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  1. Could be worse, could be from Barnsley.
  2. Chansiri to announce retained list in August.
  3. Said it before, and I'll say it again, it mattered not who the manager was. THE PENNY NEEDS TO DROP.
  4. Everyone knows what needs to happen. Will it happen, no. *Keep on repeat*
  5. Kin hell Owlstalk one liner award goes to Mr.Kobayashi!!!
  6. "I would like to announce the Pope is feeling a tad unwell"
  7. January 2015 - Chansiri takes over Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Jan 2015 - First involvement - the signing of Sergiu Bus, Marnick Vermijl and Filipe Melo. Apr 2015 - Chief buddhist 'blessed' the ground. May 2015 - Three 'advisors' appointed - Glenn Roeder, Paul Senior and Adam Pearson. All three left within months. 11th June 2015 - Stuart Gray SACKED as manager Jun 2015 - Signed Darrly Lachman, Marco Matias, Lewis Price, Lewis McGugan, Rhoys Wiggins, Modou Sougou 30th June 2015 - Carlos Carvalhal HIRED as manager Jul 2015 - Season ticket prices - cheapes
  8. A bit early pal, lets just rip into the club tonight.
  9. Great riposte! Honest, didn't realise you were a true fan!, sweet dreams Princess xxx
  10. Probably came across wrong, but 100% it's delay tactics, another warped thinking in DC`s head.
  11. I'm correct You are complicit Facts, what the hell? Please explain You asked me "What precisely are YOU doing to remedy the situation and remove this disastrous owner." I answered I don't need to "accuse" or "assume" , you set yourself up quite easily
  12. Sorry, wasn't a dig at you, more at the club.
  13. Me? This isn't about me, for a start, jeez, but while you ask "You", has met the chairman on several occasions and questioned him. I'm not "incorrect" and "stupid" as you put it, you call yourself "sage" ironically ... you are an aromatic plant, figures.
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