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  1. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Bruce Out (clickbait title)

    Burn them!!!!! Burn them!!!!! Burn them allllllll!!!!!
  2. Yep he always did,even when he was playing poor he kept in going..we just need 3 or 4 respected leaders on and off pitch...
  3. We miss the likrs of Semido and Loovens,Wallace in the changing room... Need a captain who can handle pressure and bond get all players up for it...No leaders really,a very quiet team bar Westwood.... UTO FTB
  4. Need an attacking midfielder box to box,shows how much we miss Lee.... Play FF Joao and Winnall if match fit... Bench Fletch drop Boyd rest Reach Leave back 5.... Is Bannan now suspended??afyer yellow??.. Mix it up a bit and take a look at players,new lads give em a run... Toytown comming up n Blunts,if we dont score we aint winning sh it..... UTO FTB
  5. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    club crest

    This is S.W.F.C. ALWAYS WILL BE.. I live darn'south n everbody recognises it,the new Eddie Izzard rimming badge they just laugh at....Embarrassing really.....I have no deffence,havnt even got the passion to defend it,as i just dont relate to it,not feeling it DC......how sad....UTO FTFB....
  6. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Steve Bruce in one word

  7. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Winnall to Sunderland ?

    Shame if he goes,wanted him to come good here.He must feel very unwanted tho.Thats football for ya...At least we still have Nuhui.....tut...... UTO FTFB
  8. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Adam Reach

    Overrated...i'd take 10m...
  9. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Get Boyd Fletch Reach off now and put FF Joao n Matais on
  10. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Reach n Boyd just running round chasing shadows...
  11. DIPPS_S.W.F.C


    Joao FF Winnall
  12. Get Wickham or Antonio back....
  13. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Chairman’s statement

    Some fans baffle me too m8,short sighted,we had a go at it,gambled didnt work,at least he had a pop and nearly did it,gave us some great times, and signed some quality players,so now get over it,sell a few rebuild go again,thats what most clubs do,is it not???some win some lose...You think Bruce would come here without any club ambition planned??would you have rather have MM or Allen still running us into oblivion????seriously some of our fans are baffle me..get behind him,stick together and go again......unbelievable Jeff....UTO FTB