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  1. This is the sort of content I so love on OT!!
  2. As I’ve said on another thread, these players haven’t had long to gel, some of them won’t be good enough, it’s uber critical we hit the ground running, confidence is key, a winning mentality will pull the stragglers up with the players who are performing. This, and the hope that club off the pitch has changed its ways,this really is my biggest fear as I still believe this was mainly to blame for our relegation
  3. Post a link to your page and we can subscribe
  4. This,I get the optimism of new signings, but some of these players will struggle, added to this the squad looks a bit threadbare, if we don’t hit the ground running we could very well findi ourselves at the wrong end of the table. My hope of hopes is that it all clicks, but the time spent together has been limited.
  5. You sure? Last time I looked he was still with the club .
  6. I really hope he succeeds, under the leadership of what is one of our worst chairman.
  7. Thought I’d seen thread in this section ? I know there’s one in the DR, can’t find it, delete if Pope is lying down mods
  8. Nice, only match day experience I want, and that’s a winning one
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