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  1. And when we have done (ie starting Nando) we have not got the results. Thats my point. He definitely has a part to play but more as an impact sub.
  2. Doesnt it prove we are a more effective team when he is not starting though? Of course it does. It is about the 11 on the pitch not one player. Some fans need to accept what is in front of them. We are a better team with him on the bench barring his first season here.
  3. Why the big love in for a player who aint done a great deal for over 2 years? Serious question
  4. I dont hold much hope I am afraid. Shown all to often he cannot be relied on. Impact sub for me which coincidentally is how Watford used him.
  5. They did us in our first season under Carlos.
  6. I am pretty certain he recruited Hernandez. Knew him from the Swansea days.
  7. I like that actually. Be nice to have a manager with that edge. Good on him.
  8. Bannan should never be captain in a million years.
  9. They were a miles away from getting promoted when they sacked Bruce. It needed a massive run to make the play offs under Smith.
  10. Hmm i dont remember this but i doubt anyone was screaming for his head after 12 points from 12.
  11. Bruce didnt seem to do such a good job handling the characters at Villa did he?
  12. The songs embarrassing accept it.
  13. Julian Borner... Julian Borner he plays for wednesday he hates united his c**** fuc**** massive
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