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  1. Probably the greatest team in my lifetime was that if 1961 where, but for an outstanding Spurs, would have been champions. But your critical comment is”are you going to get it right once more in my lifetime”. As someone who will be 70 later this tear and who has been going to watch since 1955, I am starting to doubt that. I thought we had a great chance the last two seasons and we fluffed it. Every year now it is getting more difficult.
  2. Really struggling with what to say about his current form and whether big Dave should have a new contract. He is without much debate one of the most ungainly strikers in the Championship and until this part of the season, has been a bit player. But his attitude and spirit has always been great. Now under Jos, partly because other more preferred strikers have been unavailable or off-form, he has started and has absolutely shone; we can give him a lot of the credit for ensuring that we are already pretty much safe in this division. And clear from the warm-ups before the match that the team spirit is great, including FF. The big question is, with more recognised starting strikers available (or on form), would big Dave still be in the starting line-up or even on the bench? Could we trade AN and JR for a much more recognised leading striker? How many would have expected to see Jordan Rhodes side-lined by Nuhiu?
  3. Andrew Robinson

    Injuries ?? Or precautions??

    Quite clear on P or G just now. Jos has confirmed that Hutch has an injured ankle and Fox a hamstring injury and both out for rest of season.
  4. Andrew Robinson

    Oh Forestieri

    May I say then that you clearly haven’t a clue what he is really like and obviously have never met him. He is absolutely nothing like the person you are attempting to describe.
  5. Andrew Robinson

    Look who's back at Sheffield Wednesday!

    Some very qualified comments here. We know why he was upset-because many of the first team were earning loads more than FF. The way he did it was not right but some on here do not understand him. He is not a prima donna, he is actually a nice, genuine and slightly shy person. And don’t class him amongst the players who may not be playing for reasons other than a clear injury - he was played by CC when he really needed treatment and has had an ACL operation for which the recovery period is a minimum of 6 months, for you and I, 9-12 months! So let’s give probably our most skilled player a warm and genuine welcome back.
  6. Andrew Robinson

    Just a thought

    Please not Pardew and not McCarthy. I would expect Jos to stay on the assumption we stay up.
  7. Andrew Robinson

    Worst Sheffield Wednesday Managers

    Amazed that no-one has mentioned Danny Williams manager 1969 to 1971. (no, not Danny Wilson). In my opinion he personally was responsible for accelerating the clubs decline which eventually led us to missing relegation to the 4th tier by 1 point in 1976. He was long gone by then but you can track it back to him. When interviewed, he could hardly string three words together/embarrassing!
  8. Andrew Robinson

    Tricky Trev

    TF was our manager during our most exciting and memorable times since the early 1960s.(for the youngsters, we finished runners up to Spurs in the PL equivalent in 1961). And we have not seen anything like it since. It is true that had RA not been dismissed, we might have had something just as good but TF didn’t just inherit RA’s team, he improved it. Chris Waddle is the best example. TF has a brilliant football brain and had brilliant skills. What he lacked was man management and leadership. It is a great shame that he didn’t partner with a good motivator just like Clough did for much of his career with Peter Taylor. And controversial as this may be, the person I am thinking of is a good friend of TF-Dave Basset.
  9. Andrew Robinson

    Adam Reach

    The truth remains he has been our best player this season. You can put in as many qualifications as you like such as how poor the rest of them are or that he is not worth his transfer fee or salary. Give be the guy a break and some support.
  10. Andrew Robinson

    Apologies Mr Chansiri

    To be quite frank it never got to the point of being launched as a formal campaign. It wasn’t supported by the board at the time so soundings were taken to see if it was likely to be viable as it would have required new directors to be forced onto the then board. There were some business backers but the key would have been the supporters and the view was the feedback suggested take up would not be sufficient. It was quite widely discussed on the Owlstalk Boardroom at the time including several posts from me. The ideal would have been the Board launching a new share issue but for their own reasons, this was not tried. The conclusion was that it was unlikely to be successful. As a separate and unlinked initiative, there was a discussion from Wednesdayite to launch a similar initiative which came to nothing. Had there been obvious support from ordinary supporters, we would have launched it in opposition to the Board if necessary. I was working away mainly in London at the time so had limited time available but now wish we had made a stronger go at it. It could have kept the club solvent and in local shareholders ownership. Whether in the long run it could have put in the cash we need for £50k a week players is questionable.
  11. Andrew Robinson

    When did you fall in love with our club?

    1955 when I was first taken to Hillsborough by my Father.
  12. Yes he does. Where have you been? Yes we could lose the club. But while we might think it is OUR club, the unfortunate truth is that it is HIS club and has been ever since we gave it to Mandaric.
  13. Andrew Robinson

    Time to go Mr Chansiri

    It seems that many on here just do not understand how the club is owned. It is no longer like trying to get Dave Richards or Dave Allen to step down as Chairman. Chansiri owns the club, everything. We are merely customers and the only vote we have is not to go which I am not advocating. There is no point in this thread unless someone is genuinely coming forward with the money to buy it from him. As I have said in the Thank-you Mr Chansiri thread, there was another way which was not taken up. Many wanted a rich owner/dictator and you have now got what you wanted.
  14. Andrew Robinson

    Apologies Mr Chansiri

    I haven’t forgotten anything. You have missed one of my main points. In the early 2000s there was the beginning of a move to raise money for a share issue which could have avoided a single owner/dictator and would also have diluted the power of the existing directors. The sums were that with a number of local businessmen and with supporters involved it would have been possible to raise an initial £30m. But it would have depended on ordinary supporters putting in £100 or £250 or for those who could manage it £1,000. And that is exactly how the Ltd company was formed when Hillsborough was purchased in 1898. But, at the time, the general view was one of no interest. Many supporters wanted a single owner with loads of money. So we avoided Bates and that rogue Sheard and left it so late we had no option but to give everything to Mandaric. And once it is a private toy, we no longer have a say. So it was Mandaric,s decision to sell on to Chansiri to whom he offered ongoing help and advice. There really was a different way before we were so close to liquidation that it was then too late.
  15. Andrew Robinson

    Apologies Mr Chansiri

    Oh dear. How many of you posting on this thread were over the moon when first Mandaric and then Chansiri bought our club? And how many were over the moon when the previeous (mainly Sheffield based) directors were kicked out? It is probably true that all these people and all Chairmen since Sir Andrew Stephen have done things we have been unhappy about. But there was an opportunity in the early 2000s for US to put our hands in our pockets and fund the club by a new share release. The topic was debated long and hard before and in the Sheard time when I was debating on here with Belsija. The reaction on Owlstalk was f* that, we have already paid too much by paying for match tickets. So as someone who had already bought shares and was prepared to invest more, I ended up giving my shares to Mandaric for free and the club became privately owned for the first time in more than 140 years. Well if you are wearing that cap, you have got everything you wished for.