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  1. Someone thinking sensibly - but then this is Owlstalk
  2. MM will not spend a lot of money - not his style. DJ will have to be very astute in the loan market as I cannot see us buying any players for more than £750, 000, absolute max. Still think DJ is the man to spot a bargain.
  3. Hope you're right. Don't want to gloat too early.
  4. I suggested 10 mil yesterday was needed and got negged
  5. Negative at -5 (and counting ) Do I give a flip - Gets everyone thinking about who and how much, and we are a Championship Club. Seriously, when you look at the quality of players who we will be playing next year , we need quality players in our squad and they will cost. WTID UTO
  6. Will Milan open his wallet and speculate ? I don't expect silly money but believe we will need about £10 mil to strengthen our squad to be a player in the Championship.
  7. Fantastic afternoon. The atmosphere in the West Stand was great. A couple of tots to celebrate I think !!
  8. Everyone is a bag of nerves. Went into the shop yesterday to buy my wife a new scarf, staff are excited but nervous, especially as it is between us and the Pigs.
  9. There is always the Park and Ride on Middlewood Road, £4.50, secure parking and the a Tram ride.
  10. I hope the Manager and players don't have your attitude, or is your post "tongue in cheek" ? All I know is that the job ISN'T finished yet and I won't be happy until the fat lady sings.
  11. Managed to get through on the phone after continuously trying since 9am. Very happy
  12. Enjoy the atmosphere, soak up the love of the fans, be prepared to give everything to win. When it's over, you will not believe the sheer joy of the fans and will know it was down to you.
  13. Why should all tax payers subsidise policing of football ? With the money being paid out in wages, it is right clubs should fund policing. Having said that, I agree the police numbers must be controlled, depending on the risk factor of each match.
  14. Didn't dare post whilst game was on. Fantastic win UTO
  15. Can't see our rivals not dropping points. We just have to drop fewer - simple - I wish
  16. This is the time that good managers have to show they are very good. Sir Alec is a master at this time in the season and gets the wins needed. DJ has to get the team believing they can win every match, no point sitting back, just got to go for it. 9 games and we need 20 points IMO - 6 wins and 2 draws should do it.
  17. Horrible end to a fantastic afternoon. Please let it be better news than we all fear
  18. Open his wallet or sell.
  19. I didn't read the offensive comment, which has been removed. I hope he publicly apologises.
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