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  1. Nope, read again, they are agreeing with the point the poster is making, not the point I'm making. It really isn't hard. I don't think your ditty will make "The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry"
  2. Editing my replies now Is there no end to your talents, relax kid.
  3. 40 people agreed with a point that totally missed the point, but yeah, I'm wiv ya bruv x
  4. Yep, definitely the same DNA. Sweet to see though x
  5. Err, Ok, You and this Key, chap, not of the same DNA per chance? x
  6. Whoooah! 2 replies to 1 post!! $h1ts getting real In the words of Clough..." Relax, young man"
  7. You seem to be struggling with several posters on here. And still "angry mad" Grrrrrrrr who`da thunk it!
  8. Yeah, Keane’s track record on the coaching side speaks for itself, he's another old school, would he fit into SWFC? 100% no, would he ever? I really hope not, Keane is very limited in his approach, hence why he keeps things simple.
  9. It showed how light on the ground we were last night, we were very leggy in that second half, hope the lack of players isn't due to DC and no money, or the EFL.
  10. You think Pulis rocked the boat, this f88ker would sink it!
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