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  1. Quite a ridiculous thing to say. Why would anyone bother with this site if they weren't committed supporters? I have supported the club at Hillsborough since 1955 - it is still the best forum.
  2. I find the whole thing depressing and don’t take any satisfaction from being right. It seemed so obvious at the time. I hoped and still hope that our club, it’s financial advisors and auditors have a good and legal explanation why the sale should be included in the 2017-2018 accounts. There are a range of ways that could be the case but our access to very limited accounts does not give the logic behind the inclusion. The valuation of the ground is a different matter and will need some justification. But I think we are highly likely to be in serious trouble which could take years to sort out. I also don’t take any delight in having warned 10 years ago, when Sheard and others were snapping around and the general view was we need to be bought by a billionaire, that the wish to be owned by rich men rather than local shareholders could lead to disaster in the longer term. I just wish someone would unravel what has happened at Man C.
  3. It was clear when the accounts were submitted(late) that the sale was well after the end of the financial year. It didn’t need a group of barristers to work that out. I said so on here and was rubbished as usual. We have to assume that Mr C has a good explanation.
  4. The band is the only noise there is for long periods. No-one starts singing without the band so it is nonsense to suggest the band ruins the atmosphere.
  5. Don’t want to be negative but it is now as bad here in Ecclesfield as in 2007 with flooding now quite widespread in spite of significant work since 2007 to prevent flooding. 2007 was in June but now it is happening on land already saturated by 4 weeks almost continual rain. it could be touch and go.
  6. I agree with Pressman. Think he was promised one and it never happened. But I also have to name Martyn Hodge, club record holder for most consecutive appearances.
  7. Thought it was quite a reasonable crowd. As a season ticket holder, I didn't go. Always an issue with evening games, especially those scheduled at quite late notice as many people have other commitments. I had a long standing appointment which I was not able to change at short notice and I suspect others were in the same position.
  8. Back in time, most football clubs were owned by local people, often with shares spread across their supporters. It was a game supported mainly by working and middle class people and the UK game reflected a country where the laws and rules of the game had mainly been created and documented. The players in Divisions 1 and 2 were paid just slightly above the average wage and lived in the local community and aspired to a semi-detached house and a family car. If someone had written a fictional novel, let's say around 1975, about a football world where an Australian media mogul had offered the 1st Division a fortune for TV rights (which supporters would pay handsomely to watch), where most clubs became owned by rich non-UK people with questionable fortunes, where all the regular players in Division 1 were multi-millionaires with most not born in the UK and where clubs which failed and were relegated were paid handsomely for their failure - then the novel would have been laughed at as being so far fetched as to be unbelievable. And yet this is where we are now and beyond. There is so much money swilling around the Premier League that it is almost impossible to trace where it all comes from and who is getting what. Arrangements where owners of football clubs sponsor their own teams at rates which are very difficult to substantiate on the open market and even sell the stadia which they already own back to their own family are no longer unusual. The FFP system in the EFL and the equivalent in the Premier League are poor and ineffective attempts belatedly to regulate what has happened. Gate open and horse left so long ago that it has probably died of old age. Our club is forever in catch-up mode and I doubt that it will ever be the force it once was and we are all dreaming it will become again. I believe the sport has been totally corrupted, never again to return in its original form.
  9. Have to say they are fair questions and exactly what I thought myself when I looked at the 2018 accounts, not the least the value the ground was sold for. I am sure DC has it all sorted and will give the appropriate robust response.
  10. Fair comment on Eric Buxtongent. With the North Stand now looking a bit tired and the target of the SAG I think it needs a refurb before it can be named. Alternatively, a rebuild of the West Stand would be a fitting tribute.
  11. The North Stand cost £150k for 10,000 seats. The debentures were £100 each and 1,500 were issued to fund the cost of the stand. Our family had two debentures. At the time it was the best stand in Europe. Some harsh views on this thread as, to most of us, Eric was Mr Sheffield Wednesday. Naming the North is now too little and too late, especially now the SAG lot are targeting its use as an excuse for their incompetence.
  12. Excellent letter. Nothing has come of mine so far, not even an acknowledgement, but not a surprise. The more letters we all send, the better so please Owlstalk members, get writing.
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