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  1. I’d take it, frees up more wages for Bruce to get in who he wants.
  2. Would love to be able to move on all 3. None of them are going to take us forward. At a push, i’d keep Winnall. Rhodes is a spent force and doesn’t offer enough in his all round game. We are unlikely to be in a position to be able to afford to have a striker in the team that is nothing more than a poacher. With Nuhiu, it is really just time to move him on. I am sure we can find better options out there. Winnall, has energy and a good work rate and is capable on his day and would do as a back-up. As I say, ideally I’d move on all 3 though.
  3. I see a lot of people are saying we need to do our business early, the reality is the kind of signings we are looking at, (Loans from the Prem) never happen early.
  4. How so? Is it part of the deal that if they get promoted, they have to sign him? If they had the choice, there is no way they would be wanting him for the premiership.
  5. Bruce will know who is not good enough. This season is gone. Fix it is not great but he has done ok in spells this season.
  6. Been immense, really hope we keep him. WTF was Jo’s thinking!
  7. Nothing to lose! Lets just go go for it and see what happens, I’m so optimistic with Bruce at the helm, that missing out on the play-offs, getting a better squad together for next season and having a proper shot at the championship excites me too.
  8. Enjoyable game Definitely, but still quiet an enjoyable watch, we have had a few good moves.
  9. Yikes, not had one of those line-ups for a while! This could be a struggle.
  10. That must be the most exciting line-up in two years! Hope Hoops and FF are ready!
  11. Would be a dreadful decision to keep Boyd!
  12. Spot on, we have never got the midfield right. Even that first play-off season, we were often dominated but had enough decent players to pull results off. I’d keep Hutch but I wouldn’t be bothered if the rest of the midfield left including Bannan.
  13. I’m excited about the future under Bruce. Can’t wait to have a big clear out in the summer. Season can’t end soon enough.
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