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  1. I genuinely don't think we were that bad especially 2nd half For me Fletcher's misses were key if he'd buried one of them we win the match and the mood on here is totally different If DAVE had missed those chances he'd have got pelters the only defence for Fletcher is it was his first start for 8 months he might be fit but he ain't match fit or match sharp but at least he was getting into those positions. There keeper made 2 or 3 cracking saves coupled with Fletcher's misses on another day that game finishes 4 or 5 - 1 and were all delighted
  2. If the sale of Westy which looks inevitable given he wasn't even in the squad yesterday were to bring us back in control of Profit And Sustainability ie Under the limit and remove the self enforced embargo would it be enough or do we need to sell one of the big 2 Nando or Bannan to be able to really juggle the squad. I'm going to make an assumption that with Westwood gone we are under the spending limit but only just this staves off any embargo but won't really release any real funds maybe enough for 1 young premier loanee. If this were the case and one of the big 2 were sold we may well have the fee and wages to play with and be able to bring in 2 or 3 we certainly need at least 1 right sided CB and a RB and are still missing the beast of a CM that we have been crying out for since CC's 1st season. The big questions for me is do we sell one or not and if so which one and who do we then bring in. The big problem is it needs to happen fast. Personally i'd sooner sell Reach if we can make a bit on any fee but due to the fee we paid in the first place I don't see this sale helping the situation that much. Unfortunately we would certainly gain most by the sale of Nando because anything above 1 million would be a positive in terms of PaS and the assumption that he is most likely the highest earner. The issue then becomes who would we sign in those problem areas with maybe only 1 million or so each on 3 players and to be honest I Ain't got a Scooby Doo. I'd love some ideas RB CB CM
  3. No but it is nearly 20 yrs since we all first met
  4. Funny thing its not really hurt that much small cut alongside it has been more painful
  5. Missed Tuesday and will miss tomorrow as tried to slice my hand off last week at work so struggling to drive without opening the cut up now stitches are out that coupled with not being able to wear gloves means it BT sports for me
  6. Hardly expensively assembled
  7. wattagit

    Morgan Fox

    We'd have been better signing Megan Fox least we'd have something to look at to brighten the mood
  8. On another point i genuinely think we have a better backup keeper than city Clownio Bravo (no saves in 16 shots on target at one point last season) or Wildsmith
  9. Sorry Carbone but you included 2 off the list in that team stones and jesus
  10. In regards whats caused this problem don't think you can point at just one thing A lot of the initial injuries stem from impact during a game and then my honest opinion is we've tried to rush them back then you have the likes of Tom Lees and Bannan playing through minor injuries but making them worse this for me can be placed firmly at the door of Carlos. It certainly appears JL has a different mindset in this respect not risking players for the longer term and with so many long term injuries who can blame him Carlos was saying we'd see FF back around now but JL saying he may return before end of season as its a 7 - 9 month recovery from the op he had
  11. Have we forgotten that was it october and november under carlos we didn't manage that many shots on or off target int the 2 blooming months let alone1 game
  12. Think part of the issue is under Carlos that instead of a player carrying a slight injury that maybe needed just a couple of weeks rest to recover from he played them and caused the longer term injury by doing so Lee Lees Bannan spring to mind
  13. Add to that we also have Forestieri missing christ its been that long since weve seen him i forgot to include him
  14. The injuries are real and with so many 1st choice players out even the big boys wouldn't cope SWFC Man City Man Utd Liverpool Westwood Ederson De Gea Mignolet Hunt Walker Valencia Clyne Lees Kompany Bailey Virgil Loovens Otamendi Jones Matip Bannan Kev DB Pogba Henderson Lee Silva Matic Lalana Hutchinson Fernandinho Herrara can hooper Aguero Sanches Salah Fletcher Jesus Lukaku Mane Abdi Sterling Martial Firmino van aken stones smalling Lovren not for one minute saying our players are of the same quality but in terms of importance to us and there respective teams they are but i guarantee that none of them 3 clubs would be anywhere near the top 4 if they had those players out for the length of time ours have been missing
  15. wattagit


    Hate midweek night matches bad enough for league games by time iv'e finished work and got to Sheffield i'm usually knackered two directors at our place are reading season ticket holders and they are absolutely scathing about them and were last season to be fair. So no way was I putting myself through the hassle of starting work at 7 which means leaving home at 6 to get there in time to watch **** eye's anti football to then if lucky get home before midnight. Obviously a bigger draw or weekend match would be a different story price of ticket not a factor it could have been freebie with season ticket still wouldn't have bothered last night.