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  1. would of highly likely ended up the same way under Bruce just not as drastic as it has been.
  2. Never in a million years would we be in the premier league under Bruce or under anyone. This club has been heading one way for years now and it’s clear why.
  3. Let him go and bring in a keeper who won’t miss 10-15 games a season.
  4. I don’t think Howe and Tindall get on these days.
  5. Over a month away? relegation may be already signed sealed and delivered by that point.
  6. I would love a reporter to call him up on this and mention their spending was in the top 6 this summer
  7. Derby have sold a few players tbf. Something we can’t or won’t do.
  8. Out of interest how many of their games have you seen? Just the Newcastle one?
  9. think the gulf is bigger between international players and championship players tbh rather than non league teams and league two.
  10. Stupid from Fraser but the negative tactics and having so little of the ball didn’t help. They were chasing shadows in that first half. Crazy from Bruce not playing a big lad like Carroll or Joelinton from start to hold the ball up.
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