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  1. Happy New Year to all. Here's hoping Bruicie is in post soon and the Owls can soar.
  2. Many on here are happy to wait a month if reports are true. I would have liked a bit of certainty, but if the appointment is announced soon and explained properly I will be happy.
  3. I was happy to wait until New Year was over but another month is ridiculous . Time to move on.
  4. Enjoyed watching a few games last January. Going to Playa Blanca in February, any Owls bars there? Regards Bob and Marie.
  5. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all Owls. 2019 could be exciting.
  6. Had £10 on Owls, offered £5 profit when Preston down to 10 men. Chickened out for £5 ! Come on Owls.
  7. €10 win bet. Never usually bet on football but its got to be done.
  8. Well done Snoots, a valiant effort you naughty boy 3-1 today and a very Merry Christmas for all Owls.
  9. I cannot pretend to be sorry. I have criticised DC's management many times on here. Very troubled times and may get a lot worse before we rise again, but we will.
  10. Yesterdays man. Divisive, egotistical, poor man manager, I could go on.
  11. Negotiate now, if he accepts, sack Jos and Bullen has caretaker job. I know Bullen isn't the answer but better than seeing that miserable face for a couple of weeks.
  12. Giddings is a journalist, you see them many times a day door stepping politicians, celebs and others, wanting a reaction. He has overstepped the mark and has obviously lost his appetite for the job. I'll be amazed if he lasts until the middle of next week.
  13. All the best and hope he is found very soon.
  14. We need a hungry young manger, not a has been.
  15. Football will self destruct. Crazy wages and admission prices. It is no wonder some fans, including me have Sky. I doubt if I pay €1 a match over the course of a season. Good value.
  16. Why ? It is because he is bankrolling high earners with his cash and not with earned income from the club that we are in breach of FFP. That is why it was introduced. It is his fault we are in a mess.
  17. You are obviously a long standing passionate supporter, although I find your posts angry and rude to individuals. You cannot seem to grasp why people are negative, disappointed and disillusioned with what has and is happening under DC. He is rich and bought the club when investment was needed, so like thousands of other supporters, I was excited for the future. If there were no controls on rich owners spending their money, I wouldn't be as downcast about the future as I am now. He could still pour his money in and get it right one day, however, that is not the case. He must have been aware how close we were to strict embargoes but still spent recklessly. He then has the nerve to want supporters to fund his ambitions by paying silly ticket prices, in a city which is far from rich. As a club we are in a far better position than we were in the dark days but could be so much better. The immediate future does not look good. It is the hope that kills.
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