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  1. Chips and curry at the Chinese chippy.......nothing else compares
  2. I think he would benefit greatly from a savvy and experienced Number 2 to advise him on opposition strengths and weaknesses, team shape and set up for specific matches and tactical changes during a game.....someone like Alan Knill
  3. good 



    Zero err e that I 

  4. Maybe not released because he can't afford to pay the Accountants!.......
  5. I came on here to rant about Harris......but it’s all been said. So I’ll rant about the muppets that started him...and started him anywhere other than right wing/wing back, which is the only position he is capable of putting in an occasionally acceptable performance. And played Patterson there instead (WTF!) who is always one foul away from a sending off, has no pace and no recognisable crossing ability. And failed to take him (Harris) off at half time and replace him with ANYONE!!!
  6. Not a team player. His selfishness was our undoing for their second. Should have slipped it to Marriott but lost possession. Don’t think he’ll ever change...and the odd glory goal doesn’t make up for it. Nothing more deflating if you’re struggling than knowing that not everyone is playing for the team. Norwich is a team. They play one-two’s for each other in the box in the hope that whoever is best-placed will score. Can you see Windass doing that?!
  7. Twenty minutes in we could all see it wasn’t working. Why the hell wouldn’t you change formation at half time?...we’ve got plenty of subs! Penney off for Reach, swap Windass for Rhodes and Bannan back in the middle...simples. He seems a very honest, straightforward bloke...needed to be honest enough with himself to acknowledge he’d made a mistake and to leave himself enough time to correct it.
  8. Definitely.... needs both of them out though, and whoever might be involved in the background. How many signatures do you think we could get on a petition to have the running of the club investigated? If we can get 40,000+ to Wembley, surely at least half that would be realistic. Of course we know there wouldn't be an investigation by the FA or anyone else, but it might generate enough national sports media probing to make our owner/s seriously look at selling up
  9. Their chips and curry is the best known to man, and has been a pre-match family ritual for as long as I can remember (preceded by a couple of pints in the Barrack of course).
  10. If he's going out on loan it needs to be to League 1.....if he goes to League 2 he'll either come back having learned nothing, and thinking he's the new Messiah, or with a couple of body parts missing
  11. I've seen quite a bit of Connor Ogilvie at Gillingham. He has a presence and a maturity about his play though only 24 - quite physical, decent distribution and pretty good in the air for someone around the 6' mark. Mainly plays left back but also covers in the centre . I would say he has the game to play Championship football and wouldn't be intimated/overawed in the same way Morgan Fox was when he first arrived. The one thing he most obviously lacks is pace, so wouldn't be bombing up and down the wing putting crosses in - much more a solid defender who reads the game well and is very effective at covering gaps and others' mistakes. My gut feel is that he can make the step up and would be worth the gamble for someone, though probably not us at this particular time...when we need to be sure that whoever comes in has the quality and experience to come straight in and improve the team
  12. Nigel Pearson Ryan Lowe...ideally + Nigel Pearson as DOF Paul Cook Would have included Eddie Howe but think there's zero chance of it happening. Probably the same could be said for Nigel Pearson, in which case would add in Lee Johnson
  13. Extinguished piece of journalism from Alex Miller at the Star......
  14. What an incredible piece of writing.......the best thing I've ever read on Owlstalk.. I hope Atdhe gets to read it. He's taken bucket loads of abuse over the years, like a true gent, and it would be great if this honest and emotional tribute could offer him a lasting memory of his time at Hillsborough and how the majority of fans consider that he's represented the Club.
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