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  1. Think tank

    Sean Clare

    Yeah, I think that is where he will play too.
  2. Think tank

    Sean Clare

    It will just be a one year deal. Works for both parties.
  3. Think tank

    SWFC# Ipswich Press conference Live

    So is Joao not injured and just not being selected?
  4. Think tank

    Something changed

    Appropriate song. Intensity and speed of moving the ball forward was so much better tonight. Let’s hope we can keep it up.
  5. What a miss with that header. Not a bad half though, played quite well considering. No atmosphere whatsoever.
  6. Can’t be anymore than 16,000 there tonight. Will certainly send a message to Chansiri.
  7. I was kind of understanding of the position we found ourselves in, but that line-up is horrendous and we are almost self sabotaging now. I’m at angry stage now, next step is always apathy.
  8. Sadly, I don’t think that will be far away.
  9. I think there will be a lot of rage on here after today’s game, can see us losing by 2-3 goals unfortunately.
  10. Think tank

    George Boyd

    He has been woeful all night. Dreadful performance.
  11. Is he off injured or for a poor performance.?
  12. I must be alone in thinking the team isn’t that bad.
  13. What is the formation then?
  14. I’m actually quite excited for the season, more so than when we started last season under Carlos. We clearly have weaknesses, but with the right formation and set-up this could be an exciting team. I have faith in Jos and hopefully some good results can take attention away from some dreadful off-field decisions. Team for today: Westwood Hutch Lees Pudil Palmer Pelupessy Bannan Reach FF Nuhiu Joao