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  1. Before injuries it was probably Iorfa and I still have faith he'll bounce back!
  2. Think it's also Palmer likely more comfortable in the left of the three.
  3. Although I thought he was fouled initially, he had hold of one of their shirts as he was going down and the ball broke loose. Don't think it really slowed them down but was in front of the ref.
  4. I dunno, I think that if you blatantly dive in a situation where if given the defender would get a red... I think that dive needs a red.
  5. I'd like to see diving or theatrics to a soft challenge get the occasional card along with time wasting!
  6. I honestly think he's done a remarkable job considering the dreadful situation he started with. I did not even expect playoffs at the end of last season. That part of the job is done now and if we're not challenging for autos at Christmas I think we have to consider alternatives.
  7. Who honestly expected better than 85 points and playoffs when we got relegated last year with a bunch of players that didnt care and a chairman making everything harder for the manager. Darren Moore has far far exceeded my expectations and I hope we back him and keep building.
  8. Playing well, but they're defending really well as well. We just a bit of luck and something to drop for us.
  9. Our fans have a very short memory, or a very unrealistic expectation of how long it would take to sort us out. We were a completely broken club with players that didn't care when he joined. Yes he's had a big budget for league one but that culture change wouldnt have been any easier if he had an extra hundred million. I think he's the best manager we've had a long time and we'd be crazy to change win or lose.
  10. I always think he looks much more comfortable on the right but Hunt always difficult to take off at the moment.
  11. People need to remember the broken culture and set of free loaders he started the job with, and the total overhaul he had to do for this season without paying transfer fees. Improving the team work and mentality was never going to be instant. Add to that the ridiculous injury levels. I thought I'd have liked to see NML on the right again and Beraniho start up front but calling for him to get the sack is ridiculous. Bolton weren't a walkover and we missed too many chances it happens. Supporters need to grow up a bit, get over ourselves and support the manager and team. We'll all be better off for it.
  12. Also after a recommendation if anyone could spare the time to send a pm
  13. I'm quite good in FM usually though can't remember if my mate put me in 21 or just 20.
  14. You could subscribe to geforce now and play triple a graphics quality if you good internet.
  15. I really enjoyed this. Wish the new option was available when I played but booted up and so glad they're finding ways to implement raytracing and 60 FPS this early in the console life. Good signs.
  16. I'm really enjoying so far, only had one crash and one quest bug so far on ps5. I think they've gone too strong with chromatic aberration in effects and that's better turned off for a clearer picture. HDR setting doesnt work on my TV and that's better off too, but will check again on this new patch later.
  17. Limmy playing it on twitch was great.
  18. Ghost of Tsushima and really enjoying it so far. Worth using the 3d audio mode with headphones.
  19. I'd be interested in seeing his figures broken down by played on the left or right.
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