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  1. Johnson for Brown Aderanin for Wing Berehino for Patto Brown for Palmer Palmer for Dunkley patto for Hunt Wing for Bannan Dele for Bannan Think thats obvious and nailed on truth be told... UTO
  2. Hunt Iorfa ?? Palmer Corbenau Bannan Dele Johnson Gregory Kambiri/Berihino Adeniran or Johnson Kami or Berihino Wildsmith or BPF All hit n miss for me but,just play a settled side ffs.. Pato,Brown and Wing should go and have a long hard think about whether they want to be footballers or not...DARREN. UTO
  3. Exactly this m8. All 3 were shocking,Moore then takes of Dele who had one of his best games for us. Next game drop Wing and Brown for def.Patto gets a reprieve,but only 1. Cant keep carrying crap... UTO
  4. 2023 The team need time to gel,not been that long together. We are just a few points off playoffs. Ermmm high energy for 70 mins of every game im happy... Come on Darren get a grip lad!!!!.. Solid Playoff position at xmas if not ya in a bit of trouble m8.. UTO
  5. Missed Bannan out but,i expect him to play like he did yesterday every game in this Div,as he's a mile ahead of everyone.Take him for granted.Quality... UTO
  6. Not a Gregory fan but,he did well put himself about. Thought Dele looks promising now,give him a run in team watch his confidence. Wing id drop him.Put another runner in there with Bannan and Dele. Hunt got forward well. Brown not convinced. Rest of em M'eh..... 2 POINTS DROPPED UTO
  7. Better then Palmer going forward and can cross....put Palmer on left drop Johnson....
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