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  1. Some of the snow flakes in here are hilarious. Every successful team ever has had raging dressing room bust ups. You hear stories all the time of what went off in Wengers, Fergies, Mourinhos dressing rooms through old tales and new podcasts. Players don't have to get on, players can have a scrap as long as they are together on the pitch thats all that matters. Happens in winning and loosing dressing rooms. Nice to hear of some potential passion. Get over yourselves
  2. Defenders thigh that put the ball in a completely different place. Hope this clears up your "confusion".
  3. He's clearly had a good career here but over the last few years he has declined quite sharply. He isn't one of the best midfielders in the championship and I don't actually thibk he ever has been. That's why there's only been one rumour of a side potentially putting in an offer which didn't materialise.....why haven't other offers materialised? Everyone else in football must be seeing something else compared to our blue and white tinted glasses fanbase?? I get that he's not playing with as much quality as he used to but surely after 2 or 3 years he should realise this
  4. Not a cat in hells chance. Wage cap lifted for next season, even if we play it mega mega mega conservative we'll still have the 1st or 2nd biggest budget in the division (depending on Sunderland). Money talks, hopefully gone are the days of stupid 30/40k contracts but we could easily double or triple what most teams in the division could offer and still be looking at sub 10k contracts. We could probably get 5/6 top league one players for Rhodes wages alone. We are still a big name believe it or not. Look at Darren Moores interviews.... He's not stopped tal
  5. He's needed in defence after Borners antics
  6. I know what your getting at however I don't think it applies here in all honesty. They're both 25 and and have played over 120 championship games between them. They aren't rookies or young. We haven't stuck an 18 year old in the net for his debut. They just aren't good enough and as long as the criticism doesn't get abusive or personal we are allowed, as fans, to call that out. I hope all 3 of our senior keepers aren't on the books next year. Goalkeeping department needs a Full overhaul.
  7. Good player, good performance. Said it before, minus Wycombe if you look at every other team in the bottom 8 or so... Their midfields absolutely destroy ours. Our midfield is a joke. Bannan is having a poor season. Hutch is a centre half. Don't know what Brown is other than a shambles. Shaw is off to Scotland. Pessy is limited but tries hard. Luongo has got a case of the Wednesday virus. Hunt is a man in a schoolboys body. FDB is garbage. Joke joke joke.
  8. Sure I read somewhere that we were docked points for failing to meet the ffp guidelines which is an efl regulation. The late accounts aren't anything to do with efl it's an HMRC issue and we could and probably will be fined (not huge amounts) but it shouldn't result in a points deduction.
  9. Our best player is a celtic player, says it all.
  10. So 1.3 points a game or 61 over a season. My apologies top 10 form
  11. We probably need 9 or 10 wins, and to draw a good chunk of the others. We basically need nigh on top 6 form to guarantee survival.....fortunately we seem to be on good form at the moment however that will probably halt abruptly tonight!!! What 3 teams do we realistically think we will finish above? I think Wycombe are gone, Rotherham will probably go too but I am worried about who that 3rd team we have to beat is going to be?!
  12. I wonder when the players were due to get paid? The story broke a few days ago and "seems" to have been rectified quite quickly. I just wonder if pay was due before the initial story broke which prompted the abject performance at Coventry?! You can't blame the players for it affecting their performance however it does appear to be being resolved pretty swiftly in every occurrence. It's obviously not ideal but hopefully if performance drops are linked to late wages they may not be as severe as there does seem to be a guarantee that they will get the monies
  13. That "journalist" is an absolute buffoon. He's replied to someone saying we had had positive tests. 1.if known at the time the game wouldn't have gone ahead. 2.if known afterwards you'd report on it properly rather than a reply on a quiet twitter chain. Smacks of sour grapes after the defeat to us the other day. Been to the same school as Wayne wooney
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