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  1. Plus the kitchen is where the beers are anyway
  2. They will probably need to sell a few star players... he might have a greater chance of more game time there after all
  3. kilbyj

    Liam Palmer

    You aren't the only one
  4. kilbyj

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    I bet you're fun at parties.
  5. Snodgrass v Bamford Both massive whoppers. Absolute, pure tail ends
  6. kilbyj

    Big sam

    Long live Jos and his wonderful philtrum.
  7. He needs to come back do a u-turn and be sold to highest bidder. Comes across as a monumental whopper
  8. 38 goals and 21 assists in 198 appearances for us. 59 direct goal contributions. Better than i expected to be fair... and he had that really quiet season. Always liked the bloke and you can't just look at stats anyway for gauging the effectiveness of a player, hes more than just goals. Happy with the new contract and hopefully under a manager who uses him properly he should get well into double figures again next term. Good news
  9. kilbyj

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    Came here to post this.
  10. The amount of our fans who think venancio is our player to be offering a contract to is alarming
  11. kilbyj


    He's behind Hooper, nuhiu, joao and Fernando in my pecking order. This leaves hirst, fletcher, winnall and Rhodes. Think we can wave goodbye to hirst and winnall. Try and shift the other two, granted that will be difficult. Then I agree with the poster previously that we need a pacy attacker. Id like too see hooper, joao, nuhiu, fernando (to be flexible between left and centre) and a new pacy forward. Would blood borukov in the cup/loan out too. IMO Rhodes is probably best moved on for all involved... playing 4th or 5th fiddle isn't going to breed confidence and he clearly doesn't have much right now anyway. It's a shame really
  12. Hooper was playing behind a front 2 before injury as a number 10. Be nice to have him and FF battling for that spot if nuhiu and joao keep this up. Practically makes Fletcher and Rhodes redundant
  13. May as well just give us the Champions League now
  14. I know there's cup matches in his stats under Jos... but... that's 17 goals in a 46 game season. Is he worth a contract? Jos seems to get the best out of him