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  1. Need to bin off Wildsmith ASAP. Get Dawson back as backup and get a new number 1. Easy.
  2. I hope Wycombe score after 1 minute then spend the next 89 mins rolling around, diving and conning the ref. Just like you did. See you in L1 next season.
  3. I'm guessing you've not seen many of the matches? Only been checking the scores on teletext?
  4. I've got every faith in Moore next season. We've been brilliant for the second half of this one, once he found his formula and stopped tinkering so much. If we can keep hold of the majority of this squad and replace the outgoing players with youth, we'll get automatic next season
  5. Took the piiss out of us. Didn't give us anything and was booking our lot for nothing fouls. He should be ashamed and embarrassed, but I'm guessing is completely unaware how poor he is and will just carry on spoiling football for many more fans next season
  6. What makes it harder to take, is the fact we didn't lose to a better side. We lost to a side who spent most of their time diicking about wasting time. If we had lost to a genuinely decent side that outplayed us, id be less gutted. Its just painful to see them get to the final playing like that.
  7. Yeah I have. That's what I mean, I hope they take the lead then play Sunderland at their own rolling around game. Pathetic bunch of priicks.
  8. Whichever manager is in, we need them to learn to roll around, con the ref and time waste. It appears that is how you get promoted.
  9. I hope you lose the final, heavily and Wycombe roll around all over the place, just like you do. Your pathetic diving and conning the ref is just awful.
  10. The ref bought into their anti football, rolling around and acting like twaats. I hope they lose in the final
  11. Pathetic. Not us. The ref, and the Sunderland players. We are the only ones to leave with a bit of pride.
  12. Wycombe v Sunderland at Wembley. 22 players lying on the floor for 90mins. Think I'll give it a miss..
  13. I'm glad that priick got kicked in the head by luongo. He was going to roll around for 2 minutes anyway, at least he took a kick to the head.
  14. If I was one of these Sunderland players id be so utterly embarrassed
  15. Why do we have to put up with these refs? Shocking. He's buying all of their time wasting and not giving anything to us. Sunderland playing the most anti football ive seen
  16. I've been feeling alright all day, not thought about the match much, but the last 20 mins Ive become soooo nervous!!
  17. Sunderland Patterson Wright Batth Cirkin Gooch (tee hee) Evans Onein Clarke Roberts Pritchard Stewart
  18. Wycombe will be falling over a lot and time wasting now they are 2-0 up. Thing is, MK Dons are a much much better side and I wouldn't want to face them at Wembley, but I also wouldn't want to face Wycombe, purely because id get so angry
  19. Hardly surprising, we've got a team of bottlers. We should have been promoted weeks ago
  20. Presumably some idiot Sunderland journalist making that rubbish up
  21. Just go at them. 3-0 win away and we can relax for the second leg. Sunderland aren't anything special and we shouldn't fear them
  22. So, if we do get to Wembley, will we get more than 50% allocation? Don't want to see another situation like vs Hull where the other end was nearly empty and loads of Wednesday fans went without tickets. MK and Wycombe have a combined average attendance of under 15k this season and with one of us and Sunderland missing out on the final it will be a shame to have 40,000 in one end and 10,000 in the other
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