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  1. I think if you rolled it back 30 seconds there's others at fault too. They pumped a long ball forward which nobody was getting on the end of and the ball trajectory was going to straight to BPF. either he hasn't shouted or baz hasn't listened as he diving heads the ball out for a throw. Lo and behold from the throw in the ball immediately ends up in their half and the move to score begins. Game management at its worst. We always seem to rush things and panic. Hope Moore builds in just a little bit of the Wycombe and the Alex Neil's for next season but not too much mind.
  2. Alex Smithies out of contract. 32 years old. Get him in. Experienced pro between sticks pls
  3. Fantastic yesterday as was Saido. But I think it also shows what happens when you put round pegs in round holes with regards to a system....just so helps he's a very good striker for this division. Both he and Sadio like ball to feet, hold it, play it and move....suits our ball playing system. As someone mentioned previously when Gregory and Sadio went off it might as well have been game over. I actually like Kamberi, he's always moving making runs but we never look to it and play in behind or early. Same with Sow but I just don't rate him.... our game just doesn't suit the other forwards like it does Gregory and Sadio. All in all a great striker at this level who is also profiting by playing in a system that suits his game. You love to see it.
  4. We've either signed a bunch of rich teas or our facilities aren't up to par.
  5. Round 2 with a Tiger please. Pond life
  6. These corners right under the bar never come to anything, whether they are on the mark or not. Referees cannot wait to blow for a foul. Ball needs to be on the 6 yard line!
  7. Bannans been turgid all season. Slow in possession. Pirouettes to nowhere every single time he has ball. Corners on top of keeper every time. We may as well just put one player in box. Keeps playing wonder balls to forwards like he's still playing with hooper, FF, Joao, Wallace etc. Weak as pish. Chip on shoulder. Moans at everyone for anything at all. Yes he's probably in our top three "best" players. But that isn't anything to write home about or make him a good player, he hasn't done much for a couple of seasons. Hence why hes still with us!!!! Sick of him, sick of the lot of em, sick of Moore. Dreadful
  8. Ordered a curry 2 hours ago. Still not here. MOORE OUT
  9. I presume where it says attacker that's a contemporary term for left back/defensive cover?
  10. Although you are slagging him the highlighted bit is what Moore looks to be finally realising. He's a head and hoof it defender. You won't beat him physically but don't ask him to play football, just let him defend!!! He's showing himself to be a very effective defender at the moment all power to him.
  11. An absolute bully. Involved in everything and some very neat touches. Unlucky not to get a brace. Motm Should start alongside Gregory next game.
  12. He would do a better job than Moore right now. A lot of people point the finger at Carlos for things above his head and control. The way of playing, the results in those first two seasons prove he was a successful manager. If chansiri refreshed the squad with outgoings as well as incomings then the 3 year decline wouldn't have been so harsh.... He gets a lot of stick but I'd have him over every other manager this club has had in the last 20 years.
  13. If buts and maybes. We didn't and Carlos still got us closer to the Premier league twice than anyone before, no ifs buts and maybes there.
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