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  1. Not read the thread or clicked on the link but being 'universally disliked' suggests we are indeed a very big club. Big clubs generally have bigger crowds and are selected for TV more often, thus a bigger budget and in theory more is expected of them in terms of league standing. It sounds as though the thread starter is agreeing with the caller.
  2. This is the issue, I'm super busy tomorrow so hopefully they'll ring me. In fairness their auto reply says my email acts as intent to purchase and so the price is held
  3. Yeah just emailed them mate to make (fairly) sure
  4. Same issue for me. They try and coerce us into buying early tickets, then won't accept the money Gotta love this club
  5. Videos on social media of at least four pubs being attacked/damaged prematch, and several others shutting early (6pm) by way of precaution
  6. If it was simple and easy then no investigation would be required You're literally making stuff up for some reason
  7. Shhh don't mention that. We need to feel sorry for plucky Derby.
  8. Pretty sure it's been a reocurring topic on here whereby the odd person chipped in saying it's been repainted more than once, but that it still shows through. I forget the full explanation.
  9. By their 10 million pound signing from Arsenal, for whom they still owe 8 million whilst paying him £20,000 a week
  10. Can't sack Moore Because we are just outside the playoffs / went 12 unbeaten / have no god given right / need to stop living in the past / need consistency and a rebuild / have the most negative fans in the world
  11. It's a lazy media comment that became an in-joke for players joining the club during interviews
  12. Whilst true to a degree, Forest fans were having the same back and forth discussion between themselves pretty recently.
  13. Love the Kop, due to it's sheer size and the way you can still see the shape of the hill underneath. Also the South stand looks brilliant from the outside whilst walking through the park. I don't want to sit in an arena to watch football so I'm happy to sacrifice legroom and hipster food as a result
  14. Plus how many Prem games would I have to watch before seeing a classic? Couldn't care less about Burnley v Soton, yet if I only watched the constantly hyped Super League sides then I'd probably lose the right to slag off plastic fans, which is something I enjoy doing..
  15. I'm in this category and it's partly because I feel so detached from football. Plus I generally find sport a bit boring as a neutral, so unless I care about the result (usually because I dislike one of the sides or it affects Wednesday) then I don't watch or at the very least have to stick some money on. I don't go to our games to deeply analyse the starting lineup's tactical profile, how we utilise the high press, or to make notes on our playmaker's fluidity. I want the players to welly it into the net so I can jump on my mates after a few beers and a sing song. It's the tribalism and community, having a shared interest with successive generations of my family and an attachment to my home city after having moved as a child. And anyways. By 5pm on a Saturday I tend to be turned off from football for the following week!
  16. Most my mates are Forest fans and they found it interesting too.
  17. Nice one - won't trouble myself with it in that case!
  18. This. Maybe I was expecting too much as phone releases seem to be more evolutionary than revolutionary (unlike in the early days when the tech was young) but considering what it costs feel a touch underwhelmed. I went for the ultra as it was on offer but shouldn't have done in hindsight.
  19. What's the needs/doesn't need based upon or is it specific to every headphone?
  20. Gf has them and I have the touch ones. Bloody brilliant, better value than the XM4s (which are very good).
  21. It's football. The entire thing is childish if you're going to go all high brow on us. Bloody embarrassing a grown man running onto the pitch. He should have stayed in the stands to chant 'who are ya' at the home end like a respectable person. That's the adult way to celebrate someone kicking a ball between some posts. Like others have said. If the photo was from three decades ago everyone would be fawning over the 'good ol days', 'memories' and how 'football was so much better back then'. So miserable.
  22. Nothing. So yes, I'm missing it. No idea what difference the opposition makes.
  23. Indeed. Just a lazy response from them. Not sure what's more arrogant, jumping on the opposition's pitch for 30 seconds or suggesting we shouldn't celebrate against teams like crewe. Can't people just enjoy and save the whinging for tomorrow?
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