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  1. I can only see a Rotherham win tonight unfortunately. They've got it all to play for and will be up for it, Luton are already on holiday
  2. Fingers crossed we have a line up & formation that actually makes sense for such an important match
  3. Good result, but we can still go down even with a win next week
  4. Nobody to blame but ourselves (DC, Monk, Pulis & Moore)
  5. Pelupessy. Apart from Westwoods save, pretty much the rest need to be ashamed of that performance.
  6. Hopefully relegation will see the end of this management too. To be so utterly inept in such an important match
  7. Absolute shambolic first half. Need a massive change for the second. Can't we just go to a normal formation witb players in the right positions for such an important match?
  8. That's that then. Well done Derby, thanks for giving us some hope
  9. The best bit is we're always worse in the second half...
  10. I guess we'll concede before HT then nothing will change in the second half and Forest will just waste time
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