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  1. What a short memory you have. Remember the last time we were so cocky about being a big fish in a small pool? Cast your mind back to the 2003/4 season first match in league one away at Swindon, We went there on a sweltering hot day, thinking we were going to storm that league. And the optimism lasted 45 minutes. Three up at half time and we ended up clinging on for 3-2. The rest of the season, and the one after, just got worse, We finished three points above relegation. The big fish looked more like a stranded whale as the humiliations stacked up. 0-4 at Leyton Orient. 1-3 at Col
  2. Exactly. No-one in their right mind is going to come here as a manager. Quite aside from having Deadly Delphon to deal with, the morale of the squad must be rock-bottom. No wonder the EFL show described Wednesday as a club that lurches from crisis to crisis.
  3. I've had the following text from a smug porker; Oh what a beautiful Monday morning feeling! Hammering and humiliating our arrogant and deluded neighbours on their own patch was priceless! To see the idiotic bouncing suddenly stop as Duffy smashed in the 3rd was unforgettable. The 4th and seeing you sneak out en-masse like there was a fire drill -stupendous! Happy days. UTB 4 (four)-2 to the pub team. And another; Boxing Day finally put to rest This is going to be a long day.
  4. I agree. In fact I felt worse than after 93 FA final replay. At least then we were still in the top flight with a prospect of challenging for honours next season. Now all there is left is journeys to the likes of Burton Albion, Ipswich and the Lane
  5. Here's a test to see how things have improved behind the scenes at Hillsborough. Try ringing the commercial department and see if the phone just rings out, then cuts to a recording saying the mailbox is full and you can't leave a message. Because that's what has happened to me the three times I've called today trying to book some corporate hospitality for later in the season. I could begin to understand if they were giving the facilities away, but quite the reverse is true. Last time I checked a few months ago, a package comprising a meal in Dooleys and a seat in the South Stand wa
  6. From the Metro newspaper today: A former Premier League star yesterday admitted taking part in an online banking fraud which saw a vulnerable woman lose £2,090. ex-Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger obtained the victim's bank details and transferred the money to another account in February, the hearing was told. The 25-year-old, who signed for Southend United in December, will be sentenced at a later date at Wood Green Crown Court in North London.
  7. I stand corrected. That was 2006. Still, only one win in 20 years
  8. What are the away grounds you've visited that turned out to be the unluckiest - the ones where Wednesday seemed cursed? For me it would have to be Highbury, where I went three times in the late eighties and early nineties to see them lose 3-1. 5-0 and 7-1. When we did get a result (a 3-3 draw) it wasn't enough to save us and we were relegated by Arsenal. In second place, Pride Park, where we've never won since the place was built in 1997 Honourable mentions for Goodison Park in the eighties and Colchester's old Layer Road stadium, where we habitually lost, t
  9. I also followed my home team Rotherham until the age of 14 when I lost interest in football (not surprising!). I came to work in Sheffield after university at an interesting time in the early eighties. United were pushing for promotion to the old division two and Wednesday had the blood and thunder side under Wilko that took division one by storm. Ever one for the underdog, I started following United. Then I decided to go to Hillsborough (Christmas 1984 v Stoke, w 2-1). The football was better, the stadium better and as for the atmosphere, well...it was no contest. I still remember watching th
  10. Thanks Paul, and all you fellow owls. Shame he missed out on the big day.
  11. What is the eventual size of our support going to be on Saturday? Bit of guesswork involved, but taking a stab at it; Initial allocation sold 39,000. Add to that the extra tickets sold today by ballot - I understand there were 600 Add also those in the corporate areas. From what I've heard up to no, by far the majority of places have been taken by Wednesdayites - so perhaps another 600 Plus unknown number in the Hull end. Anyone's guess, but judging by the interest on here, quite a few have gone down that route rather than missing out - so say 250. Total 40,450 B
  12. Rob Swallow died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage at the weekend at the age of 51. Originally from Buxton, he was a Wednesdayite through and through and we had some great times watching the team, whether it was driving seven hours down to Torquay back in 2004, the play-off final the following year, or matches too numerous to mention, home and away. He was famous among those who knew him for his impassioned post-match analysis, which always raised a smile in the pub afterwards. His death was particularly tragic as he'd survived major heart surgery a couple of years ago and seemed in norma
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