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  1. Would love to involved, wrong side of 40 so can offer plenty of experience.
  2. Think long term, accepted there is a short term capital cost but this will soon be recouped by increased attendances. Another massive plus of safe standing is that it makes it much easier for season ticket and non season ticket holders to attend socially without having to worry about swapping seats.
  3. Is it safe to assume that Czecheslovakia and the Czech Republic are regarded as the same country, likewise USSR and Russia?
  4. Having stood on the Yellow Wall at Dortmund I can say that safe standing is fantastic. My preferred option would be the top halves of the North Stand and Kop. This would give us a nice boost to our capacity but also enable us to reduce prices in these 2 areas. The 2 tier concourse set up of the North Stand would be perfect.
  5. Just buy a ticket Sheffield to leeds, then leeds to Carlisle then carlisle to Manchester then Manchester to Sheffield. Can do this on any website or at the station. If you buy from Northern Rail they will post for free.
  6. Cheap train travel if you split ticket, Leedson the way up and Manchester on the way back. £25 with a railcard.
  7. We need 15 wins from 24 games. Possible but improbable. Only worth getting rid of Carlos if wecan guarante getting someone better.
  8. 1. Wednesday 2. Villa 3. West Brom 4. Sunderland 5. Spurs 6. Arsenal 7. Stoke 8. Liverpool 9. Man Utd 10. Everton 11. Man City 12. Chelsea 13. Newcastle 14. Carlisle 15. Cardiff 16. Forest 17. Wolves 18. Bristol City 19. Exeter City 20. Norwich 21 Leeds 22 Derby
  9. I've heard that quite a few people stream games on Facebook by filming the game on their mobile. Do any Wednesday fans do this? If so does anyone know how to find them on Facebook? I realise that there will be some severe camera shake and no replays!
  10. Great quiz. Was going to put Ayresome Park down for the Yorkshire ground question but was unsure how that answer would have been marked with regards to the 1974 boundary changes? Looking forward to the next quiz. How about a Boxing Day Special?
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