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  1. But is it quality... or just quantity????
  2. R.I.P Jack.... great memories, what a character..... there in our hour of need..... god bless you big man . ..
  3. Keep politics out of football, that was the only reason.
  4. You are correct in my opinion. It's tough coming into a new environment. Give the lad a chance .
  5. Let's get behind the guy and give him support. He needs a transfer window or two. The chap has inherited a squad of ageing players, needs his own backroom staff. I think he wants to belong and become a true Wednesday Manager. Let's give him support and time to develop.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/sheffield-wednesday Good story on the BBC Website. Hopefully Monk gets the chance and time to realise his and our ambitions.
  7. Hootie is spot on.. we would all love a bucket full of money for 10-15 years service.
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