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  1. This....big time. We need someone out there who will act as Monk's representative on the pitch...cajole, encourage, re-enforce the game plan, gee up, bawl out if necessary, run through brick walls to set an example. With the exception of Rhodes, Murphy, Harris and possibly Fox I don't see anyone in the team who shows fewer of those qualities than Tom Lees. He struggles even to take on a guiding and organising role with his defensive partner. Club Captain, fine....but not the main man on the pitch for me
  2. We definitely need creative midfield cover for Bannan and an option that adds strength/height/running behind and the odd goal from midfield - especially if neither Kieran Lee or Josh Onomah are available to us
  3. Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu is apparently a football agent based in London http://beatsandrhymesfc.com/guylain-ndumbu-nsungu-interview-sungus-silver-lining-the-everlasting-intro-for-ex-owls-striker/
  4. Have been trying to book one this afternoon - the ticket office has understandably gone home for Christmas but the 'select a seat' functionality on the ticketing site ain't working either....good old Wednesday!
  5. And just to put the cap on it Jordan Rhodes scores a double to win the match for Norwich at Villa
  6. Been supporting Wednesday 25 years as a southern Owl living 10 miles outside Reading (that was never going to happen!....joke of a club, with most fickle, dispassionate fans ever). Elder son got us into Wednesday in 1993 as a 10-year old after watching the two cup finals on TV. We've been travelling up and down ever since - with the family support base having grown to old fart (me), two (now adult) sons, younger one's fiancee and 9 year old son. Immediately memorable highlights are - Cardiff and Wembley Play Off Finals (so proud to be part of those); the 3-3 Michael Owen hat-trick game against Liverpool; the 3-0 against Arsenal in 2015; the privilege of watching Waddle, Hirst, Sheridan, Walker, Carbone and Di Canio first hand; the Wycombe promotion game, Paul Sturrock's tenure generally; the late 2-2 comeback at Bramall Lane in 2011; the New Barrack and the Chinese Chippy Top of mind lowlights - Crystal Palace relegation match ("Toegate"); the 5-1 defeat on a foul night at Stevenage;, Dave Allen's rancorous chairmanship; the 2002/3 squad (Beswetherick, Armstrong, Tidman, Westwood, Barry-Murphy et al) and any game under Alan Irvine, whose selections, tactics and substitutions got me to boiling point pretty much every time I witnessed them. Ironically, having taken early retirement and moved to Beverley, I now watch Wednesday less than ever - not yet qualifying for a seniors season ticket and having to limit myself to the odd game where pay on the gate prices are reduced and affordable.
  7. Find that hard to believe. Every time I've ever seen him get a knock he's either come off pretty much straightaway or not re-appeared after half time. Terry Butcher he most definitely ain't.
  8. We could do a lot worse than offering Ross Wallace back in on a reduced one year deal
  9. No-one is going to convince me that Jacob Butterfield has given 100% in every game he's played ....especially if you include 'treating the ball like a hot potato', 'showing no senior leadership', and 'jogging round the pitch trying to look busy while contributing virtually nothing' in the equation, which I most certainly would
  10. I admire Adam Reach for repeatedly sticking his head above the parapet, however well chosen or not people consider his words to be. Initially I thought this was just him standing up to be counted, but am now beginning to wonder if it's not being orchestrated....having heard diddly squat from club captain Glenn Loovens on behalf of the team or in support of his compatriot Jos, and with him approaching the end of his contract.. Has Reach already been designated to take over the captaincy next season? If so, not a bad choice for me based on his one or two run outs this season. Seems like a good communicator on and off the field and his current role in the team makes him well-placed to influence/change team play in all areas of the pitch.
  11. Signed - some form of ownership control and regulation definitely needed
  12. WTF kind of comment is that! Totally disrespectful, even if you didn't rate him - which most Wednesday fans did prior to his cruciate injury. Out of interest...did you actually see him play? (BRING BACK NEGGING !!!!)
  13. So angry about this line-up. One if he few fixtures I can afford to come to and I have to watch utter ineptitude from Fox and Butterfield strolling around taking the Mick out of our club. Why not put one of the young centre backs in on the right, Venancio in the middle and Jones where he belongs in midfield. At least we would have been spared 90 minutes of Butterfield. If we're surrendering our cup run, at least do it with players that want to be out there and will give it a real go
  14. For me his great quality is his unpredictability in being able to go past defenders at pace on either their left or right side and shoot with either foot. Supported by Clare and Reach on Saturday we had decent pace and right/left balance in our central offensive play which has been largely missing this season....combinations of Bannan, Jones and Wallace in midfield have made opponents' defensive decision-making far too easy by being so left footed, slower and less fluid as a unit.
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