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  1. I think this Division is Gash this year,anyone can beat anybody. This rubbish they are best team in div dosent sit well with me,all this Arrrrrrr Brentford are so great gollox,YOU WHAT!!!! go out to win not jolly about,take it fooooookin to em!!! Reach waste of space when up for a battle.. sorry.... We are in the shi te and need all hands on deck.... UTO......WAWAWAW...
  2. Can you get it on big tv yet?? UTO
  3. I tried ifollow once.... Paid my 10er and then found out i couldn't cast it to big tv had to watch on phone and no commentary was shocking.Never again... So unless i can watch on big tv with big light off afyer ive done a big shop wi Mrs then its not for me....... Its crap... UTO
  4. Id sell him to Brentford for 5 mill,they will have loads of money to spend.. Then we can try/struggle to get a replacement in or 2 maybe of exact same quality on loan or for 500k.Whats more attracting to players then Monk and -12 head start on relegation.... If we sell Bannan we might as well give up now for this season and prepare for div 1..if thats the way forward then so be it...don't think DC wants that one bit..give him 2-3 years match his wage at least tie him down with contract clauses obviously.... seriously some people on here deluded...get rid of best player we have to try
  5. Get Austin in quick and Wickham back...then 2 of Patterson/Wickham/Austin up Front with Windass/Brown in behind,Kachunga n Harris out wide....... If them lot couldnt score enough to keep us up then oooouch... Get it sorted Atty,have word son....UTO....WAWAWAW
  6. Tricky Trev then Waddle made Hirst into a monster up top....
  7. Shocking PR towards fans from the club as always....give the kids a signed shirt at least for being a ball boy/girl.....Unbelievable Jeff... UTO....
  8. Chapman and Thompson could work.....Marwood in Browns roll... UTO
  9. I think this division is showing how up and down its going to be already,4 games gone and no 1 or 2 teams 100% record like usually there is.Everyone can beat anyone im thinking again,just like last year.Going to be a very close call,we need to get in the +points asap to put pressure on teams above already...IMO UTO....
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