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  1. More like Bywater...
  2. For a bit of balance Abraham was awful under Bruce. A totally different player under Smith.
  3. sheffwed1


  4. On Kieren Lee - I spoke to Jos briefly as he was heading to his assistants car! "How's Kieren? It didn't look good coming off holding his knee" Jos "Not good - we will wait for scan!" While shaking his head Walking on further I spoke to Frederik Nielsen - he suffered a hamstring injury against Wolves and will be back in training in two weeks
  5. sheffwed1

    Bannan lauds Joey

    Then I’m sure Bazza would say nothing at all if that’s what he thought
  6. sheffwed1

    Adthe Nuhiu

    Not denying it was a shocking pass but look where the ball was given away. There was loads left to do it was in their half
  7. sheffwed1

    Poor Game Management

    Id say it has.
  8. sheffwed1

    Joe Wildsmith

    Distribution is far better than Westwoods
  9. sheffwed1

    Player of the season so far?

    Reach. Simple
  10. sheffwed1

    Jos Luhukay

    His first game was at Hillsborough I was impressed with their intensity. They were the better side for the first 60mins then ran out of steam. You could see it could work with better players
  11. 6 wins ALL season.. a team supposedly chasing automatic promotion
  12. 6 wins all season. Keep clapping you clown
  13. sheffwed1

    Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Behave. That’s that. Let’s keep Carlos we will be top of premiership in a couple of years
  14. Isnt that more to do with the massive difference in budget we have had? stuart gray got sacked when we finished 9th was it? With Madine Nuhiu May Maguire Maghoma Coke etc. Carlos has got Hooper Rhodes FF Fletcher João Bannan etc etc