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  1. The September one is even worse, I'm not going again if we start with that poo
  2. That was the plan, we were offered bryson but opted for butters as there was a chance of signing him after the loan deal finished
  3. As an absolute minimum we need two centre backs a left back and a centre mid and if budget allows an upgrade on palmer to take a bit of pressure off hunt. Would like the wide areas filled by young lads on loan from prem teams with a bit of pace. Can see Westwood and Hooper sold Rhodes loaned out to fund any activity, rest we're stuck with
  4. Think I read at the time he had 7m release clause after signing a new deal with celta prior to joining us. Probably what put us off. Shame cos I really liked him.
  5. In the refs ear all game that little get. Good player though.
  6. Was pearson who nando megged? I do hope so. Tw@t. It appears so
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