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  1. Player Ratings V. Leeds Utd

    Nuhiu 9 Lees 8 Hutch 6.5 Everyone else 6
  2. Jamie Ward Karl Henry Michael Morrison Gaetano Berardi Greg Halford
  3. How not to run a Football Club

    Spot on. I don't connect with Wednesday at all at present.
  4. player ratings tonight

    Wildsmith - 4 Palmer - 1 Lees - 6.5 Loovens - 1 Fox -2 Boyd - 5 Reach - 4 Jones - 4 Butters - 3 Rhodes - 1 Nuhiu - 6 Joao - 7
  5. Heard a tale from a new loan signing at Swansea. Said Carlos is just a players dream at first - allows players to get in any time before 10:30, training only twice a week and players aren't expected to turn up to watch if out injured. I think this explains his CV somewhat. Comes in and makes an immediate impact but then loses the plot largely down to fitness and motivation levels.
  6. Resting players

    Doesn't work. Hated it when Coco did it and that line-up last night was a disgrace. As stated above if players tire then bring them off after an hour or so but should always start your best 11.
  7. Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Easily FF. Honorable mentions to Hooper, Bannan & Lees.
  8. Give over. Derby signing Huddlestone and Davies from Hull are the reason they're contending and Hull are struggling this year. 2 very experienced, quality footballers.
  9. Morgan Fox

    Bizarre signing. As said above, he's simply not good enough but you can't blame him for being selected week in week out. We don't have a good fullback or wingback at the club - this needs addressing if we are to persist with this formation.

    I remember Luke Varney getting an applause on his return once. Embarrassing.

    It'll make me sick if we applaud him.
  12. Fred

    Jesus talk about folk getting carried away. Venancio has done fairly well but Lees has been superb for 3 years now. Walks straight in for me. Also this notion that he’s awful with the ball is nonsense. It only gets highlighted when our midfielders shirk responsibility and let Lees try and pick a defence splitting ball. Should be Venancio, Lees and Pudil when he’s back.
  13. It’ll be Brighton or Southampton away. You just know it.
  14. They’re both as bad as eachother, although Palmer definitely has a better brain. We need to improve both full backs - it’s been glaringly obvious for 2 seasons now.
  15. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Spot on - we can’t afford to carry him especially when we’re in a relegation battle!