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  1. 831 votes ... we're closing in on the top two. .
  2. Over 1000 views and still only 445..... come on , vote now. He is one of ours !
  3. We wiil, We are the massive, we are the SUPREMES
  4. That's because the TEMPTATIONS to reply gives you the TREMILOES
  5. a STING in the tail, I'll call the POLICE.
  6. A-HA..... you are right BROTHER HOOD OF MAN
  7. Not new, been on here for over 11 years...
  8. It's been a lovely week on Owlstalk. All the doom merchants, table gazers & happy clappers have moderated their views or to put it another way...... YES it's been SWEET, no MUD slinging and behaving like ANIMALS. After the recent embargo, a JAM of our own making and a good reason to be BLUE, with our NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK let the past become a BLUR. The SIMPLE MINDS and the PRETENDERS need a little TLC and a KISS, that's the CURE. Whether you are LORD SUTCH as it is or the QUEEN if we WHAM the weeds on Friday there is only ONE DIRECTION and perhaps after this CLASH we will be one of the FOUR TOPS in this JOY DIVISION come Saturday. It's all music to my ears..... TAKE THAT !
  9. Owlsbury

    Penney contract

    He's on Fire..works A Penney banger
  10. Owlsbury

    Penney contract

    I'll play Penny's from heaven
  11. Owlsbury

    90 Years Ago

    You are a star Dunsbyowl. Where you get all this memorabilia is just amazing. Always look forward to your post. Top man.
  12. The Football paper was the same, the match report all about Bruce. Howerever they did have a nice piece about our Barry, with a headline saying.. if he was Banninho, we'd love him more.
  13. Owlsbury

    Bruce Grobelaar

    The Chairman of Chesham was Jess Conrad, a pop star from the sixties. I can remember being at a charity do with him and Jim Marshall the loudspeaker man.
  14. Millwall are sinking fast