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  1. Our fans are idiots. Moaning about keeper timewasting when we are losing 1-0. what is everyone expecting us to do. Play open football and cut 11 men Blackburn to shreds? we were getting outplayed 11 v 11 best we could of hoped for was slow the game down and try and nick something. plonkers.
  2. That old chestnut “I am a goalkeeping coach so I know better” Come off it. It’s been mistake after mistake by Westwood this season. Mentioning Dawson mistakes why not mention all of Westwood’s for balance?
  3. Now this bit I disagree with. If the scouts are like ours have been in recent seasons than yes. The Westwood of this season not a chance. Maybe a select few.
  4. The wages we pay for some of our players is crazy. No wonder we are in the position we are.
  5. Been like a new signing this season. Solid and decent on the ball. New deal.
  6. was it Josh Maja? Didn’t realise they were together at Sunderland at same time.
  7. If he can rediscover his Brentford form he is one of the best midfielders in the league. No idea what has happened to him at Stoke. Wouldn’t be the right signing for us anyway, too similar to Bannan.
  8. That’s the premier league. We are a million miles away from that level. He scored goals for fun in a mid table championship team.
  9. Strong pacey with an eye for goal. Can’t understand how you wouldn’t be pleased with Che Adams. Strange.
  10. The Westwood fans are not as precious now.
  11. A run of games Wickham will score goals
  12. Ye it was definitely Wildsmith. Was a weak effort from distance that he somehow managed to let in. Bamford didn’t even score the goal he is a bit of a c***.
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