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  1. Any sane manager would pick Westwood Palmer Hutchinson Lees Pudil Penney Onomah Hector Bannan Reach. Fletcher
  2. Thing is Steve Haslam was an absolute gash footballer so by swfc luck if we don't appoint him he will lead chesterfield to 4 promotions and the champions league
  3. Fans forum this week where first question will be... How is cakeball?
  4. Next week we should all go in Jos facemasks.. That will melt Chansiri mind
  5. He makes Semedo look like Sheridan and Wim Jonk like Pogba... He is up there with Aaron lescott
  6. Has Mammadov got out of prison yet, I did like his ring of fire shirts
  7. Out of a job for two years... Yeah I feel sorry for him... Fact he got job was a joke
  8. Bloke is absolutely clueless and so far out of his depth as a chairman, Jules Verne would be proud
  9. So... simple question... what’s YOUR opinion on this club ..
  10. Ha so..errr no opinion then. Brilliant simply brilliant
  11. So what is your opinion...... btw using hatred in your response is quite pathetic
  12. DJ you use this argument every time since 2006 onwards... what exactly is your opinion. thesaurus driven pontificating is easy if you are non committal on every subject
  13. So somehow we are meant to believe that a bench comprising of Jossies Giants is more competitive that Hutchinson , Boyd , Jones and Westwood. Our cheap option manager seems to use Champ Manager 1998 to select his teams , changing formations and tactics every week... more chance of a clean sheet in a 14 yr olds w8nkpit Chairman deludedly thinks people will turn up and pay £43 on the gate ... this is chairman has completely ruined this club... taken us back 5 years for what was basically an 18 month journey into payday loan football. Oh and my elev8 energy drink is f
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