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  1. Pleased with the signing. I always preferred Hunt to Palmer and at this level I am sure he will do well. Contract length is sensible too, which is a good sign.
  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12359088/keith-treacy-on-the-alcohol-addiction-that-ended-his-career-at-26-and-wanting-to-help-others-avoid-his-mistakes Sad story this, although positively, he seems to have come out the other end. I thought, whilst not spectacular, he played an important role in our last promotion season.
  3. Dawson caught out at his near post for the Barnsley goal. We really cannot afford to waste any more time with these two as our goalkeepers.
  4. They are just not very good. I’m not buying in to the claim that they have became like this as a result of Andy Rhodes leaving either; they can’t even do the basics well. Once we eventually get rid, they will be lucky to remain in league football.
  5. They can’t do the basics well, no amount of coaching is going to fix that. They are just not very good and will be playing non-league after they leave here. Monk saying they just needed to work on their ‘soft skills’ and that it was going to be exciting to watch them push each other on. That was a sackable offence in itself! Everyone knew they were miles off and the only thing they are both doing is pushing each other on to new levels of calamity.
  6. I’ll back him if he makes the changes we all know he needs to make. For example - If we appointed a competent CEO tomorrow, I’d support him as it shows he he is finally learning from his plethora of mistakes. Will he learn, it is very doubtful! I suspect if he watched Leicester yesterday, it is probably more likely to influence a change in him than all the criticism he has received. If he doesn’t change, we need to do all we can to try and put pressure on him to leave our Club!
  7. This will be the first game I choose not to watch this season. I expect nothing and think we will get beat 3-0. Starting line-up is just shuffling chairs on the Titanic each week. Chansiri Out!
  8. Rhodes aside, we have been poor. Our midfield is dire. I really wish we hadn’t given Bannan a new contract, doesn’t offer enough going forward and because he is so lightweight, we almost never get control of the midfield.
  9. Whilst he has qualities, he flatters to deceive more often than not.
  10. Nothing new there at all! Just the reinforcement of the plan, which is- There is no plan, because you can’t plan in football. A club like Brentford would disprove that theory, but as DC pointed out, they have no ambition of promotion. I would 100% still back Chansiri if he learned from mistakes and had a plan in place. The absence of even acknowledging the possibility of having a plan, makes it impossible!
  11. Awful goalkeeper. I still can’t get over Monk thinking him and Dawson were the way forward and that they just needed to work on their ‘soft skills’. Negligent at best!
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