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  1. he will be back in Wolves first team in January.
  2. well of course and so he should he has all the ball. We are playing bloody Shrewsbury at home for god sake. He should be running things let’s be honest. He’s a top player for league one but half the player he thinks he is
  3. he needs to stop thinking he is better than he is. Every single ball he thinks should be played to him… if it goes elsewhere he throws his hands in air complaining about it. When Bannan has an off day we never win because he has to do and take everything. I swear he has 80% of our possession as a team. You’re not Messi Barry stop thinking you are a superstar.
  4. To be fair Bruce had nothing to do with that one.
  5. I might be wrong but didn’t Jokanovic basically have to join a club in Europe for work permit reasons? Before it expired due to the new rules due to brexit.
  6. don’t change the story to suit. They wanted him to stay but he wouldn’t sign a new contract that’s why he was available.
  7. Could a couple of our youngsters go on loan to the national league or is the window the same for them?
  8. Yep that is right. Winnall at the time we had signed him had scored the most headed goals in England (most of them of course will of been created by Hourihane)
  9. Lingard had a good spell at Man Utd and in the England team for a few years. Zaha got his move to Man Utd by producing at Palace in the premiership for a couple of years.
  10. 30m for James is not ok in this or any day and age. Zaha and Lingard have had spells of actually producing in premiership.
  11. Hate international breaks and Sunderland on a Saturday would be a big crowd but then I’d rather not risk putting Wildsmith in. If it is postponed any idea when it would be rearranged for?
  12. think he means Kamberi. Came from a Swiss side didn’t he.
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