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  1. Nope, the team never turned up, performance apitomised by Luongo.
  2. If second half goes the same way, we have gone out with a whimper and can have no complaints.
  3. Would also double up as a good way to cover ‘Presto’ on the West Stand.
  4. Kop looks fantastic when full! Wish we could fill it more often.
  5. I think he is yet to play a system that suits the players we have available. I doubt we have had one game this season where at least one player hasn’t played out of position. Clueless!
  6. Do you have stats for Bannan’s pass completion? I thought his passing was dreadful yesterday.
  7. Didn’t show up well in his natural position either. Being hung out to dry by the manager playing in the back 3. The formation is just wrong for what we have available.
  8. I don’t blame Moore for signing him, it was worth a punt as we had limited options. I blame Moore for continuing to play him when he clearly offers nothing. Makes you wonder what kind of analysis is done of player performances, if any!! The random team selections are joked about, but it genuinely does feel like names out of the hat at times, with no consideration given to prior performances.
  9. The story about going to his Nana’s and having biscuits lasted two-three passages of play in the game!
  10. Second best all over the park. They are winning all the 50/50s. Double change at least at half time please! Gregory and Corbeanu for Paterson and Kamberi/Brown.
  11. Disjointed, but like you say, it will take time. Kamberi a bit isolated at times and link between midfield and attack isn’t great. Need more from the wide players. Why Bannan continues to hit free kicks, I’ll never know!
  12. Great news. Things are definitely changing for the better at the club, it’s a shame it had to take us ending up where we are for it to happen, but it is what it is.
  13. Fantastic! What a summer! Which loan player do we think doesn’t make the match day squad when all available?
  14. A lot of new players, but we have signed a competent goalkeeper and have a back 4 of: Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer At this level, I can’t believe that that won’t be the strongest defence in the league; I don’t think we will concede a lot. Ahead of that, we have Bannan who will stroll it at this level and Wing who is proven quality. My only doubt is about the wingers and strikers and how effective we will be in those positions. Personally, I can’t see us not at least making the play-offs, the wingers and strikers will be the difference between the play-offs and automatic.
  15. Posted the quote from edinburghowl without my response by mistake. I was going to say… Well said. I was just going to post saying I was quite pleased with him as a signing. As mentioned he did really well at Hibs to begin with. He enraged their fans with comments he made when wanting to leave and when he was away on loan. So I’d take what they say with a pinch of salt. Patchy record since, but definitely has something about him and at League 1 level, I think he will do really well. Decent signing.
  16. I think part of it is because he seems to be the first manager who has managed to persuade DC to let him have control of recruitment. The type of player he is recruiting is exciting and gives us the feeling that we might have a team we can be proud of again. Add into the mix that he seems to have a really good pulling power in terms of players wanting to come to us. I am still surprised Lewis Wing is stepping down to League 1! I’ve not been as excited by a summer recruitment drive since DCs first year at the club. I also think the fact that he seems to be a genuinely nice bloke is helping people buy in to him. That said, I am still a bit wary, as last season he made some really bizarre substitutions and tactical decisions. So in summary, I’m on board but with a wee bit of doubt at the back of my brain. It’s just nice to have some positivity again!
  17. If he ever again utters the words ‘ You can’t plan ahead in football’. We will know he has learnt nothing.
  18. Bang on the money for me. They can’t do the basics well, coaching isn’t going to sort it, they are just not good enough.
  19. Pleased with the signing. I always preferred Hunt to Palmer and at this level I am sure he will do well. Contract length is sensible too, which is a good sign.
  20. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12359088/keith-treacy-on-the-alcohol-addiction-that-ended-his-career-at-26-and-wanting-to-help-others-avoid-his-mistakes Sad story this, although positively, he seems to have come out the other end. I thought, whilst not spectacular, he played an important role in our last promotion season.
  21. Dawson caught out at his near post for the Barnsley goal. We really cannot afford to waste any more time with these two as our goalkeepers.
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