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  1. Out of our whole squad, what a dreadful side to put out. Johnson, Dunkley, Paterson & Wing all shiite. Another disappointing result tonight I'm guessing...
  2. Why on earth is Wildsmith anywhere near this team when BPF is available? Imagine being so utterly useless at your job and still getting picked
  3. Any chance we could employ and *actual* football manager ASAP?
  4. This, but keep Gibson way away from the squad.
  5. We're actually playing like a professional football team, for the first time in a while
  6. I do like Darren Moore, but he is an utterly fkin useless football manager
  7. We need to try and sign that Lee playing for them. He's controlling this match and looks a level above our useless wasters
  8. I'm having to watch this with the Bolton commentary, they are saying how good the ref has been and allowing the game to flow. Jesus, he's been awful
  9. Erm, I'm not sure he's as bad as Dunkley, but he looks dreadful so far
  10. Lucky to not be losing this so far. Bolton are just way more up for this than us. We look like we've had a couple of sending off. Too many of our players are anonymous. Need big changes soon.
  11. I can see why Gibson hasn't been playing this season. Jesus.
  12. Holy hell, this is awful. Why is it that when Kachunga played FOR us, it was like we had 10 men, then we play AGAINST Kachunga and we look even worse...?
  13. To be honest, I don't care how legal it is, it does the same job at a fraction of the price
  14. I love Iorfa, I think he is a brilliant player, but playing with Dunkley is making him look poor as he is having to cover for him too. Dunkley is dreadful and nowhere near the level we need for a CB
  15. I think, currently, DC isn't the problem.
  16. Johnson is one of the worst players to play for us in the last 15 years.
  17. It's pretty impressive how bad he is with this squad. I think pretty much every league one manager would want to manage these players, yet he is so utterly clueless
  18. We won't though will we. We'll just carry on, covered in dust.
  19. If Oxford get a point they're going to celebrate like they've won the World Cup
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