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  1. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    George Boyd

    Boyd,Fletch, Jones and Abdi all very strange not needed signings spoilt the flow of the playoff final team,just needed a bit of pace and a powerful engine in middle with lee and Bannan..job done..uto ftb..
  2. I am really starting to think Jos aint got a clue,but i hope im totally wrong...
  3. Westwood Number1 simples as that...let the young uns watch and learn...UTO
  4. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Our transfer window not closed

    Rather Wallace then Boyd...
  5. He says whats on tin and is right...Dc had a 2 year gamble dint work fair plays for having a go,now regroup reload and go again this season and next...We WILL get there if we stick together and get that 1st season feeling back,but thats from all sides...UTO FTFB...COME ON WEDNESDAY..... WAWAWAWAWAWAW
  6. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    26,666 Owls 6 Dull fac kin nil..... Uto ftb--- long live DC!!!!!....
  7. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    Brilliant..... COME ON YOU BLUE N WHITE WIZARDS!!! 3--1...
  8. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    no 1 keeper and captain

    Palmer and Nuhiu
  9. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Hate To Mention This But...........

    3 ......0..... Either way......
  10. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Quick win Clare

    Give him 2 years tell him to prove himself fight for a 1st team spot and if he does then extend it after a year....cant blame him for wanting more then a year pretty poor really you get offered a year at the end of your career not begining...give the lad a chance and stability.. Who sorts pur contracts out by the way??doing a great job last 2 seasons...uto ftb..
  11. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    ifollow not working properly

    Ifollow is garbage just issues all last season then found out they had set me 2 accounts up and was paying twice....robbing batsterwards...
  12. Top 6 m8,get it right ....uto...ftb
  13. ????.... Do they not communicate???wtf???
  14. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    What does the club expect of Jos this season?

    Finish above pigs!!!!!!!!ffs......
  15. DIPPS_S.W.F.C

    Let's back Fernando

    No lets hang him out to dry like we did with Di Canio the other great player we had and never stood by him... Come on FF rip this division a new one son...!!!UTO...FTB...