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  1. I remember taking a Richards Out flag to Derby away in 1999 and he was gone within 3 months. Got some right abuse from someone dressed as Napoleon but fortunately there was a stairwell between me and the emperor. Also remember a heated debate on the bus back to the station between 2 chaps discussing if throwing away a 2 goal lead in injury time was the players fault or Wilson fault. The debate was concluded with the offer of "let's settle it off the bus with our fists" being politely declined. On a serious note if we want Chansiri ASAP then something needs to happen on
  2. Brilliant season. Remember sneaking out early from my GCSE maths mock exam early in order to catch the train to Derby away for the 4th round but John Harkes screamer made it well worth while. Also wagged school in May (just before my GCSEs) to catch a train to Oldham in order to get tickets on the home end. You had to have some local ID but fortunately my father worked with someone from Oldham so was able to borrow their library card which successfully worked. (No purchase history databases in those days). Fortunately these academic misdemeanours haven't had a negative impact on my educa
  3. Enjoyed that Kivo. Managed to get 70%, an A* based on current grade boundaries.
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of a stream for this game? Got Modbro, is it on any of the foreign channels?
  5. Man U away in the League Cup Semi, I was with my female cousin and sister and it was absolute carnage. We managed to find a copper whose advice was "I'm on my own but stand behind me and cover up your shirts, after that you're on your own" Fortuantly once we were incognito we were able to make it safely back to the car. Been to Millwall, West Ham, Cardiff and Birmingham plenty of times and never seen any bother.
  6. If I have interpreted things correctly kids season tickets could prove to be even better value than before. My sons season ticket cost £23 (whatever you think about Mr C his child pricing has been superb and is probably the only area where we are ahead of the blunts I believe the equivalent ticket at the sty is £75) so I can assumby claim a streaming pass on his ticket for effectively £1 a game and then get a refund /credit note etc on mine?
  7. Port Vale away 1991 Hirst scored in front of us and if we'd have won we'd have been promoted that night. I jumped on my dads back and we both went flying 10 steps down the terrace, he has never been the same since. https://youtu.be/dGLzXbyiGlg
  8. After careful consideration I can reveal that DCs latest deal is in fact a very prudent investment. Just need to convince the Misses.
  9. I must say I'm tempted. Over the 15 years it would work out at £13 a game on the kop or £16 a game on the North.
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