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  1. Be very happy with Wagner. Streets above Carlos as a manager
  2. I do not buy the desperate to manage his boyhood club stuff. He has already turned them down twice and managed Sunderland... not that desperate is he?..
  3. We are worlds away from the premiership not even worth thinking about. Need to worry about who gives is the best chance of promotion making us 200m richer
  4. The best players in the division do it a lot more regularly than FF does. Please name me his top performances over the last couple of years....
  5. I think awesome might be pushing it a bit.
  6. Not sure you can class Adomah as quick these days. A few year ago would of been a good signing
  7. Not in a million years will Norwich decide to keep Rhodes.
  8. The best players in the division are consistent
  9. Its a shame we cant put the tvvats in lower. Throw p1ss on them all game
  10. For a bit of balance Abraham was awful under Bruce. A totally different player under Smith.
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