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  1. Past memories oft reflect kindly on places though? Notts I think has the most amount of pubs per square mile of any city, an okay waterfront, a good sporting heritage (football/cricket esp), a castle (well, not really), an arena/rock city, attracts students and plays on the robin hood theme. People are a little too quick to put places down sometimes imo
  2. Likewise. Sheffield is twice the city of Nottingham and my friends/family agree (despite liking the latter).
  3. This was 200/1 on Friday night (Bet365). Joint longest with Millwall.
  4. And at our club, no such thing as average prices. Fraid it does heighten expectations - certainly higher than what we currently see.
  5. Well done for putting a negative slant on a positive thread. Moaning about moaning. Brilliant.
  6. I went to the Sneinton Market fanzone for the Panama game and it was great, though that wasn't put on by the council (was a fiver - or 8 quid for this Saturday which sold out within 60 seconds) and allowed for up to about 400 people I believe. It was brilliant. And yeah for Sweden the council are putting on a free one in the castle grounds for up to 3000 people which has never been done in Notts before so it deffo appears doable at fairly short notice.
  7. When pay on the day fans are being charged more than 40 quid for some games then we should be in touch with the top two. End of. We have been more than patient considering our post Wembley performances.
  8. But we aren't in the Prem and nor will we sell out a week on Sunday in the home end for a second tier game at £40 a ticket. Thus Leeds are welcome to the seats for me. But anyway I'm going dizzy and so shall bow out.
  9. But we won't sell out all four sides even if the opportunity was there. Not against Leeds, on a Sunday, for a TV game. So I'd rather see away fans than empty seats. I'd rather an atmosphere as I expect the 'advantage' gained by Leeds as a result of extra tickets will be negligible - take away the tribal atmosphere from football and it's no more interesting to me than cricket.
  10. I'd suggest they offer more scope for variation than most football shirts, especially plain ones. But that isn't why he has changed our kit so the point is an odd one to make.
  11. But like he just said. It isn't or shouldn't be an either/or scenario.
  12. I don't expect him to do anything to suit my needs. But I'm allowed to voice my opinion on a forum when he doesn't.
  13. I really do wish I could see like-for-like how people would have reacted to these changes had we not improved off the pitch. Or if DA had announced such intentions. Would be very interesting!
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