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  1. some brilliant comments in this thread. Ekoku looks the exact same as when he played for us. Black don’t crack.
  2. haha. You what? who are these premier clubs you talk of? The last time he was in the premier league he was bombed out straight away.
  3. And he has made a right pigs ear of owning Sheffield Wednesday. We are in turmoil.
  4. fair play to him. Brilliant that
  5. probably the most likely suggestion yet. Seems very feasible that is the current situation.
  6. He looks in better shape now than he did when he had a club. Crazy.
  7. Think we got Milan to thank as well for this guy being involved.
  8. I wouldn’t worry about that anyway. whoever is in charge will have zero money available.
  9. He should definitely start Saturday Wildsmith he had a good game to be fair to him. Had a nightmare for the goal though let’s not forget that.
  10. So what are you saying ... we got problems?
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