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  1. What is the job of the wingers?

    It's to help out our lightweight central midfielders, none of which have the physical attributes to play in a 2.
  2. Remembering how we played during Carlos' first season in charge
  3. That actually sounds really good
  4. player ratings

    Hooper 7 Lees 1 Loovens 3 Agree with the rest
  5. Tom Lees

    He's been below par all season but tonight was something else. Worst player on the pitch by a mile.
  6. George Hirst


    2-0 to the good guys
  8. Really solid start for Utd you've done far better than I expected, would be amazed if you kept it up as I don't see much depth to your squad but you never know. Must admit to being quite confident regarding the derby as we do seem to see off the more attack minded "footballing" sides fairly comfortably, it's the more direct, physical approach by the burtons Cardiffs etc that we struggle against.
  9. And we beat forest, who beat boro, who beat you. Funny old game football.
  10. https://ozba.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/twin-peaks-audrey-billy-and-living-inside-a-dream/ Really like this theory
  11. We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream
  12. Adam Reach

    Had a reyt game