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  1. Shocking from Chansiri again. How Dairy Milk yet more money from unsuspecting companies
  2. Too right. I used to ask my mum what that horrible smell was. "It's hops from the brewery" she told me. "That's disgusting, I'm never drinking beer" I replied. SPOILER ALERT I drank beer
  3. Quite impressed with that to be honest. Very pragmatic and honest, didn't promise the earth and made it clear what he expects of everybody involved with the club. Seems to appreciate the importance of the derby next week too. My bumhole did twitch a bit when he mentioned the 'dynamic' though
  4. That sounds like a novel approach. Maybe we should try writing something like that into our players contracts
  5. My wife's expecting a baby in October. Scary to think that the next time I go to a Saturday afternoon match I'll be a dad!!
  6. either that or his constant meddling has delayed the process. Bingo
  7. Always liked MM as a bloke and a manager. Wanted to rip his head off when he ran onto the pitch and got Simek sent off though
  8. Take it easy? I've been a Wednesday fan for 37 years, there's no such thing as taking it easy!
  9. I was 21 when we got relegated from the Premier League and I said to anyone that listened that Wednesday would never be there again in my lifetime. I'm now 37 and absolutely certain we're going to be promoted this year. Which means I'll probably die with 5 minutes to go in the final. Hopefully we'll be 6-0 up at the time and I'll die happy
  10. Carlos requested a 4.30 kick off so they could prepare for the game exactly like they will next week
  11. 1 x banana 1 x crocodile 1 x killer whale 1 x giant football Block 133
  12. This. I can't remember the last time I heard Sky's 'experts' say so many good things about us. They know we're on the verge of something big
  13. Think Hunt deserves credit. Normally he's seen as a weak link defensively but I thought he was pretty solid tonight
  14. The only way that interview could have gone better is if Carlos had dropped the mic and give Scott Minto the rods on his way off
  15. After god knows how many trips to Wembley without scoring, they managed to score 3 today. And still lost. #snigger
  16. 5 years ago tonight we lost two true Owls on the way home from the Coventry match. 3 points tonight would go some way to honouring their memory. RIP Steven and Shaun
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