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  1. Home kits crap,,To narrow,blue sleves and no black.... Dosent even look royale blue looks Brighton blue... Think Huddersfield,Brighton wigan everytime i look at it.... Poor effort ......3/10 just cus it has stripes and black shorts n socks....... Away kit,keepers kit 6/10 UTO
  2. We dont need crocks?? Dunkley,Hutch,Luongo,Iorfa,Windass.... Half our team are ... UTO
  3. Fatty patty i called him at first but,he trimmed down so now its just patty....lol... UTO....
  4. Get Wickham in and Bony..... Or stick with Patty and Windass......lol...... People saying no to Wickham,couldnt make it up..... UTO.....
  5. Get Swindons keeper in he looked a gud un,forgot his name.Swindon are in a worse place then us by the looks of it too.... UTO
  6. I follow is shocking and the customer service is even worse ...... Atty'sOwlsTV,would be alot better.....UTO
  7. I think Dunk,Hutch,Green and Bashiru are going to be worth it,the rest if em loans included I just didnt get very poor. Dunk was a massive gamble tho. Monk ripped us a gud un,some terrible signings to what we had.. UTO
  8. Yep,think a number 1 is paramount and a target man. Thing is with Windass looks the part and looked ok when he found is way into the side playing along side Rhodes,then looked lost for majority of games he played,never got the love fest for him and the meltdowns if he leaves.If he stays tho I hope he bags 25 goals and I'll change my opinion..lol... UTO
  9. Never rated him,looked lost in some games last season,runs about a bit.Anything over 2.5m snap their hands off..... UTO..
  10. How does he always get tickers??..i've been trying for ages...WAWAWAW.....UTO
  11. If any ones buying season tickets you are braver then most. At this rate you will be watching u15's.... UTO
  12. A statement in any shape or form from the club to reassure the customer's and lay out plans for the future in the lower divisions.....
  13. We really are a shambles of a club at min...Embarrassed by the whole saga ......very sad..
  14. I think thay most people are just speculating and making stuff up,not many.on here know the real truth about DC and his wealth or mindset. He's made massive mistakes we know that,but he's been bank rolling the club a while now and lost millions. 1.I dont think DM would have come here. 2.I dont think BB would have signed a new contract. 3.the transfer targets are real we have been linked with. All of the above would be gash if he was skintos flintos.. So do we hound him out and put him down at every turn and be very careful what we wish for,or let it roll and hopefully bounce straight back..... Im as confused as any one. A DC statement of intent wouldnt go a miss at moment to calm every one down... UTO....
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