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  1. I personally think if we had Windass fit last season that's the difference between autos or 4th. Be nice to see him stay and have a go next season but,if a 2.5m offer or above came in you'd have to take it. Desperate for some pace up top tho.Gregory,Sow,Windass. Windass and Sow the new Hirst and Williams...Make it happen DM... UTO....
  2. Big Heck loves the Owls... He'd play for nowt.. UTO
  3. Good luck with that.. Wouldn't it be nice all pushing in same direction,supporting the club from back to front.. UTO
  4. Storey,Dean,Gibson. DM's dream 3... maybe.
  5. Ok best forward we have at the club by a half mile... Whos better,all round play up front? I thought he's played better in a front 2.imo.
  6. I seriously think we need 4 new forwards for next season. I do however think Windass is the best we have tho by a country mile but,is so injury prone is the gamble worth it to keep him or sell him. UTO
  7. Hope Dean comes back as we need a leader at the back now Hutch n Dunk gone. UTO
  8. So that's 4 new CB's needed? Dean and Storey comming back do you think?. Berihino gone to make way for a new young fast forward? I still rate Wildsmith before Dawson but,could end up with a new keeper comming in? Hunt will resign. NML is wise to try and keep as Shidipo gone. Fingers crossed Luongo resigns but,injuries weren't kind to him last season,maybe go younger and fitter? UTO
  9. Could never go red and white,infact I don't even have 1 item of red clothing in my wardrobe..I do how ever drive a red volvo estate which was the wife's,flipping hate it,its red flipping red..... So sorry pal won't be stopping blue for red anytime soon,infact ever.... BUT good luck.. WAWAW...
  10. 4 new forwards who can play over 35+games each in a season if needed too.Hopefully 1 of em can get over 20 goals too.Younger and faster. 2 new keepers,if Wildsmith leaves. Another CM and a CDM if Luongo leaves. 2 CB if Dean dosent come back. A RWB and a LWB A combined average squad age of 24 tops.. UTO..
  11. No never rated him thought he was a T### that he didn't play till end of season can go and F### himself no excuse.. Morgan Fox still played...
  12. Over to DM now,get that business done earlyNo excuses,,fly straight into pre- season with squad all sorted. Then stay in that top 3 or 4 always in touching distance of autos. This is minimum for me,we need to push on again and solidate our position in this division,put our own marker down,let teams worry about us. Dare I say it,do a toytown... UTO!!!!......COME ON!!!!!!
  13. Myself I'd keep Hunt,Hutch and maybe Dunk but,that depends if we can get Storey back. Can see Wildsmith staying as then we won't be searching for 2 keepers. Going to be intresting now we can go out early and get players in for fees and not have to wait for loans and old freebies pick n choosing on big money from Championship. UTO...
  14. From Braga to Blackburn....(or Burnley) Ooooouch.... UTO
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