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  1. Remember Arsenal......under the lights and Carlos the genius.. Time to step up Monk the Master.... I'll leave that there just to sink in.. UTO FTFMCC
  2. We are kak...... And I've never rated him either,but has been playing out of skin this season,best i've seen him at any club IMO....... UTO
  3. I think and have always thought that FF is the best player we have in the squad,ie most skillful,exciting,can win you games,other teams are terrified of him player,not since Waddle,Carbone and Di Canio have we had a more exciting player.Even Fletch and Bannan says he's most skillful player in the squad,,,,,BUT to say does he deserve a shirt,IMO no player deserves a shirt unless its earnt simple,and Monk will decide that.As for "When he decides he's fit"????give over,a player in his last year of contract dosent want to play??think he'd be more eager to play to earn s new one or put himself in shop window...He has some crap luck tho last 2 seasons with his knee,we'd have seen FF of old if not for that.... By the way i voted NO,prove yaself get on bench 1st,cant just walk in.....UTO
  4. Dam i missed this one...tut...next time I'll take my crown back...tut..
  5. Date who he wants,if he does same again..
  6. But he loves playing at Hillsborough..in front of the Kop..simple... Get him in... UTO...
  7. Dont shoot the messanger,been saying get him in for ages.....just saying,been saying ..IMO... UTO FTFB...
  8. Get Wickham in... Whats happened to him anyway?.. And Gayle in.... And Huddleston.... Sorted... Who needs young fresh fast hungry players....Its experiance that gets you there... UTO.....
  9. Look at the positives tho,Lees scores.... And Winnall as had more movement in 15 mins then Dave n Rhodes did in 90 mins last time out... COME ON WEDNESDAY....
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