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  1. Part way through the second series (because the misses wants to watch it) and it's still rubbish. Like above, the acting is so poor and the story is just a garbled mess. They spent too much time and money with the filming of the main girl and ran out of budget to make it actually any good
  2. There's a woman commentator. Other than that, nothing.
  3. I would hope this is a selectable option. Can't stand her on TV, she's about as good as Andy Townsend or Jermaine Jenas with the rubbish she talks about.
  4. Would be a cracking signing for us, even in the championship. Now, back to trying to the misses laughing everytime I say his name...
  5. Just started this, need something to get into and it's got 8.5 on imdb. I'm 3 episodes in, when does it start getting good? It's dreadful so far and the acting is terrible, it's like an episode of Byker Grove...
  6. Any chance our penalty can be 'owner goes to jail for being a crook' please?
  7. I'm guessing we're going to need 6-7 decent signings to be able to compete in L1. And I'd suggest we need a new first choice keeper and a decent backup, then bin off the chuckle brothers
  8. I was hoping it would be Spain. I cannot bare to watch Italy again, spending as much time as possible diving and rolling around. It won't be much fun for us
  9. Seriously though, arw we going to be signing a proper goalie for this season, or sticking with these two utter useless clowns?!
  10. Good luck lad, you deserve a decent chance, I'm sure you'll shine
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