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  1. That "journalist" is an absolute buffoon. He's replied to someone saying we had had positive tests. 1.if known at the time the game wouldn't have gone ahead. 2.if known afterwards you'd report on it properly rather than a reply on a quiet twitter chain. Smacks of sour grapes after the defeat to us the other day. Been to the same school as Wayne wooney
  2. I think up top we can take a couple of gambles. Can't be any worse than the group we've got.
  3. Disagree. Let's hope he is. Young, strong, English, versatile, big.... Seen plenty of players go for near 10 million with those characteristics. We need to flip players like Shaw in our current situation I'm afraid.
  4. How Sheffield Wednesday is it that we have somehow managed to get ourselves into a whole heap of trouble this season yet there appears to be 5 or 6 teams equally as bad as us! Another annoying 'How Sheffield Wednesday' is we've lost to three of those teams below us!!! UTO
  5. He's been below par with many others this season however he was excellent tonight.
  6. Has he ever looked to pick someone out with a delivery I wonder? Seems to just swing a leg at it and hope for the best.
  7. I think we may hear something before Thursday and that he will be available for questions/interview on the news that has come out. Otherwise I don't see the point really.
  8. Nothing else to say. Sack him now!!! Don't even wait for the 90. Just sack him!!!!
  9. Will send a D Taxi out to collect you for interview!! In hindsight I should have said a 30 year old escort. Plenty of rattles
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