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  1. Ruud Gullit Jurgen Klinsmann Marcel Witeczek All had incredible games against us. Gullit could have been playing in carpet slippers and would still have ran the show in midfield. Klinsmann was just the complete striker in his day and was sensational in the game at Hillsborough. Witeczek was the attacking midfielder who tore us a new one in the UEFA cup but that night still sends shivers down my spine for the atmosphere. Davor Šuker was the best player I have seen at Hillsborough not against us, He was class in the Euro96 game and the goal he scored against the best keeper in the world at the time was sublime.
  2. Prince

    Robert Huth

    Good player in his day but too old for what we need. Young players who are not yet at their peak with drive and motivation will get us up, not highly paid oldies looking for a big pay off and playing like they are doing us a favour.
  3. Hit the nail on the head. We are a nation of losers who always support the underdog, Man Utd were hated because they swept all before them under Ferguson and Liverpool in the eighties at home and in Europe, we would much rather have the underdog win because we are British. It's not just Football either in all sports we always seem to make a thing about the less skilled, less facied side winning. Show any sort for winning mentality over here and you are called arrogant, Abroad the attitude is diffrent and winning is praised in public and in the media. Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray even as far back as Steve Davis in the Snooker when he was beaten by the underdog, We just don't like a winner!
  4. Prince

    Pre season then ?

    Skegness and Mablethorpe pre-season followed by a prestige friendly against Asian youth at Hillsborough
  5. Prince

    Mauled by a Minority

    W@nkfest over average players is rife in our fan base and everyone wonders why we never have a decent side. I want to see quality not so called “Cult Heroes” who are tryers but ultimately not good enough ability wise.
  6. Prince

    Mauled by a Minority

    Bannan,Reach,Lees,Hutch,Forestieri etc. As I said Footballers. I know some rate Nuhiu but I don't, Andy Booth without the goals springs to mind.
  7. Prince

    Mauled by a Minority

    You are correct. No I don't. I prefer to spend my cash watching footballers.
  8. Prince

    Mauled by a Minority

    Biggs doesn't have to pay to watch him in action
  9. Don't get the Glass and the cup mixed up
  10. Prince

    New song for Dave

    Sorry couldn't resist!!! He is doing well but not the sort of player I want to pay and watch I am afraid,
  11. Prince

    Deadline Extended

    Not sold as many as hoped then. Hardly surprising the dross they have served up for the past season. I would have hoped for some sort of giveaway or reduction to grease the wheels maybe would help flagging sales. You only have to look at the High Street big names struggling at the minute to see that people aren't keen to part with the pound in thier pockets.
  12. Leeds, Forest and Millwall would be my pick just because I don't like them. I was thinking about Barnsley but they pose no threat to us at all really.
  13. Prince

    Great Pic From Today

    A roll of notes in each fist from his appearance bonus????
  14. Hutch was obviously highly thought of by Carlos ,Hopefully he didn't backtrack on the comments because he has been tapped up by Swansea. He is the sort of player we have missed so badly this season, very glad to have him fully fit and back in the team.