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  1. Considering our financial difficulties and the fact he's not getting much game time. We should send almen abdi to real Madrid..... for 100million....
  2. kilbyj

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Are people genuinely thinking this is even remotely real? What on earth
  3. If your annoyed by someone having prior arrangements, letting the club know during interview and club still deciding he's the man and both parties agreeing on a start date you need to give your head a wobble.
  4. kilbyj

    Bannan at full time

    When the team is playing well he's a joy to watch. But when we're in a rut id have him as one of the worst out there... Too many shirked tackles Too many hollywood balls to static forwards Too many needless cruyf(sp) turns Too many hissy fits Too many lung busting runs to nowhere but when we need a lung buster in defence he ambles back arms aloft I like the guy and when we're on it hes really good....But this lack of physicality and poor attitude is why he plays for us in the 2nd tier and not still in the prem
  5. kilbyj

    Before the loan deadline.

    I think Stobbs needs a move now not a loan. Obs with the full window shut he will have to go on loan initially but hes 21 now and has younger lads ahead of him. Its a shame but i cant see him making it here. Would hope some of the others that are around the first team but not as often as your Penney/Thorniley etc get a loan out. Thinking hunt, kirby, maybe preston etc. We dont seem to loan many out for some reason Then a cb and a midfielder through the door inwards.
  6. kilbyj

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    This site is infested with pigs trying to stir poo
  7. Oh shut up. Instead of trying to save face just admit that tonight was the right team, right tactics and fully deserved 3 points.
  8. kilbyj

    Danny Batth on loan

    We have been linked to him and cameron carter-vickers on sites such as hitc and football league world... i know i know. Would take both if possible
  9. kilbyj

    Sam Winnall...

    Winnall doesnt strike me as mentally weak or the type thats likely not to pull his weight. Id be starting him if fit 100%
  10. kilbyj

    The squad is mentally weak

    This absolutely. Id keep joao too Everyone else... including lees, reach, hutch, hooper get them all sold
  11. Lets sign sasso and venancio.... (edit: actually... has venancio got a new club??) 2 wingbacks And a large brick poop house to play in cm And extend contracts
  12. kilbyj

    Dom Howson twitter

    Its not over yet boyos
  13. kilbyj

    Fernando watch

    Serious ITK. From a reliable source, he has been seen in Woodall Services sharing a KFC with Will Hoskins. Apparently he didn't order gravy. Get this man back on the road and out of our club.