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  1. We are so desperately in need of decent strikers. Gregory is poor. Berahino looks good but I doubt he will play many over the season
  2. Fair play to Shrewsbury, they wouldn't have expected anything from that match and we just rolled over and looked like a team of people who won a competition to play at Hillsborough
  3. Iorfa is the first name on the team sheet. Dunkley is a joke and is playing leagues above his level
  4. But he didn't get involved. It wasn't offside
  5. Moore showing his pedegree. Complete squad rebuild and showing his utter lack of tactics. Hopefully we will stay up this season, but at the moment not looking promising - one point against 3 of the leagues worst teams
  6. What an absolute shambles. Need some decent strikers. Three terrible results in a row
  7. Standard. We need some half decent strikers in, ours are woeful
  8. Too many shiite players in this squad. Johnson, Paterson, Wing, Gregory, Byers all a waste of space
  9. The problem is these little poxy teams up their game against us as its their biggest game of the season
  10. You must be fkin joking! I don't want to see Dunkley anywhere near this side, he's utterly shamboloc
  11. Because playing us is one of the biggest games of their player's careers
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