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  1. Returning for 1 night, 1 post only!!... Our chairman is a megalomaniac and there ain`t a thing we can do.
  2. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/284472-penney/?do=findComment&comment=8769467‪B
  3. https://twitter.com/SkySports_Keith/status/1159345413104832512?s=20
  4. Just the amount of time CC likes to integrate a player in to the team!! BELIEVE!!
  5. Arrange these words in to the correct order turd. Polishing a
  6. Should be more like ‘Blades fans picnicing’ when we go there
  7. There’s a lot of reposting of a repost that you posted about in a repost about a post that was reposted.
  8. Don’t we sit around 7th/8th in the Championship for money spent? Unfortunately as many clubs have learnt it doesn’t buy you success but again that lies at the door of the manager and chairman.
  9. You have a season ticket at Villa as well? Lucky you, do you have one for Burton,Bolton,Birmingham etc...? Oh not forgetting Sheff U now there was real value for your money 6 goals!
  10. Can’t read this as I haven’t got my glasses .
  11. The new Semedo!!!! BELIEVE PEOPLE, BELIEVE!!!!
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