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  1. Think tank

    Bannan last niight

    He worked his ass off for the team, but his passing was very poor.
  2. Think tank

    Line up

    As predicted! bloody awful!
  3. Think tank

    Line up

    A few surprises from the originally posted line-up in this thread? i really hope so!!!
  4. Think tank

    Line up

    Makes me not want to watch it.
  5. If the derby goes badly wrong, I can’t imagine him surviving that! There is nothing to suggest we will get anything other than a hammering unfortunately.
  6. Think tank


    He is rubbish, running about seems to be enough for some people. He offers nothing, protects the defence? Not in the slightest, partly why we don’t have a single clean sheet. Can’t pass to save himself!
  7. Think tank

    Chansiri kicking off

    Bound to be a statement tonight if this is true!
  8. Think tank

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    He makes at least one of these decisions every game! It is so bizarre!
  9. That is his biggest fault in my opinion. There is no consistency to team selection. Someone has a good game and then they are out the next match. There is no chance for the strikers to get any kind of partnership going as they are rotated so much. Even FF having came back and proved his work ethic and played well was still going in and out of the team. The freezing out of Westwood is ridiculous, how we could do with him to steady the ship a bit at the back! Penney was doing fantastically at left back and then was moved forward where he has toiled and subsequently been dropped. The constant chopping and changing makes it hard to allow the team to tune in to each other and develop their play.
  10. Think tank


    We never control the midfield in games. Teams drift past our midfield with ease and we get over-ran so easily. We are so lightweight in there, Pelupessy doesn’t win enough for an ‘enforcer’ and his distribution is dire. Hutch isn’t the answer, but he offers more than Pelupessy. This has been a problem since Carlos’s first season. I think with the players we have, we really need to have 3 in the midfield to take more control of games. As it stands, I think our best option would be: Hutch Onoamah Bannan What do do other people think?
  11. Think tank

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I just don’t see it? He battled but was weak in possession and he loses more than he wins. Hector was our best player in my opinion.
  12. Think tank


    He makes a bizarre decision in the team line-up every week.
  13. Think tank

    Whole Team

    Have to agree, people defended Pelupussy when I criticised him in the match thread, but the boy is one of those players who looks like he can’t kick a ball properly. So limited and he doesn’t win many 50/50s which is supposedly why he is in there.
  14. Think tank

    Whole Team

    More bad performances than that. I think Hector has done well and Bannan tries to get us going but the rest of the team have been dire.