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  1. Squad overhaul

    It amazes me that for a manager that puts so much emphasis on attacking full backs - the players we have in those positions are absolute garbage. Hunt/Palmer - Both equally as poor. Fox/Pudil - Again not good enough for a team with aspirations of top 2. If we want to keep this same formation then I'd look at getting quality in both areas.
  2. Tidman Spence Taylor Diallo Beswetherick BBM Lunt McLaren Small Jeffers Showumni
  3. Team for Saturday

    I don't think they're laughable at all. We need to mix it up as Rhodes/Hooper/Fletcher combinations just aren't working. He offers something different and I think I'd rather us try to be unpredictable!
  4. Team for Saturday

    A right hand side of Hunt and Palmer is the stuff of nightmares.
  5. player ratings

    Awful performance all round. Westwood - 7 - Some good stops and kicking was fairly good. Could have been 4/5 without him. Hunt - 1 - Kept giving away stupid fouls and he simply cannot clear or cross a ball without it hitting an opponent. I have this debate a lot but I think Palmer is marginally better. Loovens - 2 - Should have been sent off and moves like he's towing a bus. Moves the ball so slowly which doesn't help create any tempo. Lees - 1 - I really like Tom but he had a really really poor night. Shocking distribution and basic defending was lacking. Still stand by that he shouldn't have as much as the ball as he should, the midfielders simply don't show for it often enough. Fox - 4 - Didn't think Fox did too much wrong to be honest. Was caught out of position a couple of times first half but doesn't really offer anything out of the ordinary going forward. Reach - 4 - Get's an additional 2 points for the assist at the death and he was the only one trying to drive forward in the first half. No end product and shambolic defending for their 2nd (he wasn't alone). Butterfield - 3 - Played way too cautiously. Sideways to Lees and Loovens isn't good enough and he needs to take much more responsibility and look forward. Bannan - 6 - Still our most likely player to create anything and in fairness he always shows and wants the ball. Thought in the first half he was playing too safe and simply laying it back to Lees/Loovens. When he actually drives forward he looks 10x the player. Wallace - 2 - Waste of time. Too slow and predictable and should have been phased out of the starting line up over the course of last year. Mind you. I would hate to play with Hunt. Rhodes - 2 - Should have scored with his only touch. Totally anonymous throughout with a pathetic penalty claim thrown in there too. I really want Jordan to come good but I just can't see how at the moment. Hooper - 6 - Really like Hoops but not everything came off for him tonight. Still, he had the minerals to took home the pen and put wallace through with a lovely flick. Must be hard for him and Bannan at the moment as they're surrounded by players in shocking form. Subs Lee - 2 - Offered nothing and his foul count must have beaten his touch count. Not sure what we expect of him from the bench though - isn't the type to change a game. Fletcher - 1 - Get's a point for his minimal involvement in the penalty (he would have blazed it over had the lad not handled it). Awful ball which led to their 2nd. Looks devoid of any confidence at the moment. Nuhiu - 9 - Not sure what else he could have done in the time he was on the pitch. Certainly will offer more than Rhodes & Fletcher and maybe we should give him a try at the weekend. In 15/16 campaign, he seemed to strike a good partnership with Hooper. Carlos - Out. Boring & lucky.
  6. Forestieri

    I'm sure given the above you'd prefer the journeymen workhorses we've had over the years? Honest but limited footballers. Players like FF need managing no doubt but you can't question that he's got more ability than most in this league. We need to find a way to accommodate him.
  7. Fernando Forestieri

    Can't wait for him to be back. He's the difference between us being a mid table outfit and a real promotion contender. Top scorer for the previous two campaigns too which seems to be forgotten about when the morons on here want him shipped out.
  8. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Hutch is not an obvious choice though I'm afraid. He plays as a 3rd centre back and is always likely to pull up injured or be sent off. Jones doesn't win enough ball for me but I'd have him in there over Hutch.
  9. Don't agree with resting Bannan. It never works. Play him and if he tires then substitute him accordingly. It's a difficult one at centre back as Loovens is a better defender but JVA's distribution will be missed. Id go for the following: Wildsmith Palmer Lees Loovens Reach Wallace Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Fletcher
  10. Gary Hooper

    He's absolutely brilliant. As stated above, if he gets injured we really are in big trouble.
  11. Why oh why didn't fletch just lift it over the keeper!?
  12. Tom Lees

    I don't agree with this poor distribution notion. He actually plays some intelligent balls in to feet but needs players to show. The amount of times our centre mids shirk responsibility and make Lees play an incisive pass is worrying. Great defender and he'll play in the prem (hopefully with us!)
  13. fredrico

    Talk of dropping Lees? Jesus wept.

    I agree with you on all the other points and players just I'm not upset about Winnall leaving in the slightest. Just a difference in opinion I guess. This is why CC's position is under scrutiny because he has all the tools but he has no idea how to utilise them. Im adamant that another manager could.

    Yes I haven't seen any quality in him. Snatched at a few chances, sloppy in possession but because he works hard and scrapped FF the fans absolutely love him. Agree with your second point though - we have so much talent at our disposal and I don't think CC knows what to do with it.