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  1. the_vinyl_frontier

    Rotherham United

  2. the_vinyl_frontier

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    The scary thing is that DC just doesn't see that there is such a problem. Will he be ok with a relegation scrap? We have some of the best players in the league and this manager is somehow managing to screw it up!
  3. the_vinyl_frontier

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Is it wrong that I want us to lose in the hope that Jos gets sacked?
  4. This is bad. Derby are dreadful and we cant even match them. To be fair though we have been playing with a couple of less players. Matias and Pelupessy have been awful
  5. the_vinyl_frontier

    Current Players - Retro Kits

    Looks great!
  6. the_vinyl_frontier

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Ah marvelous! That makes it easy, cheers mate. Thread can be deleted now!
  7. Would anyone be able to buy and post me a copy of the programme on Wednesday and ill send the money by Paypal to cover postage and a pint?
  8. the_vinyl_frontier

    Trying to find a shirt - clubshop

    Yeah, its pretty much like that - more of a polo shirt material. Same design as the yellow Toffs one, but not polyester... Im CERTAIN I didnt dream it...!!!
  9. the_vinyl_frontier

    Trying to find a shirt - clubshop

    Yeah, its not that one i am after, it is older than that...
  10. I haven't been in the clubshop for a couple of years, last time I went they were selling a yellow top, similar to this: https://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_sheffieldwednesday&state=item&dept_id=22&sub_dept_id=10&product_id=LBJ006 I'm not sure what year they were from but they weren't this 'football material' type shirt, rather more like a normal t-shirt material, I guess cotton rather than polyester type? Does anyone know if they still stock them, or if not, anywhere else that does? Thanks
  11. the_vinyl_frontier

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Wolves (League Cup MDT)

    To lose today wouldn't be a massively bad thing. Our starting lineup with what most people would say only had 3 first team players against their squad with an £18m winger in it...
  12. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Cheers all for the ideas
  13. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Cheers, do you have an email address?
  14. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Have you got more info?
  15. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    My brother is turning 40 soon, been a Wednesday fan all his life and dragged me up the same. Any suggestions for something special that I can get for his birthday? Something that can be done at the club or anything? Budget is probably £80-£100.