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  1. Love a long shot this one is incredible
  2. Steven Seagal working out who the bad guy is in hard to kill is an incredibly moving piece of cinema.
  3. Lovely little bonus this to go along with all the Bethesda games recently added to game pass.
  4. What an amazing body of work that list is. Of the ones I've played mine would be; 1. Breath of the wild 2. A link between worlds 3. Windwaker 4. A link to the past 5. Ocarina of time 6. Majoras Mask 7. Links awakening 8. Twilight Princess BOTW obviously the GOAT with ALBW being my favourite 2d game and Windwaker my prefered "traditional" 3d game.
  5. Yeah disappointing wasn't it? Never played Skyward Sword so I'll pick that up, surprised there was no mention of Twilight Princess or Windwaker as several journos seem very confident they're coming at some point this year.
  6. Jesus Christ FINALLY Been so long since the the last general direct, could be a banger. Botw 2 Bayo 3 and Metroid please Ninty.
  7. Super Mario 3D world still a joyous experience even though I think they overdid the speed increase from the Wii u original. Absolute must buy if you've got kids in the house to play multiplayer with.
  8. I've got both and gamepass murders ps now. Xbox Gamepass with quick resume is by far the best feature of next gen gaming.
  9. FFS bought Control before Christmas and not played it yet
  10. Maneater is right load of rubbish. Deleted.
  11. lee81


    My lads controller gone to pot. R2 trigger complety shagged, seems like lots of people having the same issue. Thought that would be the case after trying out the haptic feedback gimmick.
  12. lee81


    I get that it's a stylistic choice to get you closer to the action and to make it all feel that much more visceral and impactful but several enemies attacking at once is a poo show. Just pull the camera out a bit FFS. First impressions of Ghost of Tsushima are really strong absolutely stunning looking game on ps5, up there with Demon's Souls and Ori 2 as the best I've ever played graphically. Combat isn't as refined as Sekiro but as an open world game I didn't expect it to be but it's still good in its own right. No enemy lock on seems a strange choice though, getting used to it b
  13. lee81


    Bought Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2 on sale. Put a few hours into God of War but not having it at all. Terrible camera and too many walking/climbing/sailing sections where control is taken away from the player to hold my interest.
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