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  1. Id take 8m for Reach. 2m for big Dave. 5m for Rhodes,even tho i think he could still do it here under Bruce.. 3m for Winnall. Would'nt miss any of em,we need bigger and stronger in midfield,and out of Reach or Bannan i'd take Bannan all day long,with a big bruising power house box to box player at side of him.. UTO FTBFB....
  2. Sh it...just got in what have i missed?????.,UTO FTFBB
  3. And available in time for Xmas...In sizes Dwaf and Fat bastar'dos our new Portuguese signing....result... UTO FTBB..... WAWAWAW
  4. Westwood and Palmer Hector if poss... Feel bad about Lee tho.. Rest can go,not good enough for Promotion squad,or just to old and injury prone..UTO FTBB....
  5. We go for the win simple,fooooook weeds n foooooook pigs...UTO FTFBB
  6. Our time will come,but not with the team we have got,had ots chance,need a rebuild,fresh blood,pace and get rid of the old crocks,even tho I rate some of em...UTO FTBFB...
  8. 6 points from next two games then i'll start to believe,maybe just maybe,anything less then i'd say its over.....UTO.......FTFBB...
  9. Im in La Palma and its not bloomin working in app,any other streams lads??..
  10. That next season when they are playing in Champions league we won't be laughing in div 2 at them any more... Pure Piganomics.... UTO FTFBFP
  11. Its MASSIVE MASSIVE,and i feel sickly nervous already..... UTO FTFBPB
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