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  1. How about a last man standing competition based on Euro 2021? You choose one team per day. £2 buy in (paid direct to chosen charity thus negating any charity commission issues).
  2. Absolutely. My sons season ticket has been £23 for the last few years, he is now 12 so I assume it will go up next season but I'm certain mine plus his will still be cheaper than a boar and a piglets.
  3. Definitely not being able to go to the games. To be honest we've been pants for the last 4 seasons and should have been relegated last season.
  4. Took my son to his first game aged 9 and he loved it so I got us season tickets in the family area, his was only £23. My sister took my nephew (aged 5) to a couple of pre covid games, and he can't wait to go again. Apparently my Dad took me aged 4 in the late 70s and I just used to run around the North Stand! First game I can remember is Cambridge at home in 1982, David Mills scored twice.
  5. ifollow doesn't hold the attention of either of my kids (aged 10 and 12). They both loved going to games pre covid and are both itching to go back to Hillsborough. Key thing is making sure it's affordable for families to get into games. Also exciting, winning football will help.
  6. Purpose, there are people like you and me discussing this post midnight Energy, see above Soul, the passion in this (and all the other threads) We all know Chansiri isn't the answer but we need to build a better future, how are we going to do it?
  7. Absolutely, but surely everyone has the chance/hope of redemption?
  8. Someone else can own it but spirituality/morally /ethically it's ours.
  9. Having followed the owls for 40 years tonight's events were nothing new. Yes we can point the finger at Izzy Brown for not producing a decent corner with 95 minutes on the clock but let's be honest a draw would have only seen us very marginally better off in the survival stakes. If we are somehow going to stop up then overtaking Rovrum isn't an issue, if we overtake Birmingham/Coventry /Huddersfield we will also overtake Rovrum. We need a Dave Jones 2012 style end to the season which although massively improbable is still possible. So where do we go from here? We can
  10. I remember taking a Richards Out flag to Derby away in 1999 and he was gone within 3 months. Got some right abuse from someone dressed as Napoleon but fortunately there was a stairwell between me and the emperor. Also remember a heated debate on the bus back to the station between 2 chaps discussing if throwing away a 2 goal lead in injury time was the players fault or Wilson fault. The debate was concluded with the offer of "let's settle it off the bus with our fists" being politely declined. On a serious note if we want Chansiri ASAP then something needs to happen on
  11. Brilliant season. Remember sneaking out early from my GCSE maths mock exam early in order to catch the train to Derby away for the 4th round but John Harkes screamer made it well worth while. Also wagged school in May (just before my GCSEs) to catch a train to Oldham in order to get tickets on the home end. You had to have some local ID but fortunately my father worked with someone from Oldham so was able to borrow their library card which successfully worked. (No purchase history databases in those days). Fortunately these academic misdemeanours haven't had a negative impact on my educa
  12. Enjoyed that Kivo. Managed to get 70%, an A* based on current grade boundaries.
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