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  1. We certainly did not have either! How easily you've forgot.
  2. Some noteworthy points here. Jones just does the job, simply and effectively. With Hutchinson when deemed as fit to play he's not and never will be 100% fit. Therefore drops too deep, doesn't influence the game and managers himself through the game. Being too deep leads to poor positional play (we've never been easier to play through then when Sam is in the team) which in-turn leads to heroic 40 yard sprints, frantic lunges and last ditch tackles (which Wednesday fans prefer to see over the quiet man Jones). Fact is we will always be a better team with Jones in it ov
  3. BB best performance this season. Anyone can see that.
  4. Jack Hunt is just great. Fantastic energy and gives the team a different dimension when he's playing. His defending has improved tenfold over the last season and he's a real asset. I don't understand why he's in and out of the team. That's not to say that Palmer is poor. I'm embracing the fact we have two decent right backs but for me Hunt offers a lot more over Palmer.
  5. First class performance today. Worked hard, put himself about, brought others into play. Was really impressed, did the job of a target man more than a out and out goalscorer. Seems to have confidence in his game again. Question is who drops out when Fletcher comes back?
  6. Judge the league after 10 but the players after 4. Good thinking.
  7. I'm buying a car that morning, so count your self lucky, first match costing me £5,082. Thanks a bunch Wednesday you bunch of *****.
  8. Need to keep it simple and catchy. He'll not be hear next year so no time for fans to learn and it become habit He's Alex you know...... You'll never get past Lopezo Queue comments that we're too big a club to re-use previous songs......there's only one...Barry Bannan.
  9. Absolutely, Nuhiu and Joao not good enough and desperately need a target man thats got an eye for goal.
  10. Over the last 10 years the lowest number of points to get into secondis 81. If we maintain this form we'll get to 81. Average points over the last 10 years for second is 87.......so we'll have to maintain form plus win an extra 2 games. So yeh, ifs buts and maybes but can't help but feel that top two is going to be incredibly tough and agree that we're going to have to win two games out of Brighton, Hull and Derby plus maintain our current form.
  11. How very sad. Not a particular fan of the band....but at least they drown out the silence on match days.
  12. Whats the point in having songs? No one sings any more.....in fact only a few bother going to games. Maybe a song to the tune 'silence is golden' would be more appropriate?
  13. Does any one really care? Are we so insecure that this bothers us? Fair play to FF....if that's his team then fair play......he's our player and not theirs.....he scores goals for us and not them. Biggest non story ever. Keep it up FF. What a guy.
  14. It never looked bad.....anyone that saw the game and knows a little about football could see that. Stoke are a good strong side. Just some fannies on here saw the chance to have a good old Owlstalk style moan about the result and blew it all out of proportion.
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