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  1. Bannan definitely should not be the captain.
  2. forget about it. Points deduction pending
  3. He looked anything but decent in that cup game against Rotherham to be honest. Thorniley had the better game.
  4. Only concern would be him and Bannan played together they wouldn’t look out of place in an under 12s game. They don’t make 6ft between them.
  5. Fair enough. Maybe he needs a run of games he will get in the championship. Never should be leading the line in premiership though.
  6. You thought Keinan Davis was a handful? i know it’s a totally different level but I thought he looked useless.
  7. Think we do need a keeper in the summer. Wildsmith was good against Man City don’t get me wrong but he was still at fault for their goal.
  8. No need to give me the credit for it I didn’t do it.
  9. Good on the bloke that did it. You play with feathers you get your arse tickled
  10. some brilliant comments in this thread. Ekoku looks the exact same as when he played for us. Black don’t crack.
  11. haha. You what? who are these premier clubs you talk of? The last time he was in the premier league he was bombed out straight away.
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