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  1. Chris O’Grady has got to be biggest chest. Absolute unit.
  2. If we can’t get a play off place in this league close the club down.
  3. which is all well and good, you have a point until our best run has come when we have had all the injuries and he hasn’t been able to change a settled team. Moore likes to over think things too much like this failed idea of NML up front every fan can see it’s not really working.
  4. I have just tried to order 2 tickets it came up saying seats available then it says error no available seats.
  5. FDB is a rubbish footballer. Let’s not
  6. not quite but the teams with the bigger budgets should and tend to be around the top it is common knowledge.
  7. well yes…. But they don’t have anywhere near the wage budget that we have. Do not kid yourself the main reason our home record is so good is the standard we are at.
  8. i think it’s more to do with the fact this league is a dreadful standard than us being amazing at home.
  9. FDB is pretty rubbish technically, think it was one of them he looked good enough for City as a youngster only because he was stronger than everyone else.
  10. we are a league below… so we should be losing less games.
  11. Not saying Fox is better but Johnson is playing for us in league one, Fox was with us in the league above.
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