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  1. Probably the worst corner taker I've ever seen. My favourite was the one what went straight along the floor into the side netting
  2. Only watched the first half and we looked utterly clueless. Think Monk has been found out already. Pelupussy should never play for us again, he is dire. Those corners were laughable!
  3. That was dreadful. Played so badly against a team that look like they've given up on this season already....
  4. This will be a repeat of Cardiff. We look awful now
  5. When they mentioned him on the commentary I couldn't believe he was still playing. Thought he had given up about 5 years ago!
  6. Surely it cant be? Utterly disappointing. May as well stick with Bullen TBF
  7. The crowd will probably put as much effort into his reception, as he put into his performances for us...
  8. Just been speaking to a West Brom fan at work, he said he is just about the worst player he as ever seen play for them...
  9. Yeah hopefully Winnall will head off to L1 for a season long loan. Cant see him getting much action with us TBH
  10. I cant see us getting Gayle - surely not?
  11. To be fair, Palmer is decent, even out of position, and Fox played well more often than not last season. Maybe try and get behind the lads ey?
  12. How did Fulham get 4th? Its just a plain white tshirt...
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