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  1. Clearly not fit shouldn't have started
  2. Playing with 10 men baz has to come off surely clearly not fit
  3. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Sensational gameplay as per from this mad lad. Hardest souls boss of all time imo made to look simple thanks to rivers of blood, golden parry, and God like reflex's
  4. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Three really great videos for anyone interested Huge spoilers for the second two though.
  5. lee81

    Elden Ring

    And that's the platinum! Only the second one I've got after Bloodborne but worth it to see some of the different endings. Gonna do a bit of co-op, mess around with some different builds and then and then put it away til we (hopefully) get some dlc.
  6. Don't allow teams to bring a sub keeper on if keeper gets sent off, make em put an outfield player in there.
  7. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Always worth checking in with the npcs at roundtable hold after every boss. Can't go wrong with having a wander, just like BOTW before it anything that looks even remotely interesting is worth investigating. Such a great map.
  8. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Yeah I was a bit over levelled by the end, 120-130 should be fine I think for late game stuff. I didn't realise you can level up summons until very late on which makes a huge difference, and along with maxing out weapons is probably more important than your overall level. I'm assuming it's the second phase that you're struggling with? A +3 or +4 summons while running wide circles when she spams magic and then darting in for jump attacks worked for me.
  9. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Completed this over the weekend. Very last boss is a bit of an anti climax but what a game. 130 hours level 150. Jumped straight into Ng+ and using a guide this time and the amount of things I've missed even in limgrave is amazing. Re spec'd to primarily arcane since the scaling got fixed arcane weapons are crazy good. Sets a new standard for open world games imo.
  10. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Get in! You can go lighter for a faster roll but not worth it imo. Bloodhound step is a good ash of war for really quick dodges.
  11. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Do you have a heavy load? If so it may be that you've got a "fat" roll that's virtually useless for dodging. I had to beat that boss you're talking about with wolf summons, he's no joke. With Margit it might be worth a try solo ing the first phase and summoning to finish him off. In other news the first patch is out. NPC's can now be tracked which is VERY useful. There's also a swathe of balances to weapons and skills. Unfortunate for anyone who abused the poo out of hoarefrost stomp (i.e. me )and the mimic (also me )
  12. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Loved stormveil castle, classic souls dungeon. You find all the bosses there? Spirit ash summons can be really helpful drawing aggro, later on you get access to one in particular that once levelled nearly breaks the game.
  13. lee81

    Elden Ring

    Love this guy's stuff
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