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  1. that is what we do best play sideways or back.
  2. Not going to dispute this but I’d hazard a guess he will have a lot more of the ball than anyone in our league.
  3. good idea this actually. If anyone fancies doing a pre match opposition view of us a couple of days before and then a post match view please feel free .
  4. he has had a better backing than any of the more recent managers. That cannot be questioned, the proof is in the pudding as they say.
  5. are they allowed to take more responsibility or is the game plan always get the ball to Bannan at all times? It has been happening for years.
  6. Probably doesn’t help that that 85% of our play goes through BB.
  7. Bannan is horrific as a captain. No way is he a leader.
  8. The Jos appointment was baffling but to be fair to him Jos has had some success as a manager in his career.
  9. He’s absolutely in a world of his own this guy. How did he end up managing us?
  10. We won’t get much better or more proven than Alex Neil. he would get this side promoted in my opinion.
  11. Shodipo and Corbeanu have never had to concentrate on their defending too much in their careers I am sure there is a reason for that. Same with Johnson who I admit has looked alright but when he is asked to defend it shows he can’t make a tackle to save his life. Could of had 2 yellows yesterday easily. Corbeanu and Shodipo should be picking the ball up in the final third not on the half way line.
  12. Johnson palmer Corbeanu Shodipo any more?
  13. Maybe we keep getting done from set pieces due to playing with only 1 actual centre half? Players all over place.
  14. We sign all these wingers and end up changing the formation to wing backs after a few games. Moore is off his trolley. We have even got another winger training with us at the minute.
  15. Thought it would of been a goal keeping error to be honest if that shot went in it wasn’t that difficult a save, Wing bailed him out.
  16. Don’t agree with that assessment. We are the home team the onus was on us really to put the pressure on.
  17. In that case I am glad it is going to a replay. We are generally worse after more time on the training ground.
  18. Kamberi shouldn’t of come off for Gregory should of been Berahino
  19. Add Hull to that list who were in absolute free fall in a situation worse than ours when they were relegated actually.
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