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  1. RE the 'magic of the cup' and anyone being able to win it. Since 1960 17 different teams have won the FA cup. 14 different teams have won the top division of English football. Man U, Man C, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton have 49 of 59 league titles and 47 of 49 FA Cups. It's not exactly random pot-luck.
  2. I think if any manager needs a break for the stress of management it'll either be Klopp (insanely invested in every moment of the game) or Steve Bruce (fatlad).
  3. This salient, well-made point is ever so slightly undermined by the fact there is a winter break and the clubs aren't doing that.
  4. Missed a couple of goals at Loftus Road due to the nearest goal basically being directly beneath the away fans. Think the last time I went was when Sougou was through on goal and Clint Hill put him about 5 foot up in the air without getting a freekick. C- would not go again.
  5. It wasn't a red. It won't be overturned. Video evidence considered enough to overturn amounts to: player actually not tackling nor even making an attempt to tackle; video shows player was gifting opponent flowers and cuddly toy at the time of alleged red card offence. Anything less is not considered firm enough to overturn.
  6. Probably the reason for the 'very limited availability'
  7. There's no prospect of selling enough of these tickets to do anything meaningful with a £39m loss.
  8. You were moaning about it on the (completely wrong) basis that it didn't start until we get promoted and you'd have to buy a season ticket for the intervening years a few minutes ago, so it really does seem like you're just going to complain about it no matter what.
  9. That's a far more valid complaint than anything anyone has raised so far. But you just agreed it won't make much money?
  10. At the very most I'd expected we sell 500 of these. If we're in such a hole that £2.5m determines whether we survive or not, we're fuucked either way.
  11. Chansiri: I've got a deal which will save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds over 15 years! Wednesday fans:
  12. You'd have to be really thick to buy another season ticket for the years before we get promoted, since you get one with this deal.
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