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  1. Me: Still waiting Dad: Still waiting Brother: Still waiting
  2. Dave Allen called the Wednesday supporters group 'Cretins' on TV but I think calling it a war would have been dramatizing things somewhat. As you say, most fans just wish to go to the pub with their mates and then watch some blokes kick a ball about. Which is good because we are all powerless.
  3. 'War' 'Long drawn out' and 'Ugly battle' 'March' 'We had to fight' = A couple of advertisement boards and a two mileish walk by a small portion of the fanbase. Which as admitted made no difference due to there being 'only so much you can do'. Think I will just let it play out.
  4. It's not about shame though. If we don't beat all of the supposed bottom half sides then we need to take points off of those higher up.
  5. A thread like this was always going to make people defensive, or a chance to attack the 'negative nigels' for venting their well earned concerns and disappointments. I just don't get the unconditional approach that some people take when following a team.
  6. You think this thread is prompting constructive debate?
  7. Diatribe? You've started a new thread to whinge about whinging. Wednesday are in one hell of a hole; fans are passionate (perhaps even fanatical...) and will always vent on here after a game. The ventings have zero affect on anything however so if it bothers you simply click on the log out button.
  8. People overstate the impact of us 'getting behind the boys' from behind our keyboards and negativity is to be expected after the last 9 months (20 years) of highly priced football. Every message board of every club is full of fans claiming that 'we have the most negative and hate-breeding fans in the country'. I think we are actually quite patient and forgiving in the main but if it bothers you then I'd not come on here after a display like yesterdays.
  9. Likewise. If I had any sympathy going spare I might even offer it them due to being a similar club to ourselves but this past six months has ran me dry. Always a good away day at least and one of the few teams we usually beat, which is strangely the inverse of Derby. Football is weird!
  10. Our ticket prices don't leave much room for patience.
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