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  1. Can we sign players before the transfer window opens and before the embargo kicks in - and not play them until next season?
  2. Take lots of money for him - Westwood and Dawson still leaves us with two great keepers
  3. Broadband issues (of an external kind) when I was in earlier.
  4. No moaning. Hutch is arguably our best centre half. His reading of the game is superb when the game is in front of him as is his timing. Long term replacement for Loovens. Today he tried to do Bannans quarterback role but was too predictable. Could be the best Centreback in the league.
  5. Was told that in the future only unopened drinks would be allowed in. Obviously the Chinese whispers effect has hit the stewarding teams. Not a biggy but it can't be that difficult to align announcements with turnstile policy. Not the stewards fault. I tend to make it a rule not to wee wee my customers off! One for the fans focus group I think.
  6. Isn't the point of a steering group that the club asks the questions and the members give their opinion? Wouldn't have thought it would be a Q&A type affair.
  7. It was a brilliant run but thought he was gonna get a nose bleed. I think he was mightily relieved when someone showed for him and he could offload the ball. Luckily for us it was to Best who took his goal superbly.
  8. Wouldn't be rushing Buxton back in, Palmer has earned the right to keep the shirt.
  9. Hahaha Rob Jones and Roger Johnson in the same sentence.
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