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  1. Sacking him is exactly what is needed. He has no passion or commitment to this club. He has bizarrely frozen out our best players with no explanation. He has no clue how to win a match.
  2. If Monk has any kind of integrity, he should resign. This set of players are decent and should be in the playoffs at least. He is a monumental cocck up and a waste of space.
  3. I just don't get how Monk is fucxking us up so badly with this squad.
  4. Bye Monk you utterly useless priick. Take Dawson and Joey with you.
  5. I say it every week, but how do we make these utterly gash teams look so good? Surely this HAS to be the final straw for our dodgy, spineless owner?
  6. See you Monk. Its not us, its you thats the problem. Clueless twaat
  7. The squad is MORE than capable. Unfortunately we have an utterly inept, clueless manager.
  8. Hate watching on ifollow with this dingle commentary - it's genuinely their FA cup final and they think they're Barcelona
  9. Must be devastating for Dawson, growing up a Wednesday fan, getting a chance at number 1 by overtaking the best keeper in the league in Westwood. Then just being consistently dreadful and costing us so many points.
  10. Players and manager should be embarrassed with this performance. We're playing the leagues whipping boys and we look clueless
  11. How is it we make these shiite teams look so good each week?
  12. Yet another shambles of a display. What is with Monk continuing with Dawson?
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