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  1. Rhodes

    He's behind Hooper, nuhiu, joao and Fernando in my pecking order. This leaves hirst, fletcher, winnall and Rhodes. Think we can wave goodbye to hirst and winnall. Try and shift the other two, granted that will be difficult. Then I agree with the poster previously that we need a pacy attacker. Id like too see hooper, joao, nuhiu, fernando (to be flexible between left and centre) and a new pacy forward. Would blood borukov in the cup/loan out too. IMO Rhodes is probably best moved on for all involved... playing 4th or 5th fiddle isn't going to breed confidence and he clearly doesn't have much right now anyway. It's a shame really
  2. Hooper was playing behind a front 2 before injury as a number 10. Be nice to have him and FF battling for that spot if nuhiu and joao keep this up. Practically makes Fletcher and Rhodes redundant
  3. May as well just give us the Champions League now
  4. I know there's cup matches in his stats under Jos... but... that's 17 goals in a 46 game season. Is he worth a contract? Jos seems to get the best out of him
  5. Mark Hughes. Get him in
  6. I bet it hasn't! I was des last night so couldn't have a pint at half time so decided to "treat" myself to a yorkie... guess how much the chiselling sods charged?? £1.20 For a chocolate bar, the real scandal is not on the pitch....
  7. Liam Palmer

    Glad someone said it.... calling him a league one player is a compliment! Average at very best, would go as far as saying league two at best. Bet there's a dozen better RBS in L1
  8. I think If we can ensure we don't lose the four games against Bolton, hull, reading and sunderland we should we okay. (Easier said than done) Will be a closet pig when they play Burton too... How sad this year is
  9. The beast from the east will put an end to Abdi I'm sure of it. Pulled hamstring trying to put on his longjohns
  10. Lucas Joao

    Imagine their offspring....
  11. Adthe Nuhiu

    I like the guy... unorthodox and a nuisance Could be much worse, could be Stevie May *shudders*