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  1. Taking kids to the game

    thanks :) is the problem being a Wednesday fan???? I was thinking middle of the north. I really want her to enjoy the match day experience and want to got to every game and not just be another kid on the iphone while her dad watches the game. She proper got into the leeds game on sky so that a positive
  2. Hi, Long time reader never post. I'm about to take my 6 year old daughter to her first game, something I've been looking forward too since she was born, as my old man never took me! But where is the best place to take em, I'm always flipping leathered on match day so never really notice kids about, I can hardly focus on the pitch (makes watching em more pleasurable) so where is best to go? decent atmosphere but not too intense. don't want to much naughtiness but also not dull as flip. BTW i'll be sober ..... a bit scared as it will be the first time since the 90's I've not drank at a game
  3. David Hirst - when he signed.

    I never got the Humphreys thing, he played left back at newfield and never pulled up any trees. he wasn't even the best player in the school team, don't get me wrong I was proud and some what jealous that a mate from the year below me was banging them in for Wednesday but I always wondered why he never played up front at school
  4. HI long term reader never a poster Never got Ritchie playing for wednesday he was a left back for Newfield - i was in the year above him.