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  1. Never rated him never have,He had a good/notbad two 3rd's of a season which was this one,scored most hes ever scored in his career 13 goals,good luck to him but put him in same bracket as Hooper n Rhodes past it nothing special final pay day for em... UTO
  2. Could he do a job,,,,get him in quick....... Bet he'd make half our team look like pus sy's,,imagine him and Semedo with Reach.......lol.....
  3. To old,To many injuries,has never scored enough....bye,move on.... All this lovin for crocked,past it players i really dont get....same with Hooper....half a season at most.... UTO.....
  4. That is pure beauty..... Dont know why some on here are laughing at it,call yourselves owls fans,load of poppycock you dont know you were born,new badge of Eddie Izzard and you like it....tut....i tell thee.. !!!!!.UTO....
  5. Hes been unhappy at B'mouth a while now,somethings not right there its broken...
  6. We are stuck with Monk,soon as 1st signing is over line then Monk it is for next season.DC has no b a lls,he did try with Bruce,but got stung half a year later by him So now DC has no bottle to get or try someone either new to the game or big named with personality.So we are stuck with yes man.Monk and his ramblings all season of the same thing..Its transition you know...UTO
  7. Why dont we ever get a statement or something from the club about anything,,,,,always left in dark,,,,,even DC statement thanking us for our support for the WEDNESDAY FAMILY has he/they call it.....this season after game,but from D C his own words not scripted tripe...... UTO
  8. Serious question,how many players do we actually need to sign now to the 1st team squad?? And how many more do you think will/poss leave?..
  9. Imagine him working for DC..... Oooooouch.....in so many ways... UTO
  10. Well that works well..... M'eh......
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