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  1. The negativity stems from disappointment. After MM saved the club and stabilised us, his sale to a very wealthy owner gave us real hope of a great future. DC injected real money into the transfer budget, but most of it has been wasted. He asked fans to back him by buying inflated season tickets, matchday tickets and increasing box prices to a level which alienated business people. He has appointed managers who had no experience of English Leagues and it almost worked but almost is not good enough. He now wants fans to keep backing him but admits if we are not promoted this season we are in big trouble. He is out of his depth and I wish I could be optimistic for the future but I can't .
  2. My wish list is a new owner and manager. Sadly I don't think Xmas will come early.
  3. I do wish OP's would stop using misleading titles to their threads. The first word should be "Has" I thought it was an early announcement of tomorrows team.
  4. We were all excited when DC took over the club. His wealth offered a hope of good times. It almost happened but almost is not good enough. He is responsible for wasting millions, no one else. If we do have financial problems and embargoes in the future, who else is to blame ?
  5. Anyone who thinks we deserved anything out of that game is watching something different to what I am seeing. We were second best in most positions, only Reach and Bannan would get in there team. We had trouble getting the ball from midfield to the forwards because of poor positioning and equally poor passing. I cannot see us finishing near the top six so forget about any chance of promotion.
  6. We are in this position because of mismanagement by our owner. Yes the fans wanted Rhodes,. but it was up to the owner to explain although he could afford him, it would have placed us in danger of breaching FFP.
  7. Cannot remember the exact date or match but about 1990 when I met my wife. A Spurs fan who was intoxicated by the atmosphere and feel of the ground. Been a big fan ever since. Still a Spurs fan though
  8. He is a typical manager with a huge ego. When everything is gong well it's "look how clever I am" when it goes wrong it's the players, fans, owner, press never them.
  9. Sky say Sky Q subscribers will receive it in HD, no way was it HD. Complaint time.
  10. I found the picture quality poor and I have Sky Q. Anyone else have poor picture ?
  11. Credit where it's due, they responded well. Early days but could be the start of a good run.
  12. Some of the members of this site are crazy if they believe there is any organised group trying to bring down DC. There are differences of opinion and I agree with some but not others, that's life. I don't think that DC has handled finances well, poorly actually, as do others. I enjoy debating some topics but not others, we are all different.
  13. The mismanagement of our club is disgraceful. Our owner wants respect and recognition for his input of money from the fans. He deserves nothing for getting us into a financial mess that's likely to last for years.
  14. Brilliant again Snoots. My 1-1 last week was woefully wrong, maybe 3-1 will be better.
  15. There's only one person to blame for the current situation, the person that controls the money. He decided to go for it and would have profited if we had been promoted. He was reckless and gambled and lost. He decided to keep Carlos when many wanted a change. Say what you like DC is the boss and the buck stops there
  16. All this is wishful thinking. DC is more likely to sell up than put a load of cash in.
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