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  1. If Wednesday drop the prices to 20 quid a game, we won't sell enough additional tickets to cover the difference. If Wednesday make it free entry, we still wouldn't 'sell out' every game. If it was as simple as that then every club would be doing it. When infact it cost me £24 to watch Notts County in the playoffs a few weeks ago.
  2. I went to senior school in Heanor. Obviously done well to turn out such an upstanding member of society! Always thought Langley Mill had the worse rep, but all these places were known for BNP links
  3. The answer is yes. In the same way that fans of every club believe that the refs hate them, that commentators blow smoke up the opposition, that only they bring to an end other teams' losing runs, etc.
  4. Lived in Ilson for 24 years, and parents still do so I'm there at least a couple of weekends a month. Not had a night out up there for aaaaages but that's mainly due to a lack of decent pubs than anything. I don't have an ilson or midlands accent and never felt threatened, though have deffo seen more booze-related aggro than in Notts.
  5. This was my first thought too. Utterly pointless.
  6. Not read the thread or clicked on the link but being 'universally disliked' suggests we are indeed a very big club. Big clubs generally have bigger crowds and are selected for TV more often, thus a bigger budget and in theory more is expected of them in terms of league standing. It sounds as though the thread starter is agreeing with the caller.
  7. This is the issue, I'm super busy tomorrow so hopefully they'll ring me. In fairness their auto reply says my email acts as intent to purchase and so the price is held
  8. Yeah just emailed them mate to make (fairly) sure
  9. Same issue for me. They try and coerce us into buying early tickets, then won't accept the money Gotta love this club
  10. Videos on social media of at least four pubs being attacked/damaged prematch, and several others shutting early (6pm) by way of precaution
  11. If it was simple and easy then no investigation would be required You're literally making stuff up for some reason
  12. Shhh don't mention that. We need to feel sorry for plucky Derby.
  13. Pretty sure it's been a reocurring topic on here whereby the odd person chipped in saying it's been repainted more than once, but that it still shows through. I forget the full explanation.
  14. By their 10 million pound signing from Arsenal, for whom they still owe 8 million whilst paying him £20,000 a week
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