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  1. the_vinyl_frontier

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Dreadful result
  2. the_vinyl_frontier

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    These relegation teams need to be slaughtered by us
  3. the_vinyl_frontier

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Reading will score
  4. the_vinyl_frontier

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Onomah looking good. Fessi just not interrested
  5. the_vinyl_frontier

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    We're going to lose this...
  6. the_vinyl_frontier

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    How are we not winning this? FF should have had 3!
  7. the_vinyl_frontier

    Chelsea... Driving..... Parking

    Use this website: https://www.justpark.com/ I used it for the Emirates recently and cost about £13. Saved quite a bit when there was 3 of us.
  8. the_vinyl_frontier


    Still hoping this rumor is a bad dream...
  9. the_vinyl_frontier

    New manager odds

    Just another flop on the manager merry-go-round
  10. the_vinyl_frontier

    New manager odds

    Please not Bruce.
  11. the_vinyl_frontier

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    The scary thing is that DC just doesn't see that there is such a problem. Will he be ok with a relegation scrap? We have some of the best players in the league and this manager is somehow managing to screw it up!
  12. the_vinyl_frontier

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Is it wrong that I want us to lose in the hope that Jos gets sacked?
  13. This is bad. Derby are dreadful and we cant even match them. To be fair though we have been playing with a couple of less players. Matias and Pelupessy have been awful
  14. the_vinyl_frontier

    Current Players - Retro Kits

    Looks great!