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  1. I imagine just trying to bring in new bets on a market which must be completely dead at this stage. Bullen or not, I really wish a decision would be made!
  2. In retrospect, it maybe got lost in translation and he was infact the 250th choice of centre half.
  3. The fact they call him Bully tells me they aren’t expecting him to be their manager. I’m sure they all must have asked the question about who the manager was going to be?
  4. He can work with them as a coach for me, don’t see him as a manager.
  5. Would be disappointed if we spent £7 million on him. Whilst decent at SPL level, he is completely over-hyped and I am not sure how well he would do down here. A risk not worth taking financially, especially when we can get Hector for less!
  6. Bullen isn’t a manager, would be a poor decision. As someone else said look at his interview after the Burton game to see if he is cut out for it. It is concerning how long it is taking though, we could really do with the new man in today to get transfers sorted, but I just see this drifting on for another couple of weeks.
  7. I know, but my point is, if someone on here knows, then at least a few people clearly know. In that case, I find it hard to believe that Bullen wouldn’t be aware as well. I’m sure ‘word of mouth’ would reach him before it reached Owlstalk.
  8. Yeah but with so many people knowing, I find it hard to believe that Bullen doesn’t know!
  9. Hopefully, he has already started work in terms of transfer targets and the potential shipping out of players. The one thing I don’t get about your post is that you had mentioned that one of the reasons not to announce it is to keep Bullen motivated. 1. I am sure it would have no influence on his motivation and 2. If you know, surely Bullen will already know?
  10. Listened to the second episode today, really enjoyed it! Will definitely listen in to the next one. Well done guys!
  11. We don’t for definite, I think Semedo’s Ferret is a decent source for information on here. So I suspect there is truth in what he says and also I hope it is true!
  12. Fair enough, even if the new man does come in this week, it makes sense for Bullen to take charge on Saturday given how near it is to the season starting.
  13. Hughton would be my first choice. If he takes it, I have no doubt he will be fully committed. I am sure DC has given him a deadline to make his mind up and has a fall back option. If we have to wait a bit longer to get the right man then we should do it.
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