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  1. I grew up in Buckinghamshire and there were no Football League teams in the county. Wycombe were the top club playing in the Isthmian league and eventually the Southern league before the Football league proper. I have a soft spot for them because they got to where they are on merit unlike MK Dons. I never supported Wycombe even as a child it was always Wednesday for me. But I wish them luck today even though they play unattractive football. I do not like the Dons for several reasons, they are pretentious ( large stadium with little support), unworthy of their position (should have started life outside Football league) and arrogant ( taking the Dons name) and people in Milton Keynes always refer to it as a city (it is not, only a town).
  2. Surely, any meat on the fire will do......
  3. Nowhere to be seen in the Training Gallery... oh dear, let's hope he is resting and will be playing Friday.
  4. Well done Wednesday.. fantastic 3 points..
  5. I used to live there being a Bucks boy.. that's why I'm Owlsbury.
  6. 2 goals from 2 strikers.. come on midfield chip in as well
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