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  1. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    I would have dropped Wallace, thought he was poor Saturday. Pleased to to see the rest of the team is the same. Hopefully Reach and Hunt can produce similar again.
  2. We haven't got going second half, so lethargic.
  3. Carlos defends his tactical approach

    Absolute nonsense and he totally contradicts himself, really isn't worth listening to anymore. He is clearly in denial. Following up the play-off performances with that disgrace at Preston says it all about the way we are approaching games.
  4. Boyd should be in for Wallace. That aside, probably best we could have hoped for. Hope Abdi plays a blinder!
  5. The main problem is he lines the team up in the same formation week in/week out despite multiplie terrible performances. 4-4-2 is not the way to go, but Carlos can't see past it. I agree with the things you have mentioned though. His blinkered love of Bannan, Wallace and Reach is a problem too. Dropping Boyd after one game is laughable. We could really do with his energy, but no, Wallace is straight back in.
  6. This is going to be a long hard season. Carlos should be gone.
  7. Said the same. Of course he was keeping Wallace out, we all know anyone who comes in is on a hiding to nothing to try and keep Wallace or Bannan out of the team.
  8. It does look like same old. Boyd gets one game, doesn't do well, so Wallace is back in. Bannan player well Tuesday, so I can't complain about him being in, but did anyone notice how much the bigging up Bannan propaganda started after Tuesday, article about him from Carlos on the website and one from Bannan. Let's see how he does today!
  9. Doubt it. It it will be the diamond again with Bannan at the top of it.
  10. Hutch interview in The Star

    The sad thing is Carlos didn't see those tactics as awful after the play-offs last season! Hopefully he will not repeat them again now.
  11. Diamond formation in midfield tonight

    I think this thread just highlights again that in an adjusted formation, we have an exciting squad of players. It's all on Carlos to let them play.
  12. Diamond formation in midfield tonight

    Would definitely be a better shape for us. I bet we resort to the usual on Saturday, hopefully not though! Still think 4-2-3-1 would suit us much better.
  13. That bannan goal

    Great goal, would love to see him play like that against decent opposition.
  14. Is Carlos stubborn or incompetant?

    Surely it is incompetent if you can't get the best out of your players? FF is completely wasted up front, was dire in the play-offs there and v Preston. Never mind Bannan on the left, Bannan is one of our biggest problems and can't believe some people see him as a star player still. Playing a rigid 4-4-2 without any wingers that have attacking flair is surely a basic error? Especially when there is no drive from the midfield? Watching your strikers getting no service week in/week out and continuing with the same tactics is surely incompetent?
  15. Is Carlos stubborn or incompetant?

    It's incompetent when you persist with something that isn't working.