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  1. This is getting boring. £20 mil deals don't take this long.
  2. If the deal is completed why not ? If it isn't, why not ?
  3. Saw this creature, on the ceiling, in my brothers house in Brisbane. It was as big as a tennis ball with wings, looked again and saw it was a spider with a huge moth in it's mouth !! Nearly wet myself
  4. Love Perth - my son lives in Ridgewood - just north of Joondalup - lovely area.
  5. Fantastic city and country. My brother went to Sydney many years ago and I had the opportunity but didn't go - always regretted it. He moved to Brisbane and I have been a few times to visit, great city and surrounding area. My son is now in Perth and that is another great city. Australia is fabulous - go.
  6. Alan Irvine is the name of the match reporter !! Poor man.
  7. Numpty presenter on SSN asked " Any goals for Alan Irvine ? "
  8. We all have different attitudes to what I would call racial jokes. It is a personal thing so let's leave it there.
  9. I have a sense of humour my friend. I make no apologises for stating I found that comment by Brownlad unnecessary, and I will go further, offensive.
  10. Is that really necessary ? No, I am not a Jew but that is an unnecessary, stupid comment.
  11. Sniper is right. MM stated we were going for it this season. I am no expert, I cannot see the current squad "going for it". I know there is time before the season starts but that time is getting shorter and players need to blend together. I hope I am wrong, but unless we get a couple of quality players, we will struggle.
  12. If we finish 17th with our current squad DJ will have done well. MM has to open his wallet or there is only one person to blame if we don't have a reasonable season.
  13. Let's just say that it is time to strengthen the squad with some better quality players. I am hoping that we have these before the season starts, otherwise if we struggle for points early,it could be a long season. DJ cannot be happy at the present time unless he knows that MM is going to open his wallet very soon.
  14. With our current squad he may be not too far off, but we have better quality to come in - haven't we ?
  15. Sums up very nicely current position of squad and players ins and outs. ITK people take note
  16. MM will not throw his money around, and nor should he. We don't know what is happening for sure but surely we have got to the point of making a final "take it or leave it " offer, then we can all move on.
  17. The boss has spoken. No more comments on potential signings. You have been warned
  18. Really hope we don't do as suggested. I cannot believe our club will want to tarnish it's image for a fast buck.
  19. To couple DA and LS in the same sentence is wrong. LS did have strange ideas, but meant well, apart from that a well written article, summing up the current situation at S6.
  20. What about the scoreboard / ....... gets coat
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