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  1. kilbyj

    Sam Winnall...

    Winnall doesnt strike me as mentally weak or the type thats likely not to pull his weight. Id be starting him if fit 100%
  2. kilbyj

    The squad is mentally weak

    This absolutely. Id keep joao too Everyone else... including lees, reach, hutch, hooper get them all sold
  3. Lets sign sasso and venancio.... (edit: actually... has venancio got a new club??) 2 wingbacks And a large brick poop house to play in cm And extend contracts
  4. kilbyj

    Dom Howson twitter

    Its not over yet boyos
  5. kilbyj

    Fernando watch

    Serious ITK. From a reliable source, he has been seen in Woodall Services sharing a KFC with Will Hoskins. Apparently he didn't order gravy. Get this man back on the road and out of our club.
  6. Spend about £20-25 quid every matchday but only about £5 of it is at Hillsborough. Food and a few drinks elsewhere while watching the lunchtime kick off then probably a solitary pint at match. The club really needs to get the catering and facilities side of things right at s6 and i would spend more there no doubt. But currently on the south concourse theres long queues while the staff try and work out your change from a 5er for £4 pint. Food is crap. Not enough tvs and they need to get sky sports in there. Need to advertise the tap more too to get fans in there after the match, maybe meet and greet with a diff player every week to analyse match etc. We could be doing so much more to get people spending. Pretty sure facilities improvements dont come into ffp/p&s either so DC can crack on with that instead of transfer negotiations
  7. I know... i am agreeing with your earlier posts....
  8. Did they spend massively over 3 years?? No.
  9. No your not allowed to be positive. We definitely won't finish above the likes of Bolton Birmingham Hull Rotherham Ipswich QPR Millwall Reading Blackburn Wigan. Your positivity is NOT allowed. We're doomed i tell thi. Ps. I agree mid table and I'm fine with that :)
  10. This... did he actually say this or we doing a "2+2 =5" Not reported on twitter as far asI can see?
  11. kilbyj

    Footballtyper's Articles

    Get a room
  12. kilbyj


    Some of our "fans" in this thread.... jeez.....WAWAW (unless your names Fernando) Let's just back our guy until we have it proven that it was anything other than handbags!
  13. kilbyj

    Hutch leaving?

    What a load of butt custard!
  14. kilbyj

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Is Fernandos forest hairy?
  15. kilbyj

    Jack Baldwin

    Makes a great pair of lacey knickers