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  1. Not a prayer of getting Grant from Huddersfield. Will cost too much
  2. Also the recruitment staff Bruce took with him from Villa are still here so would make sense.
  3. Deon Burton was brilliant at he was different class at bringing it down on his chest.
  4. Arise Sir Garry you’re King my friend.
  5. Ye it’s part of wearing the number 45. You have to wear shorts 3 sizes too big for you apparently.
  6. Dawson admittedly hasn’t had a great deal to do but he has looked a lot more calm and assured with his catching and especially his kicking. Maybe best thing to happen was the new goalkeeper coach. Under Weaver I thought the keeper went backwards.
  7. and providing us with our first goal.
  8. Can’t really remember him ever having a good game against us if I’m honest.
  9. I am not saying that is the case but you wait until we lose and see the number of our fans moaning about his interview.
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