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  1. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Hutch is not an obvious choice though I'm afraid. He plays as a 3rd centre back and is always likely to pull up injured or be sent off. Jones doesn't win enough ball for me but I'd have him in there over Hutch.
  2. Don't agree with resting Bannan. It never works. Play him and if he tires then substitute him accordingly. It's a difficult one at centre back as Loovens is a better defender but JVA's distribution will be missed. Id go for the following: Wildsmith Palmer Lees Loovens Reach Wallace Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Fletcher
  3. Gary Hooper

    He's absolutely brilliant. As stated above, if he gets injured we really are in big trouble.
  4. Why oh why didn't fletch just lift it over the keeper!?
  5. Tom Lees

    I don't agree with this poor distribution notion. He actually plays some intelligent balls in to feet but needs players to show. The amount of times our centre mids shirk responsibility and make Lees play an incisive pass is worrying. Great defender and he'll play in the prem (hopefully with us!)
  6. fredrico

    Talk of dropping Lees? Jesus wept.

    I agree with you on all the other points and players just I'm not upset about Winnall leaving in the slightest. Just a difference in opinion I guess. This is why CC's position is under scrutiny because he has all the tools but he has no idea how to utilise them. Im adamant that another manager could.

    Yes I haven't seen any quality in him. Snatched at a few chances, sloppy in possession but because he works hard and scrapped FF the fans absolutely love him. Agree with your second point though - we have so much talent at our disposal and I don't think CC knows what to do with it.

    What Winnall have you guys been watching?! All I've seen is a hard worker but sadly no real quality or composure. I used to rate Butterfield a couple of years ago but we need options in CM so it makes sense. Sounds a fair swap to me.

    Just been told Jacob Butterfield is at the ground. Make of it what you will.
  11. Rate our summer transfer window

    2/10. Carlos has fooled the fan base for months with this mad search for a centre back. When in all truth a midfield general a winger and an upgrade on full backs was needed. Hope the foreign gambles pay off at CB.
  12. Ahh the Winnall love in - is it because we have a monotonous song for him? He isn't good enough hence why he is looking for a way out.
  13. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Can't believe what I'm reading here. Selling the best player we've had in years to give Carlos more budget to spunk on garbage. He has his flaws no doubt but he needs managing not hanging out to dry like CC has done. I'll be devastated if he goes.
  14. Jackson Irvine

    Yep looked a very good player last night. Good on the ball, scores goals and he wasn't afraid to put his foot in. He he even spoke well in the interview after. I hope CC acknowledges that we're still lacking in central midfield.