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  1. Absolutely. Only reason I got 1 year is that it just sounded too good to be true. Got to wait until it's expired now before I do it again. Try Ori and the Will of the Wisps out if you haven't already, one of the best looking games I've ever played.
  2. Not sure if it still works, but I bought a year of gold and converted it to game pass for £1. Can stack up to 3 years.
  3. Definitely for the sport although I do love a bet. Can't beat a day at the races on a nice day imo, just an amazing spectacle watching high quality thoroughbreds in the flesh. Been to a few of the top meetings round the country, Cheltenham, Ascot, the derby etc. Got across to Ireland for the Irish guineas and went on a tour round ballydoyle and coolmore which was amazing. Due to go down to Newmarket at some point for a morning watching John gosdens horses work which I can't wait for. Was supposed to be going in may last may but for flamin covid
  4. Horse racing >>>>>>>>>>NFL>>Football
  5. Love a long shot this one is incredible
  6. Steven Seagal working out who the bad guy is in hard to kill is an incredibly moving piece of cinema.
  7. Lovely little bonus this to go along with all the Bethesda games recently added to game pass.
  8. What an amazing body of work that list is. Of the ones I've played mine would be; 1. Breath of the wild 2. A link between worlds 3. Windwaker 4. A link to the past 5. Ocarina of time 6. Majoras Mask 7. Links awakening 8. Twilight Princess BOTW obviously the GOAT with ALBW being my favourite 2d game and Windwaker my prefered "traditional" 3d game.
  9. Yeah disappointing wasn't it? Never played Skyward Sword so I'll pick that up, surprised there was no mention of Twilight Princess or Windwaker as several journos seem very confident they're coming at some point this year.
  10. Jesus Christ FINALLY Been so long since the the last general direct, could be a banger. Botw 2 Bayo 3 and Metroid please Ninty.
  11. Super Mario 3D world still a joyous experience even though I think they overdid the speed increase from the Wii u original. Absolute must buy if you've got kids in the house to play multiplayer with.
  12. I've got both and gamepass murders ps now. Xbox Gamepass with quick resume is by far the best feature of next gen gaming.
  13. FFS bought Control before Christmas and not played it yet
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