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  1. That's me and I held back with giving him some stick, but jeez my head has gone for a stroll tonight. That was utterly embarrassing from every one of them for the whole 90, just so happens it was bannan that was responsible for a bit of play that sums up the last 6 weeks. They arent trying, they are in a extremely privileged position getting paid extremely handsomely.... Its about time they were told that its not good enough from the fans. Especially since he's the one who gives it out for 90 minutes Tuesday Saturday Tuesday. Unforgivable
  2. Why play football, or any sport, or enter into any competition if you don't ultimately want to win. They're still getting paid, so surely the motivation is try to win every match. Earn your next deal elsewhere if your not getting one here. If you bagged 25 goals there more chance of a fat prem contract than there is if you got 3 or 4.
  3. Has Mammadov sorted his cash flow problems yet? Heard Geoff Sheard is without a club too. I think your probably not far off what DC would ask as well for the club. Which for a money hemorrhaging, stagnant club is ridiculous and probably the reason why we won't get any serious offers. Would the muck king pins at West ham fancy a northern club if they get bought out. 10 year season tickets and a guaranteed nosh now on sale.
  4. What's the upper bracket? 100 or 1,000
  5. Training mid season is ALOT different to training pre season. Pre season you bust a ball to get your fitness back up. Mid season your playing once or twice to week which will maintain this. You won't see too much full throttle training during the season otherwise players will burn out. They'll obviously still do enough to maintain fitness but will focus more on positioning, tactics, set pieces, attack v defence etc than out and out fitness. Can't see anything to moan about.
  6. Opened in twitter and translated.... Quite a promising thread that. Sounds like the only thing holding him back from being a success even in serie A is the fact that he's a head case. Should have the required quality, just hope he doesn't continue to get sent off every 3 games. Let's aim for every 6 to start with
  7. We're clearly a counter specialist side. At home we have to play in front of the opposition, sitting quite high and try and unlock a flat back 8 whilst all the time giving bannan the ball. Away from home we sit deeper, allowing teams the ball in our half as actually we are pretty good at defending our box... Balls in behind we struggle with, same for most teams I guess. We need to get in a few tricker players with really good close control for Hillsborough. Our wingers are good athletes but have yet to see one of them take 3/4 on in a mazy run. Need some more nous at home as they way we play, and players at our disposal, is set up to play away.
  8. All these people hoping for new owners Chansiri won't sell a reserve on 30/40k a week let alone the whole football club!! He'd want a chunk of profit without doubt. Also the person saying if Charlton are attractive then so should we be too. Little matter of a missing London postcode there (or a Manchester one). We're stuck on this merry go round for a while I think
  9. "No" Last time I checked Bobby Reid was a forward. Stats can be twisted to whatever argument you want... However I would suggest getting a grip on the midfield would be better demonstrated by how you kept the ball, remind me what possession percentage we had. Ahh that wonderful bannan pass to Murphy, at the second attempt when he cocked up an even easier pass in the first instance? Watch the game back and see how many miss placed balls there are versus "divine" drives. Don't get me started on waving his arms at everyone else... Somehow it was fletchers fault in the second half when he got no support and bannan didn't seem like he wanted to get near. The midfield is okay, but you'd be mad to think it doesn't need work and he happy with a decent return, we should be striving for more. Can't wait to see those 3 line up in your utopian world in another 5 years time. At least we agree Luongo needs a go.
  10. Definitely needs work. Fulham played with 2 forwards and 2 out and out wingers, with Tom Cairney as one of middle two (not exactly known for his defensive qualities)... And we had 3 in the middle and still couldn't get a grip of it. Not a popular opinion but I think Bannan often flatters to deceive, he was awful on Saturday. He's a highlight reel sort of guy, did nothing really at hudders then puts that ball in for Winnall. Lee can't be relied on, gutted he got that injury. Sam H often looks a better player once he's booked so he has to actually think before he chops. I can't understand why we signed one of the most highly thought of box to box CMs and don't play him (yet). Think we need 2 or 3 new players for Centre of the park.
  11. I know, it's just what he gives me.
  12. Ill tell you... He didn't channel his inner Carlos Alberto, skin 7 Luton players and rifle one in top bins. Defensively, not a foot wrong.
  13. Just imagine... When he strode forward in the second half out of defence. Past one defender.....he found himself 30 yards out.... Was praying for him to murder back of that ball into top corner but we can't have it all. Borner or boner?
  14. Came here to start this. The lad played well today, solid and looks fitter than ever.... And that challenge in second half!! Can't stand some fans who goad his every touch, even when it's a good one! Well played Fox.
  15. Let's hope they beat the deadline. I'd rather not sign them if we don't have the gifs and announcement vids ready. Hector should be good though we can just reuse last year's.
  16. Well they were about to announce him until you've posted this. They've got the media team creating this as we speak, expect the announcement at 4am! Thanks for that!
  17. Realistically we need a CB, LB, imposing CM, pacey ST and another winger. I think we will get Hector, Marshall and one other from ST, CM and LB.
  18. If Rhodes does go, and we get a reasonable fee for Joao I'd hope we are at the front of the queue for getting Gayle on loan. Nixon seems to think it'll take a large wage contribution for someone to get him but he is available, moving those 2 on would make it viable. Gayle Fletcher Nuhiu Winnall and FF gives us a bit of everything whilst trimming down nicely.
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