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  1. Thought this was excellent. Was very slow in parts (with plenty of monologue-ing) but the last two or three episodes were outstanding. I absolutely love Mike Flanagans work. Hill House was stunning, and his films have been pretty good as well. Loved Gerald's Game, and thought Dr Sleep was a pretty good adaptation too.
  2. Appreciate you posting that mate. I'll make sure they both see it. And yes, there would be a good book in there
  3. Thanks for posting @REDOWL. As I posted in the other thread, this is my mum and grandma. My mum did 49 years working in the shop/megastore, and my grandma is still going strong at 96!
  4. That's my mum and grandma. My mum worked there for 49 years and was manager for more than a few years before she retired in 2016. Also pleased to say that my grandma, Joan, is still going strong at 96 years old. They've certainly got some stories to tell about their times there.
  5. Shocking from Chansiri again. How Dairy Milk yet more money from unsuspecting companies
  6. Too right. I used to ask my mum what that horrible smell was. "It's hops from the brewery" she told me. "That's disgusting, I'm never drinking beer" I replied. SPOILER ALERT I drank beer
  7. Quite impressed with that to be honest. Very pragmatic and honest, didn't promise the earth and made it clear what he expects of everybody involved with the club. Seems to appreciate the importance of the derby next week too. My bumhole did twitch a bit when he mentioned the 'dynamic' though
  8. That sounds like a novel approach. Maybe we should try writing something like that into our players contracts
  9. My wife's expecting a baby in October. Scary to think that the next time I go to a Saturday afternoon match I'll be a dad!!
  10. either that or his constant meddling has delayed the process. Bingo
  11. Always liked MM as a bloke and a manager. Wanted to rip his head off when he ran onto the pitch and got Simek sent off though
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