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  1. Imo,all can go,apart from FF and Fox maybe.... Rest are gash or too old.....even Fletch,sorry... UTO
  2. The more i think about it,the more it fits.Got be an improvement on Monk,who has lost the players imo.. Bet none of the pre madonna's would dare say poo to BIG BAD MICK!!....He'd chew em up n spit em out...But he would play his best players in their best positions to get results full stop...UTO...
  3. Yeh 1 year....most skilful player we have..How can we replace him with no money...
  4. You said us,the fans have to pay top dollar for top players and top football and a top match day experience,can you say when you are expecting to give us all a refund from the 16/17 season onwards,thx.....
  5. We've gone backwards this season,Bruce was sorting it slowly but surely,Monk has destroyed that this season its that simple...
  6. Never before have I said get rid of a manager,but he's just got to step down and admit he dosent fit and cant do it,the club is in to much of a mess and we need to stop this now or we really could go down....
  7. Keown was shocking,how the hell does he get the job...."Pessy going to play uptop behind FF".....WTF.. And "Iorfa only started a couple of games all season,this is his chance tonight"..... Keown=Muppet
  8. Charlton Palmer MKII..... Get him in there..
  10. How does Nixon know that??.. Told by Monk??DC??..... What a load of poppycock... UTO
  11. There was 2 leaders in the dressing room,but have been bombed out for being louder in there then Monk he'd prob have bombed out Wallace Semedo and Loovens too for having a winning changing room as he knows what one feels like.......When was that then Garry??....UTO....
  12. They dont trust him or Dawson.....Bonner been suspect too...A defence that has gone from solid,best part of team to all over the place im afraid...UTO
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