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  1. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    Was this the person on North?
  2. Success...what is it for you?

    Excellent post, we are at square 1 and are a 3rd of the way through season, CC will be with us until the end of the season and I just hope a miracle happens and we come out of this. In all honesty I don’t think we will, I still feel he hasn’t got the full support of the playing staff, he’s tried to implement a structure of play that isn’t quite working, I’ll admit there’s things that ARE working but there is things that aren’t, We have a team that’s so disjointed from the goalkeeper to our forward line Take a look at how many times Lees burst forward to try and create space, this is a centre half who at most should be doing this a couple of times in a game but he does it on a regular basis, so he’s basically taking on a midfielders roll, you have to start asking why he’s doing this and the answer is in my opinion we are to rigid in midfield, Our full backs get marked out of the game (like yesterday) so we have no width and we are very narrow and conjested in midfield so what happens Lees pushes forward to try and drag players in but it NEVER works. Its a simplistic answer for me and it’s play with winger(s) and herein lies the problem CC thinks this role can be incorporated by our full backs and supporting midfielders. The only way he can make that work is to have 11 players at it for 90 minutes and he hasn’t, Rhodes will never ever chase players for 90 minutes nor will Hooper, look at Bannan the first season CC was in charge he covered every blade of grass, this season he chases a few balls down. Ive rambled enough and I’m well aware we are all football managers
  3. Views of a Neutral

    I stopped reading at ‘girlfriend’ that’s like saying I have friends.
  4. Bad Language in family stand

    He is at a pantomime.
  5. Illuminated advertising boards

    Sack the board(s) again
  6. Done with it all

    It’s looking that way for me, you hope and pray that things will change but barring a miracle this turgid football is what we are stuck with, 14 points and slipping between us and too tells more of a story than catching sixth place
  7. Done with it all

    Yesterday was the first time I’ve thought about not renewing, I’ve lost interest as the momentum appears to have gone, It was like going through the monitors to go to the match. The bar has been set high and I get sick of people saying ‘your expectations are to high’ f##k that! we WERE playing good football,WE have signed multi million pound playe The club has had thousands out of me. As my old man used to say “they don’t come and see me when I’m poorly” We are ‘poor’ly at the moment and I don’t fancy seeing them at the moment.
  8. Heard summet

    I’m convinced.
  9. Sad but true,that's why it`s more prevalent away from home
  10. Fans in the stands I was getting at.
  11. What was all that about,this was in my line of site? strange as that kicked off then all around us kicked off!, must have been a tidal wave of anger