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  1. I said ‘Out’ but if he miraculously put a proper plan and structures in place I would change to ‘In’.
  2. Strategy was- We will get to the Premiership in my first 3 years, we don’t need a viable business strategy. Strategy is- We didn’t get to the Premiership, so now we don’t have a strategy.
  3. The defence was doing pretty well in the first half of the season when Westwood was in the team. He was making individual errors. I’m certainly not saying Wildsmith and Dawson should have been playing ahead of him, but his performances were not that of the ‘best keeper in the league’.
  4. Great point. Whilst great on his day, I feel part of the team’s problem over the last few years has been trying ‘to build around Bannan’. Bannan in a midfield two has never worked for me really, he isn’t strong enough and we often got over-ran in the midfield. I’d imagine Monk saw this too and is probably one of the reasons we changed to a 3-5-2. That said, the focus this summer has to be improving what is round about him, if we can do that, then I am sure we can still benefit from having Bannan in the team.
  5. Based purely on past glories. He certainly hasn’t shown he is that when he played this season. Although he is undoubtably still better than our other options. We need a new keeper.
  6. Hope so. Reach, Rhodes and Odebajo can all go on that list which I guess already has Westwood on.
  7. That’s a different point though. Any manager who had came in to this club when he did and saw a squad well past it’s sell-by-date, would be looking to get through this season and to start building for next season. No manager is going to be lumbered with a squad he doesn’t want for a season and leave when he has the chance to make the changes he wants.
  8. I certainly don’t agree. I think he would do what most, If not all managers would do, and see this summer as chance to put his own stamp on the team and try and improve things.
  9. Come on? I’d love to know what it was that Rhodes was doing to make Wickham play so well? Rhodes had a couple of nice touches in the games he played but still never looked like scoring. He went from offering zero to slightly more than zero. Monk has made mistakes, but he gave Rhodes enough of a chance to prove himself. The boy is finished.
  10. One of his worst comments! Showed no foresight, the slightest bit of business acumen Or even common sense. His business plan was ‘We’ll be in the Premiership before we need to worry about FFP.’ Shocking stuff!
  11. I don’t think he would sign De Cruz. He isn’t going to publicly say he has no interest in bringing the player back when he is still trying to get the best out of him. He has been trying to use his pace to help the team as there aren’t many other options. Nuhiu invariably plays better when he comes off the bench, Wickham doesn’t really look at it and Rhodes isn’t up to it. I’m not defending all of Monk’s decisions but I can see why he is doing what he is doing.
  12. The thing with Jos was that he randomly dropped players after them having being the star performer in previous games. Michael Hector being dropped after being named Player of the Month was one that particularly stood out. Looking at what we have available, I’d love to know the great ideas people have for team selection and shape that Monk could improve the team with? Clear out needed and Monk to get his own coaches in.
  13. I agree. He deserves the summer to sort this out, this is a squad that needs a massive clear out, we all knew it before this season started. Now is the chance to do it. Since we have came back from the break, he has done the right thing in terms of giving the players that are still contracted next year a chance. Some of the things he has learned and shown by his team selections:- 1. Jordan Rhodes is definitely finished, need to do all we can to shift him on in the summer. 2. Adam Reach needs to be sold, take what we can get! 3. We don’t have any midfield combinations suitable for a 2. So we have to play 3. 4. Giving Pelupessy another year was maybe not such a bad decision as he has shown in recent games he has something to offer, although hopefully just as a back-up player. It’s hard to back a manager in the face of such awful results. But he walked in to pre-existing problems which we all knew about. Let him change things before we judge him. His recruitment at previous clubs has been pretty good, particularly at Leeds. I have every confidence he will make us better next season.
  14. On that note, the only thing he seems to think brings in money is charging fans extortionate match day prices.
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