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  1. Take the points,and on to next game...UTO..
  2. Me too m8,spoilt the game,cutting out...At least we got the points,looked a bit scrappy tho,and laggy,lol....UTO
  3. Me too m8,what a waste of money.Tried it on lower ratio too and still cuts out afyer 5 secs..On a projector and on a tv too.The cast wo t take the stream,with a hdmi cable too...ANY BODY ANY IDEAS??watching on phone is crap...
  4. Sol Campbell's SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY....got a decent ring to it.....UTO FTB
  5. Reach... Simples...play our strongest team,Reach has been a little lost in both games,let the new lads co ntinue while buzzing,and put Westwood back in too... UTO.FTFB..
  6. We all said 1st 5 games need to pick up serious points to make a statement,and all pretty winnable If we are good enough,whoever was in charge.Just dont want Bully to mess up get boot if it goes wrong,be awkward for DC to get rid,saw that with Jos n Carlos too long,then Bullen to loose respect of players being put back as coach if he's lucky to be kept on.Could go really wrong,keep him as Mr Dependable as he has been for years.....Imo......UTO FTB....
  7. The 2 player scout's Bruce brought in,and prob Bruce had a list ready to go or ideas on players....just a thought...UTO...
  8. Surley Not, looks like a good player tho,but 10m when ya not that Sure...is it a gamble or Not???
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