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  1. Tapeworm

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Surely we have to discount him as an option now? Same with Lee if he breaks down again in pre-season.
  2. Tapeworm

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    It's definitely Nuhiu's build that goes against him. I remember our fans creaming over some absolute dross in the past (Varney, Simek et al) all because they had a yard of pace.
  3. Tapeworm

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    Agree 100%. I'm really not sure on Pessy. He seems to come in to the game when we're comfortably in front and looks a decent player but he struggles to impose himself from the off. Would love someone like Williams at Hudders - tall, strong and can attack and defend something CM's should be able to do!
  4. Tapeworm

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    In general, our fans attitude towards Nuhiu is still pretty poor. I recall walking out of the ground on Sunday and overhearing several conversations whereby they were still mocking him. "Bloody hell Dave bagged a hattrick, shows how bad they were" etc etc. For me he's always had a good footballing brain, was harshly treated by Carlos despite being involved in so many goals and good performances in the playoff final season (see season review) and was ultimately dropped for Fletcher who's not been the upgrade we'd all hoped for. Really hope he signs.
  5. Tapeworm

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    But you can't solely base it off stats. We all know Hunt should have more assists to his name but the quality on his delivery is often missing. Plus, he's not scored a league goal yet since leaving Hudders - terrible for an attack minded player who gets in to some good positions. I've watched Doherty a few times this season and he has a much better footballing brain than Hunt - just my opinion though.
  6. Tapeworm

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    You actually think Hunt is at the same standard as Doherty!?
  7. Nuhiu - we'd be deep in the mire if it wasn't for his goals and attitude.
  8. Tapeworm

    Player Ratings

    Dawson - 6. Didn’t have too much to do but should have done better first half when trying to claim a cross. Hunt - 6. Did ok against Barrow but he goes down injured every single game. Venancio - 6. Defended pretty well but his use ot the ball 1st half was pretty dire. Lees - 8. Class act and he’s showing just how much we’ve missed him. Pudil - 7. Thought he had a good game and decent assist for Nando’s 1st. Reach - 6. Quiet game again and ever the “nearly man”. Thought he should have brought the long ball down from Bazza in the first half. Pelupessy - 6. I really don’t know with Joey. He seems to hide a lot but then gets a bit of confidence when we are leading. Needs to impose himself more. Bannan - 7. Didn’t think he had his best game by any means but still makes us tick . Boyd - 5. Did well to get the goal but his all round play was limited and weak. Not the George Boyd I thought we were signing to be honest. Rhodes - 6. Won a few clever knockdowns but again didn’t really know he was on the pitch. Forestieri - 9. MOTM. He wasn’t perfect and gave the ball away sloppily a few times but he is a cut above the rest. His second goal sums him up. Skins two, over runs it, dives in to a challenge that no other striker would do, wins it and then sticks it in the top corner. Class.
  9. Tapeworm

    Team v Fulham?

    We can't play negatively like the first half against Preston. For me, we have to play an attacking side and take the game to Fulham. We are at home afterall! Yes, we'll be susceptible to the counter but if we just get bodies behind the ball and carry no threat going forward then they have more than enough quality to pick us off. Be positive Jos and give them something to worry about.
  10. Tapeworm

    Morgan Fox

    Just my opinion. In this system the wing backs see so much of the ball and Fox is extremely limited with it - he’s not the best defender in the world either. Depends how Jos sets us up though, if it’s going to be negative then play Fox but if we want to go out and attack teams then it really should be Reach.
  11. Tapeworm

    Morgan Fox

    The stick is completely justified. Thought he was pretty poor again. Although I must admit I enjoyed it when he maradonna’d their full back towards the end. Reach is made for wing back.
  12. I seem to recall a game against Sunderland a few years back. They'd already sealed promotion I think and went 1-0 up through Connolly. This led to a Sunderland fan celebrating in the north and before getting escorted out pitchside. As he's walking off gleefully over leans Wednesday fan and absolutely clatters him - comedy gold.
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