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  1. Would rather stick with Bullen than Coleman, Monk or Rowett
  2. If it stays like that with no sponsor, ill be getting it
  3. Both look brilliant, especially without the sponsor - hopefully it will stay that way, but i presume it will be plastered with CHANSIRI...?
  4. Just not Houghton. Boring negative manager.
  5. Yes, do you not remember the end of last season...?
  6. 100% makes sense. Nuhiu plays like he wants to play for us and from a skill point of view, there is little in it....
  7. With our history of players being injured, is it really worth gambling on players that ALREADY have an injury history?! Surely that is just double whack..
  8. Would be a great signing if we can get a bargain
  9. Not read a lot recently so apologies if its been mentioned, but we are Skybet bookies favorites to sign Charlie Austin...
  10. Said to the misses he would miss it, he's just not been on form recently.
  11. This is dreadful. Ff and Fletch not done anything. Matias and Lee looking good. We are making a very very poor QPR side look like Madrid
  12. I think over a season Bannan would earn more points, but FF has the ability to single handedly win a match, you know, if he feels like it...
  13. Just a shame Westwood was frozen out. Even with Jos in charge we would have picked up more points at that time and made it to the play offs.
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