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  1. Out of interest how many of their games have you seen? Just the Newcastle one?
  2. think the gulf is bigger between international players and championship players tbh rather than non league teams and league two.
  3. Stupid from Fraser but the negative tactics and having so little of the ball didn’t help. They were chasing shadows in that first half. Crazy from Bruce not playing a big lad like Carroll or Joelinton from start to hold the ball up.
  4. It was as much to do with the goings on behind the scenes as it was Monk. We were never staying there we were relying on an injury prone Fletcher. Not a chance Bruce would of got us promoted.
  5. would he boll**** of got us promoted.
  6. Sure this has been covered before FF did next to nothing in 3 years but was made out to be some god. Embarrassing.
  7. We ain’t going to be bringing in players who will set the division alight are we? Season is all about survival Hutchinson would improve our chances of that happening without a doubt.
  8. I think re signing Hutchinson should be a no brainer. Injury record is nowhere near as bad as made out. Maybe if he was in the squad we wouldn’t of had to play Luongo when he was struggling with injury?
  9. Can we all just spare a thought for the Blunts for a minute... Their only ray of light this season was us being adrift at the bottom of the championship. Imagine it now? That’s got to hurt.
  10. I think it was Everton where he came through was it not? obviously ended up going back there from the Blunts.
  11. Tbf there is a slight difference to playing Liverpool and playing with 10 men against Villa to the no mark teams we come up against and set up like a conference side.
  12. The trouble with us trying to sit back and defend all game is you’re unlikely to win games which is why we have only managed 1 lucky win in 10. There’s only one or 2 good sides in this league I guarantee if we went in to every game trying to win we would have taken a lot more points than we have now.
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