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  1. I'd be interested in seeing his figures broken down by played on the left or right.
  2. My heart says keep them, but my head can't make up its mind so I'll just trust Bruce has a better idea of what it'll cost to keep them versus their fitness record and support whatever he decides
  3. That also gave him chance to be home around friends and family?
  4. I don't think most people realised what had happened.
  5. I thought they'd cut his shirt off - ridiculous to suggest it was anything unprofessional.
  6. I thought sometimes people seemed reluctant to actually pass to him when he had space to run in to. We seemed determined to play through the middle.
  7. One thing I never understand, if the referee didn't think it was a penalty, why didn't he book him for diving?
  8. We had a good start, now in a bad run, will probably have another good run by the end of the season and end in a better position than last year.
  9. I meant to post he must be doing his coaching badges because my brother did a first aid course with him a couple of months ago.
  10. I think he's served his time and should be allowed to get on with his life. But I think for the club he played for when he committed his crime taking him back means they are in a very small way condoning what he did. Outside of football would the same company ever take back a worker that committed such a crime when under their employment?
  11. Was going to post something about this. A million turnover at least would be necessary in meadowhall and I couldn't imagine that. The town centre would be a more profitable possibility but either would see a large proportion of migrating sales from the club shop so the extra overheads probably ly aren't worth it.
  12. Does he have teeth? Every picture of him looks like someone has photoshopped them out
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