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  1. Dont use wifi use a ethernet cable straight from router....might help
  2. Thats dosent work,they lock it off so you cant mirror cast etc
  3. Let him have a good run in side,maybe with Windass and Izzy behind him,make him stay central,down middle and see what happens...make him number 1 confidence and belief in him is everything as a forward... UTO COME ON JORDAN,LETS BE HAVING YA!!!!
  4. 10 quid a game is a rip. Especiallyon ifollow shocking service.....Then sky start doing box office games at 14.99 to?When you pay £££'s for sky sports per mth....... Whos actually ripping who off??...they can kiss my ass.... I find it hard enough paying 4.49 to listen on ifollow....RIP OFF BRITAIN..... We need Chasiri Channel or something.... UTO
  5. Prob,Dawson or Wildsmith maybe,so they can regieter Westwood if that is the true scenario Monk spouted out??
  6. Lets just all push in same direction for once,give it a chance,im a dam sight more confident of staying up now then i was last weekend... If turns out kack then have a moan but,give the bloke a chance ..... Charlton was gash and Wilkinson was gash when they 1st came,both now Owls legends and always will be.... COME ON WEDNESDAY.....
  7. Im not prepared to say anything on this matter at the minute.... Imo.... UTO.....
  8. Is it nailed on or just poppycock nonsense??..
  9. Id rather cut off all my toe nails and put them into an envelope with my feet,then listen to "I love my self,I am brilliant,hear my voice Jim fack' in White".... Shocking listening......
  10. Yep i agree,but maybe DC had him as a scape goat if our form stayed as crap.No one else wanted job maybe??.Then in a week 10 points and out of - points and i'll call you a D-taxi Monk n ya m8s c ya l8r...Now a bit more attractive to managers as they have a chance to keep us up... UTO
  11. I think they were all Monks,maybe not his 1st choice,but on his list maybe back ups etc.Theres no way DC signed any of them at all,because he wouldnt have heard of any of em...lol.... UTO....
  12. DC gave him a chance simple as that,with his own support team etc.11 games in,still not good enough so got to go simple... Well done DC i say. UTO
  13. Was going to say that to. God quick get him in,Reach will shi te himself for starters... Shame it will never happen,as we need a old school back to basics no nonsense manager.. UTO...
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