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  1. Soft penalty? Sorry but it was absolutely blatant.
  2. Cracking atmosphere ... and a brilliant game played between what are IMO the 2 best teams in this division. I'm 20 years old ... and this is the most I've ever enjoyed following Wednesday. I felt absolutely devastated ... heartbroken even at full time yesterday ... but 24 hours on I'm just so proud of how electric the atmosphere was and how we actually came back from 2-0 down against a very decent side ... no Wednesday side in the past decade would have done that. In Megson and Manderic we trust ... we are most definitely on the right path ... UTO!
  3. People keep talking about our away form as if it's bad ... we've picked up 10 points from our last 5 away games - which is nothing short of fantastic. Add to the fact we've played 9 away games compared to 7 at home ... the fact we're averaging 2 points a game after our relatively slow start is nothing short of superb. Keep up the good work Megson & Co.
  4. Worst defensive performance I have ever seen from any side in the football league. An absolute shambles. Cannot actually believe what I saw tonight ... teams that get promoted do not get pissed on 5-1 away at Stevenage. Very harsh reality check after some optimism was building ... absolutely no idea where we or go from here ... extremely difficult to come back from.
  5. Breaking the bank? If the 250k quoted is true then 80% of the fee can be paid with what we flogged Spurr for. Le Fondre for 250k or McDonald for 600k .... for me it's no contest.
  6. Double hernia op last Tuesday. Out for another fortnight.
  7. Coke has gone but is doing individual training. Arron is at home ... had an operation for a double hernia early in the week.
  8. It's not Colchester who've let him go is it? Thought he was on loan from Reading and his contract had expired there ...
  9. Is it also not quite apt that he's pointing sideways in his picture on the OS?! I'm guna have a few pints to celebrate.
  10. Can't wish him all the best. Anybody who doesn't give 100% every time they put on the blue and white stripes is undeserving of good wishes. He was an absolute disgrace to the shirt on numerous occasions. Good riddance.
  11. Right decision about Miller, games pass him by. As for O'Connor being given a new contract ...
  12. Consider that our lowest following this season is 657 in the JPT to Carlisle ... when recently the Porkers from S2 took 460 to Reading in their must win game. Says everything about how good our away support is.
  13. Why do you feel the need to lie? His record is W2 D3 L6 ... L7 if you want to include tje cup defeat to Birmingham but that seems harsh. Granted, 9 points from 11 is pretty damn poor ... but under Irvine we picked up 2 points from his last 6 games ... conceding 4 on 2 occasions and 5 once. This team has never looked good at any point this season ... when can you say under Irvine that his side gave a performance that looked as though we were going to get promoted? Perhaps the Bristol Rovers game? But even then they could have scored 6 of their own. Even when we were doing half-decent results-wise we were still getting outplayed week in, week out ... the signs were there that Irvine was sending us into oblivion. I just don't know how you can stick up for Irvine and leave all the blame at Megson's door ... granted Megson hasn't managed to change it around as quickly as we'd all like ... but he should be given time. He's inherited a squad that's bereft of confidence and with it's fair share of players that simply do not care and split the dressing room ... that all occurred under the nose of Irvine. Look at the state the man left Preston in and how they've done since .... Megson deserves a lot more time ... he's inherited a team that's been under the control of the worst Wednesday manager in my life time ... give him time, he'll get it right.
  14. So their forward dives and he pulls off an absolutely world class save ... yeah sh*t performace, what complete and utter rubbish. I think Arron has a great future.
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