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  1. It works both ways and the Chairman should also show respect for the supporters. If he doesn't start telling us some truth about what is going on, then maybe the supporters should walk out of the meeting which will at least indicate how we feel without showing disrespect?
  2. Andrew Robinson

    Our next manager???.

    I think the much more important question is, who will be our next owner. Because no respected team manager will want to come when he is not allowed to do what is needed to turn us round.
  3. Andrew Robinson

    Season ticket holders

    Had a season ticket for much of the time since 1961, with a few gaps. Current 3 year ticket ends at the end of this season. Will I renew? Not unless we stay up and start playing much better At present, it is just too depressing, much like the early 1970s. We should never have got to this position and for the second time in 20 years wasted a fortune without success.
  4. Andrew Robinson

    The Frozen (out) - Let it go

    Those who confidently support the “ bring in the youth and build a new team” line and appear happily to accept the freezing out of our best players cannot be proper supporters. It means for the older supporters like me that we will now probably never see our team in the top league. In the shorter term we are heading for two successive relegations down to League 2. In real terms Division 4. We have never been there before. Hang your heads in shame for supporting such a dreadful policy.
  5. Andrew Robinson

    Today's Positives.

    Very little positives. Having supported all my life and gone to games since 1955, I have been hoping since 2000 that we would make it back to the top division before I die. We should have done it three seasons ago and could have done it the following year. But at 70, we are getting farther away again whilst our neighbours look like doing it. The club has mismanaged this and wasted loads of money, just as it did in the final years in our previous Premier League period. Not going to slag individuals off but for heaven’s sake, get some experienced people to advise you. It is all very depressing.
  6. Andrew Robinson

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    Calm down. Everything is alright. It’s all going well, there is no problem. Sleep well and enjoy the wonderful exciting football.
  7. Andrew Robinson


    Just watching the 2015-2016 season highlights on SKY. Accept that Loevens, Wallace and Hunt have faded since then. Westwood was magnificent. Do we believe it that has also faded that much? And the reply that “we will not see him playing in the shirt again” is an ignorant and frankly insulting reply. The question is why and most of us don’t really believe he is 3rd choice on merit. if you really know, share.
  8. Andrew Robinson


    Forgive me for appearing to be thick but what is obvious? The general opinion is that he has had a major fall out with Jos and that is why he isn't even training with the first team. He has made it clear that he is fit and willing and able to play. I know that the club is focusing on using our younger and cheaper players more but while he is still with us, it doesn't make sense.It would be kind of decent if the club told us at least some of the truth.
  9. Andrew Robinson


    We have made a decent start and I am quite prepared to accept some of the unusual tactics and selections as Jos probably knows what he is doing. But what is still really bugging me is that our best goalkeeper is being wasted. We didn't sell him, he didn't go in the loan window so we have one of the best goalkeepers in the Championship being paid serious money and being wasted. I do not accept Jos' assertions that he is third choice based on ability and performance and with our back line still looking shaky, Westwood in goal would be an immediate improvement. Does anyone know what is really going on?
  10. Andrew Robinson

    The Money's got to come from Us

    Where were you a few years ago when I was involved in a move to raise a substantial amount to pay off the debt and take back control of our own club? It would only have taken 5000 people to put in £1k at that time but the response was f-off, I buy my season ticket and that is my investment. It could have been different but most were over the moon to let Sheard or Mandarik take over and now we have Mr C. He is supposed to be not only rich but a (successful) business man. I am far from convinced. It is too late but it could have been so different.
  11. Andrew Robinson

    Credit where it’s due

    Wasn’t able to get tonight but these reports are scary. Serious basicmistakes made by the club and to blame the supporters is ridiculous. You need to understand about Sheffield and the sort of income of the average supporter. Thanks Mr C for all your money but to blame us is out of order. I have supported for over 60 years and still have a season ticket. My dream was nearly fulfilled 2 years ago at Wembley. But now I am convinced that I will never see my team where it should be in my lifetime. It’s like the early 1970s and early 1990s all over again.
  12. Andrew Robinson

    The Money's got to come from Us

    There are a range of ways of marketing products. The basic decision is where the product is on the luxury to basic necessity scale. So you either have Prada or Poundland - or somewhere in between. In the last 3 years, as well as the Chairman’s investment, he has moved prices towards the luxury end. I don’t think Sheffield can take that and so the overall income is likely to drop. Look at the model the piggies are using and with that, they beat us on average attendance and revenue last year. Football at SW6 is a volume product and needs seats and boxes full and thousands of sales of replica shirts. And we can’t use the Man Utd model. We still foot a lot of the bill but with more customers not fewer paying more.
  13. Andrew Robinson

    Deadline day is looming...

    That is a serious worry. In my view, we only have 3 players who can make/change a game. Forresteri, Banham and Kieran Lee. No one else can run at players, turn or take a shot close to a defender like them. We don’t know if Kieran will be back as he used to be. If we lose the other too it is going to be dire fare this season.
  14. Andrew Robinson

    It pains me to say this but....

    I am no lover of Leeds, in fact I prefer the red piggies to Leeds. But they both look as though they know what they are doing commercially and we do not compare well with them. Whether they end up succeeding on the pitch we will see. There are are all the hallmarks of 1997-2000 at Hillsborough. We have seriously overspent on average players who have not fitted in and not delivered. And this has driven up the wage bill for our good players. That is where FFP really comes in and it is the club’s fault. Whether it is FFP or the Chairman running out of cash I don’t know. But we seem to have taken the route of making things expensive rather than going for volume which I believe is a massive mistake. £90 for club membership to get £5 off a match ticket and cheap replica shirts which do not compare well with Nike or Adidas but still on sale at £59.99 and OTD tickets equalling the most expensive in our league.
  15. Andrew Robinson

    The tide has turned.

    I don’t know about turning, we need a biblical parting of the waves. Think you will have a massive 2 day headache when you come round from whatever you are on.