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  1. So because the fans wanted players DC is absolved of spending money stupidly without thought of consequences? What a load of rubbish. I am sure Spurs fans wanted big names but Daniel Levy wasn't stupid enough to listen. To blame fans for the gross overspending of DC is mindblowing.
  2. RIP Big Jack. So many memories, best has to be crowded round B&W tele watching the World Cup final.
  3. It is disgraceful that thousands of football clubs staff are being furloughed and getting 80% pay and the players, by and large, are still receiving ridiculous wages.
  4. By the end of April ? I'll have a double of what you've been drinking. By the end of April we will be in a position Italy are in now.
  5. You have to negotiate hard with Sky when your contract is about to expire. I have Q with 2T box and multiroom. All channels except movies and Kids for £48 pm
  6. If DC had been the Chief Exec of a business,he would have been fired months ago. He cannot manage people or finances. Trust us to get a wealthy owner with those attributes.
  7. I am surprised the vote is so close. A man with plenty of money, who has wasted millions.
  8. Not that smart. 08/12/19 0847. Jordan Rhodes thread started by Waltham Owl.
  9. The proof is easy to find. "Class is permanent" said a couple of days ago. I thank you.
  10. 'Giddy as a teenager ' Love it considering I am 70 plus
  11. Unlike you. I said class is permanent. You are so negative.
  12. Class is permanent. He has it in him and if he comes good we have a £15 mil + player. He must be given a run of starts to show one way or another if he can return to form.
  13. Is our owner desperate, dodgy or naive ? He is certainly stubborn.
  14. People need to be careful what they write on here. Some of what I am reading could be libelous and we all know how that can end.
  15. He is the same as a lot of wealthy owners, they are on an ego trip, with the ultimate goal of managing a Premier League club. Nothing wrong with that if they follow the rules and look after the interest of the fans. Has Chansari done that ?
  16. Sorry don't find the jokes funny.
  17. Fair points apart from the comment about 4 teams making it to a final. Lol
  18. England to win and here's why. If the Owls are good enough over the season we will get promoted whether we win, lose or draw on Saturday. The World Cup final is a one off, no second chances. Simple when you really think about it.
  19. Wow. There are some stupid people on this site. If England was playing tiddly winks I would support them. The Rugby has been great and I'm just waiting for the Wales All Blacks match, the Blacks will stuff them.
  20. If we win on Saturday none of us will care how we play, three points and a win over Weeds is all that matters. Keep it going Gary and the team.
  21. The goal should not have stood, but Dawson's positioning was poor. I understand they hope the wall protects one side of the goal but he was way off centre and gave himself no chance. I remember Hart doing the same for England, can't remember who they were playing.
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