestal, here they would be cannon fodder if the results didn't turn out well. Glad DC has made an appointment as this was getting beyond a joke.
  6. Don't know about official coffee brands but we have plenty of mugs going every week.
  7. We are run like a toy train set. Taken out to play with once in a while and then put back in the attic until the next time he takes an interest. Crying out for a decent manager and someone to actually take the running of a professional club seriously.
  8. Hopefully this story has some truth in it and he will be gone for his own sake. Can't fault his application but he is lacking in loads of departments and his confidence must be shot as soon as he hears the "Welcome" from our fans. He's not up to the standard we are looking for and it forces us to go out an recruit for a decent player at left back in the next window. Good Luck to the lad if he makes it somewhere else.
  9. What all this earn time shenanigans? I want a manager who is looking for promotion not keeping his head above water. Bullen is a stop gap until DC lumbers towards a permanent appointment
  10. Bullen is a nice bloke and a good coach but he isn't a manager. DC needs to get the feelers out now for someone to come in and take us on instead of sitting on his hands and doing nothing. That performance was inept apart from flashes near the end.
  11. It's a vote for the new manager not who's going to do the half time draw.
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