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  1. Good news, I think our coaching team needs freshened up.
  2. Need to change up front. Not happening for Nuhiu or Winnall tonight.
  3. Knew it was coming. Don’t think it is particularly a bad thing, gives Luongo the opportunity!
  4. Agreed, good in-depth analysis which other Wednesday podcasts I’ve tried didn’t really have. (Except Owls About Stat-which is another good, more infrequent listen!) Really enjoying it and hoping you keep it going as a weekly pod guys!
  5. You can add Bannan to that list! They love him, he is the default go to for Man of the Match no matter how he has played!
  6. Did well when he came on! Pleased for him.
  7. Pleased to be winning, but Hutch and Bannan in the middle just doesn’t work. They sit to close to each other and face backwards too often. Murphy seems to have no belief and the heart of fly. Still, 1 up!
  8. Really excited by Monk’s appointment now! Very optimistic!
  9. The list of candidates was uninspiring. To me he is one of the better options on the list. Not buzzing, but quietly confident he can do a decent job.
  10. No way you could play Bannan and Lee together. Far too lightweight! We do need something different in there though! Luongo and Lee for me.
  11. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Reach Luongo Lee Harris FF Fletcher
  12. Away from home in the league I would play- Hutch Luongo Lee At home in the league I would play- Luongo Bannan Lee Since Carlos’s first season with Lee, Hutch and Bannan in the team we have had the problem of being over-ran in midfield. It was often because we only had 2 in the middle versus a 3, but the combination of the 3 is just not enough to take us that step further, need more strength.
  13. I imagine just trying to bring in new bets on a market which must be completely dead at this stage. Bullen or not, I really wish a decision would be made!
  14. In retrospect, it maybe got lost in translation and he was infact the 250th choice of centre half.
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