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  1. Wiltshire Blade 😆 https://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/89590/sheff-weds-decision-12-points-next-season/p10
  2. Hindsight is a great thing, I feel under the current leadership, he would have failed, bit like the rest of them and I don`t just mean from a promotion point of view.
  3. Hope this works out, for all concerned. And kudos, for having the energy and enthusiasm
  4. For me, it’s where his money is coming from, as I’ve stated previously, he advertises a lot of fake companies, but no actual viable businesses, you would have thought he’d have advertised his own successful business, even if it’s some random one with no links to the UK, but no,he whacks his name around the ground. Does any other Owner do this? And is any other owners wealth a mystery? Maybe he has riches beyond our dreams Maybe he’s down to his last few million Maybe he’s just a figurehead Maybe he can’t sustain these losses Maybe... But, yeah, who cares where his money comes from.
  5. @ChapSmurf just for reference, it was on the second page, I did my research, you should try it
  6. Semantics, but I asked if it was in my original post, you said yes, and it wasn`t, and you are still saying you know, but still no evidence, so actually my statement is factually correct, because, you don`t know and to date no Wednesday fan has told me, so before you get your knickers in a twist and start using excuses, please don`t start saying you know, when it`s embarrassingly clear you don`t Knowing me, knowing you...
  7. Strange, I can`t find an actual quote of me saying "me and the rest" in my original post, must be hidden in there somewhere, "reverse psychology"😆 , fella, you made the claim, I said I genuinely didn`t know where the wealth came from, I`ll ask again, show me where it states his business or wealth? I don`t expect you to answer, simply because , you don`t know. Oh yeah, you really do care xxx
  8. He won`t spend another penny, is my guess, he doesn`t like where the ground is situated, christ with what he`s p#ssed up the wall, we could have upgraded the ground massively
  9. Is this from my original post? I`m angrymad these days!!!, again, I`ve pulled you in to nothing, I`m sure you`re a big boy and make your own decisions I`ve called you out, saying you know where the wealth comes from, and guess what, you can`t. Again, I`m a bit fik, can you give me any links to the businesses? You haven`t a clue where the money comes from,I`ll be the bigger man and say I haven`t got a clue Tools, hey.
  10. I haven`t pulled you into anything, you decided to reply, enlighten me, where does his money come from? real estate, yeah? or Elev8, D-Taxis, Chansiri or is it that kinky latex business?, come on Grumpy, enlighten me? I bet you can`t , I bet you say something along the lines of "do some research" It`s strange, I mean, even if you were selling rubber chickens (I mean, really selling) you`d think he`d advertise it. I`m not forcing anything, you take it or you leave it and by the way, it`s not an "opinion" it`s factual, subtle difference
  11. It`s not the points, it`s the team we have left and who`s going to want to join us?
  12. Where did I say this? It`s "bigoted", by the way...prat
  13. Nice idea, 110% this will never happen, though.
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