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  1. the_vinyl_frontier

    Current Players - Retro Kits

    Looks great!
  2. the_vinyl_frontier

    Favour needed - West Brom match

    Ah marvelous! That makes it easy, cheers mate. Thread can be deleted now!
  3. Would anyone be able to buy and post me a copy of the programme on Wednesday and ill send the money by Paypal to cover postage and a pint?
  4. the_vinyl_frontier

    Trying to find a shirt - clubshop

    Yeah, its pretty much like that - more of a polo shirt material. Same design as the yellow Toffs one, but not polyester... Im CERTAIN I didnt dream it...!!!
  5. the_vinyl_frontier

    Trying to find a shirt - clubshop

    Yeah, its not that one i am after, it is older than that...
  6. I haven't been in the clubshop for a couple of years, last time I went they were selling a yellow top, similar to this: https://www.medocmall.co.uk/cgi-bin/live/ecommerce.pl?site=theclubshop_sheffieldwednesday&state=item&dept_id=22&sub_dept_id=10&product_id=LBJ006 I'm not sure what year they were from but they weren't this 'football material' type shirt, rather more like a normal t-shirt material, I guess cotton rather than polyester type? Does anyone know if they still stock them, or if not, anywhere else that does? Thanks
  7. the_vinyl_frontier

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Wolves (League Cup MDT)

    To lose today wouldn't be a massively bad thing. Our starting lineup with what most people would say only had 3 first team players against their squad with an £18m winger in it...
  8. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Cheers all for the ideas
  9. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Cheers, do you have an email address?
  10. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    Have you got more info?
  11. the_vinyl_frontier

    40th present ideas

    My brother is turning 40 soon, been a Wednesday fan all his life and dragged me up the same. Any suggestions for something special that I can get for his birthday? Something that can be done at the club or anything? Budget is probably £80-£100.
  12. the_vinyl_frontier

    Jacob mellis

    I miss JJ
  13. I was at Chelsea vs Roma in the Champions League this season (for my sins) and I headed the ball during the match.
  14. the_vinyl_frontier

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    My rabbit is called Miguel
  15. the_vinyl_frontier

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Worst part is, I had 'no clean sheet' on my bet slip at 90mins at 12/1 with a tenner on it. My phone wasn't working and by the time I went back to place it, they had scored...