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  1. Disagree with that one. Clare looked a much better prospect than Stobbs
  2. How can anyone forget the roaring success of Tony Crane as a striker.
  3. True. I thought we looked largely ineffective when change was made. Ball wasn’t sticking whatsoever. I’m not saying Nando shouldn’t of come on because he should of but not as a striker in a front 2. Obviously goal makes that comment sound silly.
  4. Stats speak for themselves to be honest.... he is largely ineffective in a front 2.
  5. May as well of not saved it if he was going to come and not get near it for the equaliser
  6. Saved us against Blackburn? first goal was his fault. In no mans land
  7. Thats probably because Nando is generally rubbish up front. Thought we looked less likely to score once Nuhiu went off for Nando until the goal. If Nando is going to play it has to be behind 2 strikers.
  8. Fox for me. Would of been Westwood had he not c0cked up for the equaliser (although the marking was shocking) how many mistakes is that now this season? Not a patch on the keeper he was a few years ago.
  9. Iorfa and Borner have been quality but I have gone for Fox deserves it for how he has performed this month. Think it will benefit the team more.
  10. I would put myself ahead of Stones for England. The guy cannot defend.
  11. We have not got the players to be free scoring. Look at options we have upfront..
  12. It has not held Westwood back. There isn’t much between them in that criteria.
  13. Tbf 24 is young for a goalkeeper. It is a bit different to other positions. Prime age is a good 5 or so years away usually. Loved the reaction from Morgan Fox at full time too. Straight over to Dawson.
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