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  1. These comments are similar those I heard about today from an ex player and ex blades manager, both saying that Chansaris reputation regarding working with managers was very poor.
  2. Keep playing like this and I dread to think what the final score will be.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood he was not listed as part of the management of TUF and the sourse of his income unknown, apart from the assumption that Daddy was financing him. If Daddy has pulled the plug, we are fu....
  4. What a mess ! Where do we go from here ? I cannot see a good outcome for the club and fans. I was very hopeful that 2021 was going to be a better year. It will be health wise I'm sure, but for our club it could be a disaster. I haven't been a DC supporter for a long time, somebody who wastes money and is an awful business man is no good for football. On top of that he doesn't listen to advice and has no thought for the fans. Who is going to buy him out at this time when money is tight ? As others have said, don't spend another penny at the club, it will be painful but he will get the message. Will it lead to admin ? Who knows, but this proud club with their fans in this city and beyond will survive.
  5. Merry Christmas to all that dare post on this site. Mixed emotions when I read some post, laughter, anger, amazement and learning are just some of the emotions I get reading the many things you idiots think up to post !! Merry Christmas one and all and a New Year of hope to look forward to, maybe ?
  6. Remember the days when we first learnt about Chansiri and all the posts about we're minted ? Long gone haven't they.
  7. I really cannot be bothered to detail Chansiri's failings. A multi millionaire who has wasted a fortune says it all.
  8. No extra off for me, not surprised as I always negotiate hard when my contract is about to finish. Lady said she would have a look and then told me my package was discounted as low as it could go so I'm happy. Just remember when your contract is almost up, phone and say you want to cancel because it is too much, you should then be put through to cancellations and they usually offer the best deals to keep you.
  9. Thanks for that. I have Netflix premium but no cinema, so will be worth a call.
  10. Currently paying £87.50 for Sky Q 2T, multiroom and all TV except Bt Sport, Disney and cinema. This also includes superfast broadband and all calls so I don't think I can beat that.
  11. Pulis is doing the usual new manager talk, he's not going to trash anyone. I agree Westwood is unlikely to be as sharp as he was but Pulis did the right thing in publicly supporting him.
  12. A fresh start ? I really hope so, but we have had too many of them in recent years. It would be nice if the club could have some continuity, a settled team and happy fan base. I 'll judge Pulis on results, that's all the matters at this time, not pretty football.
  13. Don't like the man and his morals but if he has a successful season, halfway would be good, we can kick on next season.
  14. RIP Another of my boyhood heroes passed.
  15. Hopefully he will keep us up and we will push on. I am not going to even start to comment on his attitude to money and how he is very manipulative when it comes to acquiring the same. Not a nice man.
  16. A multi millionaire who f.... it up. who else is to blame ?
  17. I cannot find any words of praise for our Chairman. Wasting the millions that he has is ridiculous.
  18. Always good to win, albeit the football was poor quality. Need to improve and playing a striker might help.
  19. I have slagged him off a few times on here, but recently I have got quite fond of him, no gay jokes ! Good luck Big Dave and I say that with respect.
  20. It sure read like that, but whatever you say.
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