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  1. If the Bank have backed this bid, it will be very difficult for the Board to reject it. Pressure from the Co-op may just tip the odds towards Cloud9. If this alleged latest bid is rejected, the Bank could get very nasty.
  2. I am not going to know until Friday afternoon.
  3. I may not be able to go on Sunday. I have 2 tickets, 1 Senior and 1 Adult in the South Stand. Will the club take them back and resell them ? I cannot resell them as they are etickets and named.
  4. Lee You have a habit of insulting the very people who are supporting the club with their hard earned money. Many of my age group (over 60) are supportive of your drive and commitment to dragging our club back to where it was many years ago. They are not supportive of you ranting at fans on internet sites. It does you no good. It does the image of the club no good. It certainly angers loyal fans who have supported the club longer than you have existed. Leave this site to the fans of all persuasions to praise, kick, moan, shout, applaud, rant about the day to day happenings of a great club as fans have done for many years.
  5. I am really fed up with "Investment" threads. I just want to know when someone puts the money on the table. I am, and have been for some time, confused because it has been obvious for months that our squad needed improvement and we haven't got the cash to do it. There has been a risk since very early this season we would be relegated. Why the serious investors didn't do the deal in time to improve the squad and lessen the risk of relegation is beyond me. If I was putting money into Wednesday I would have wanted Championship football, not League 1. If things continue as they are on the field, the investors will wave us goodbye.
  6. Leave the alcopops alone. They do funny things to the brain cells
  7. Another week = fine. Two or more = end of transfer window. If there was money coming our way this season, surely it will arrive in time to make a difference to our squad ? No money and it will take a swift turnaround of form from the current squad, who haven't shown any backbone to date.
  8. I was always against him communicating with "fans" via Internet forums. One or two posts maybe but he has argued with members on this site many times and that is not the way for the Chairman to communicate.Just get on with the job, bring in investment, and a new manager.
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