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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Give the guy a chance. His operation was not here and he has a specialist team helping him. Until he is able to take part in some form of team training, it really doesn’t matter to us or the team where he is. The club is gradually replacing the permanent physio team which arrived from Portigal last summer but I guess they are very busy? FF has probably been in better hands where he is. I believe he is now back at his home in Chapeltown so will be starting light training.
  2. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Agree with everything said. A disgraceful performance and it was not down to incompetence, it was very obviously deliberate. The manager and club can’t say this but we can. FA and EFL, please investigate.

    My feeling too. I can’t believe some of those decisions were simply incompetence, so I believe the FA must investigate whether brown envelopes are involved. Their 3rd goal was from a free kick which should never have been given and the penalty decision was a complete joke.
  4. Jos Luhukay's Pre Villa Press Conference

    Impressive interview from Jos. He really has inherited a difficult situation and as he says, 6 games in 14 days with such a depleted squad is quite a nightmare. We really should have brought in some loans to help but assume the Chairman didn’t authorise that. The best we can do is give the 11 on the pitch the support they need.
  5. The pitch

    Not as bad as 3 years ago but surprisingly worn for a Desso pitch. Club doing all they can with sun lights on day and night.
  6. Bumpy Ride

    Maybe it’s the Thai superstition that stripes are bad luck; but in England they may well be good luck and we are missing them.
  7. OK let it begin

    After nearly 65 years active support, I know that following Wednesday needs a strong heart and endless patience. I’m not a good footballer and not a manager so have to accept most of what the professsionals do and decide. I am not having a go at Jos either. But I have to say, I cannot remember a year with so many key injuries (and now a serious injury to a young defender getting his first chances at senior level) or a team starting a game without even a single striker. So just really confused about what is happening and how bad our luck can be. It’s not the worst I can remember but it is potentially the most worrying.
  8. Season Tickets - I'm a right idiot

    Cheeky b*ggers. I'm 70 this year with one year left on my 3 year ST. So another 5 years (i.e the year already paid for plus 5 more) at £1,475 takes us to 2024 when I will be 76. Seems tempting.
  9. The pitch

    Not aware that the BBC said that. This is my view having been there at both games.
  10. The pitch

    Hillsborough has a team of 6 ground staff, not just 1, and they also re-seed every summer. But yes, our grow lamps only cover about 1/4 of the pitch at a time. I don't think these are the key factors. Yesterday, it was significantly poorer than at the last game against Derby only 5 days ago. As others have said, this is partly due to the relentless wet and cold weather and partly due to using the pitch for training because the outdoor pitches at the training ground are not up to it (the indoor pitch under the balloon is OK but is quite different from playing on grass).
  11. Swansea tickets..

    Get your hands in your pockets for this important and cheap match and give our boys some proper support. Quarter final will be best for many years.
  12. Adam Reach

    My player of the season so far.
  13. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    So it’s not the Chairman or the Manger or the coaches or the physios or the players. Let’s blame those supporters who have been ever present through good and bad, who commit and pay in advance. The OP is crackers.
  14. Feel that we are stuck in a Groundhog Day viewing of Dad’s Army. Somewhere between “Don’t panic everyone” and “We’re all doomed”.
  15. No reaction

    Agree with this. We always have given past managers a respectful applause. Carlos deserves this. Then let’s show him the Wednesday way!