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  1. 65.5% our great leader DC... 25% Monk and his 3 shocking transfer windows.. 30% Gash players... 45% incompetent Accountant and their adding stuff up n that.....
  2. I do m8,I know exactly whos at falt with the position we are in the whole clubs rotten at the min,thats what hurts.I just think Monk should have gone mths b4 he did and Moore in when Pulis came in or before. All just hindsight tho m8,what do we know... UTO
  3. I feel your pain... I gave up a while ago. Felt a slight glowing in me when Moore came in but,that light faded away after a few games,the damage had been done already by Garry and Tony the hapless brothers...... UTO
  4. Thing is he had massive competition to get a head of Reach for a starting place down left,as he's been unbelievable this season... Oh hang on a min???...
  5. 2 years with a rolling 3rd year then 4th year linked to 3rd year with a rolling 5th year makes sense to me .... UTO.....
  6. But people say Lees has had a great season???....lol
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