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  1. Their friend should have scored today, if that had happened, you would all still be w*nkers!
  2. As has been said, it’s game management, we haven’t the legs to go 90 mins, we get leggy, massively lose our shape, you can see this in the last 3rd of the game,the problem being, one player not doing his job and we crumble, for me he needs to use his subs more effectively, the problem being I don’t think he has the confidence in them. Borner is there to make the numbers up, Joey, well the less said, Penney, hit and miss, Dele is not quite up to pace yet, Rhodes is a passenger. So sticking Any of them on for 20 minutes is a massive risk. I love how we are pre
  3. This, for a keeper, he can be very indecisive, still don’t think he’s good enough, time will tell.
  4. Could he borrow yours for the weekend? bit selfish if you didn’t, you could alternate, WAWAW, after all.
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