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  1. Word of advice for Mr Reach... If it’s not application that’s at fault then it must be ability, How do you and your band of abject failures justify your wage this week? Maybe next time keep your mouth shut and do your talking on the pitch.
  2. A Villa mate of mine sums him up very well, when he tells me he hangs too deep and slows play down to a walking pace. He has the Hollywood ball in his locker but more often than not he’s trying too hard to be the perfect midfielder. I tend to agree with most of his analysis as when he is back looking for the ball we might as well be a man short. We need to get him further up the pitch to inflict damage not sit in front of the back 4 trying to get on the ball. If we got a reasonable offer for him I would consider it as he doesn’t seem to be able to play his position consistently being effective.
  3. This is very true. The Fans have grown tired of this seasons the one, every other season. We make heroes out of p1ss poor players because we are that desperate for success. Every win we manage to accumulate is treated as if we have won the treble. In fact the club is very poorly run and lacks the mentality On and off the pitch to consistently turn in winning performances. Boardroom staff seem to stay for a few weeks and then disappear into the evening without any explanation. I have no idea how to change this but doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is complete madness.
  4. Too inconsistent all of them that’s why they are here and that’s why we are still in this league. I would seriously consider any offers we receive for any of the first team, all a set of spineless self entitled nonentities. Monk isn’t exempt from blame either, setting up to play on the counter at home against F-ing Blackburn is an insult to fans and anyone paying to watch.
  5. Don't spoil it, I change the date every year when I tell people so I can go shopping in relative peace.
  6. Just waiting for the walking wounded and the cowards to get out of dodge before the Cavalry turn up.
  7. 25k a week is a bit steep unless we can get rid of the non playing FF, which would cover this and a bit more. Obviously we need a little clause in the agreement to say if he isn’t fit to play then we don’t pay.
  8. That’s the wince that comes out when you get dry humped in the Yorkshire Derby.
  9. Overpaid and never available, I think he lacks the work ethic to be in a side that Monk is trying to build. Time to show him the door.
  10. If is was PM I would setup a basic IQ test for the Internet so desperate fools don't get duped by fake twitter accounts.
  11. If he's a real agent then I am Boris Johnson
  12. Fake Agent in Fake story shocker. I predict 10 pages at least :)
  13. Hopefully getting him off the payroll will free up some cash for hungry young players. He is either never fit or always suspended. I can’t see why we hold out any hope getting him back in the fold as he has shot his bolt here and that’s been clear for a long time.
  14. Keep him interested and bring him along slowly with the 1st team, Use him for the next round and keep him on the fringe to develop as a player. If you take this game in isolation then he looks very good.
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