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  1. I agree with this. As I posted about two months ago, I spoke to a well respected ex Wednesday player, still working in football, and who knows Bruce. He said that Bruce’s personal style of being an old fashioned manager in charge of all things football and our Chairman’s style of being involved in the detail - micro managing if you like - did not bode well for a long term stay at the club for Bruce. I think this this was probably a contributing factor. Realistically, he is not going to be any better with Ashley and it was the two clubs failure to agree a price which ended up with him leaving as he did. I have no no idea whether there was a change of their agreement between February and now, probably not although the relationship may have been different in practice from what was discussed. I personally feel that he has let us down but then most Championship managers would leave for a Premier League job. What are are the odds on him being at Newcastle by May 2020?
  2. It seems slightly unusual that the ground, estimated to be worth around £22m in the 2017 accounts was sold for £38m. Also, the sale is included in the accounts for the period ending 31/7/2018 which means the sale was concluded 1 year ago. A disposal of £23.9m is recorded against the £38m income. I can’t find any real comment on this in the notes.
  3. It would appear to me that most of the normal protocols of trade marks and copyright have not been followed here. There are detailed procedures to be followed including public notification, whether the wording is already in the public domain or whether an existing company already has regular use. In this case, the club has used WAWAW for several years before the application so would have had to be notified legally to comment or raise objection. As usual, it can only happen at Wednesday and there has to be more to the story. I don’t care about WAWAW and would be happy in future to associate it with those who wish to damage our club.
  4. Telegraph Sport today has Bruce as favourite to go to Newcastle with Moyes and Dyche as next favourites with Mourinho and Gattuso as outsiders.
  5. Let’s hope you are right. I wonder if SB was warned that the soft embargo would be coming?
  6. Interesting though. Spoke to someone a week ago who works in the PL and who knows SB quite well. The view expressed was that SB always insisted on being in full control of all team matters and with DC micro-managing everything, he could see it end in tears. He thought that the odds on SB staying a full season were not good.
  7. It is an amazing target. Four ladies at Wortley did 4 rounds on Sunday 2nd June in aid of Macmillan. They teed off at around 6.30am and came in at about 8pm raising a significant sum of money (not yet declared). If Matt is going to do 10 rounds in the daylight, which is basically 17 hours from sunrise at 4.30am to sunset at 9.30pm, that is roughly 1 1/2 hours a round with minor breaks for food and drink. What is the Guinness World Record? Very Best Wishes Matt - I am sure all at Wortley will join me in that.
  8. I am broadly happy with the early bird season ticket pricing. But quite where you get the improved match day experience from, especially “more things to do”, I have absolutely no idea. The facilities and catering in the North stand have hardly changed since my first season ticket there in 1961! They were seen as world class back then but the experience at Hillsborough is now well behind the best.
  9. If you think that the blades wage bill is one third of ours and the transfer costs of players about one tenth-and they have used Leon Clark and Gary Maxine, logical odds would have been easily in our favour. So forget the odds, what has happened is seriously embarrassing for us and the response has to be massive.
  10. The secret of betting is to beat the odds. The requirement now the others at our previous ground (yes, we used to play at the lane) have got to the Premier League is automatic promotion next season. Don’t care what the odds are, how difficult it is or what FFP does, most supporters now expect no less.
  11. It’s all quite simple. This is the worst period in our history and we have never before been 20 years out of the top flight. Our history is glorious but present achievements are no longer those of a top club. The expectation of Messrs Chansiri and Bruce for next season is simple, in spite of any FFP issues- anything less than automatic promotion will be seen as a failure.
  12. Westwood will be out of contract and he has to be top of the list for an extension. Critical to our success.
  13. This is the daftest, most pointless thread ever. If you have nothing to say, don’t start winding things up, keep quiet. This is an extremely porky smelling thread.
  14. For whatever reason, he has missed the last 3 home games. Will he be there on Monday?
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