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  1. So if i spit my dummy out the missus will run away? Interesting....
  2. Bullen and Carlos

    Well according to the crow, and beware of possible donkey embellishment, he scored a goal in training.
  3. Bullen and Carlos

    Another one of these my source had a source who's donkey said that the crow that flew over the training ground saw something.
  4. Elphick/hanley - dean/mulgrew

    Id say its time loovens was replaced. Solid in the air but turns like a barge and kicks the ball like he doesn't have knees! Time not on the captains side im afraid, keep as backup though.
  5. Elphick/hanley - dean/mulgrew

    Mulgrew not young, hes 31 but can play LB. Whenever ive seen elphick he looks rather small for a CB. Dean>Hanley>Mulgrew>Elphick for me.
  6. Cheap fix but is gonna look a billion times better. Like it, *thumbs up* Chansiri
  7. Nuhiu at Centre Back

    Not a bad idea, he constantly heads the ball up and out rather than down.... Get him slotted in, Warhurst in reverse.
  8. Disharmony

    As I say it depends on the scenario. I presume you are also of working age and have been around colleagues who may not want to chat/interact. It could have been something and equally as probable nothing. I just think disharmony was too strong. Let's hope Rhodes bags against Preston and the players in question don't forget to congratulate him.
  9. Some people

    Agree mate. If we get promoted people will moan that it will be difficult next season. Some people will always find a way to be a negative Norman.
  10. Disharmony

    No problem with that. Why immediately start a thread with the title "Disharmony"? It's putting a negative title on nothing & jumping to conclusions. We can all have our opinions and debate them, but this forum goes into meltdown overdrive when we lose a friendly. Perspective & realism required.
  11. Disharmony

    Whether there's anything in it or not.... (which if you take a second and think rationally, there's nothing in it.... Maybe JR wasn't happy with his performance and was evidently peed off to his team mates who thought "leave him to it") Let's not start unsubstantiated bull on a very public forum which WILL be viewed by several players and staff. Instead, unless you have proof of as you say disharmony, keep it to your pessimistic self. This club needs support not scaremongering.
  12. Disharmony

    This forum is a joke. "Like I said maybe summat. Maybe nowt. Just sayin what I saw." So basically you saw absolutely fooook all but decided to start a thread with the title 'Disharmony'. How pathetic some of our fans base can be, so so counter productive it's unbelievable! Dis har mony. Can't get my breath. Jordan Rhodes sits down and all of a sudden there's a problem within the squad? GET A GRIP