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  1. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Sack Jos, get Bruce in NOW......

    Get the cabbages in!!...
  2. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Adam Reach

    To soft n Weak in tackle..
  3. DIPPS_S.W.F.C


    So did Bannan according to them...if it turns out same ill take that....UTO...
  4. How you all slate him in unbelievable really is,yes he had money to spend and yes we got in playoffs twice....but to say the things people say about him just wow,you want to have been supporting since 76 then youll have tons to grumble about...Most of ypu aint happy unless your moaning,grow a pair and shut up...WAWAWAW...FTB...
  5. DIPPS_S.W.F.C


    After last nite m8,i think they are still playing for Jos,they played well to a man,young guns did extreamly well too so maybe just maybe alot of us have judged a bit early.With Hooper Lee and Winall to come back too we are only going to be stronger and if he sticks with young uns our bench simetime soon will look very strong indeed...UTO.....FTB....
  6. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Bloody Well Done

    Just goes to show,Wigan and Brentford both playing well,maybe we aint that far away after all...???...
  7. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Liam Palmer

    Played well tonight....
  8. DIPPS_S.W.F.C


    Lets just see what reaction he gets from the players 2morrow,if they stand up and play better then the respect is still there,if its much of the same then i will be very worried he's lost dressing room already,they dont understand his tactics or he hasnt got a clue how to motivate them and give them confidence...man management??...UTO FTB
  9. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Jos needs to be more animated

    Get Di Canio in...he's mental on touch line!!!!
  10. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    The I-Follow Service Thread

    The sound was poor on audio version yesterday always is...its crap...
  11. I think if you pay that amount for 6 games would you not just buy a season ticket and spread the cost then go to what ever game you want when you can...?or is that my bad??.UTO FTB....
  12. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    George Boyd

    Boyd,Fletch, Jones and Abdi all very strange not needed signings spoilt the flow of the playoff final team,just needed a bit of pace and a powerful engine in middle with lee and Bannan..job done..uto ftb..
  13. I am really starting to think Jos aint got a clue,but i hope im totally wrong...
  14. Westwood Number1 simples as that...let the young uns watch and learn...UTO
  15. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Our transfer window not closed

    Rather Wallace then Boyd...