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  1. you don't watch them much then do you ! jones was poo , yes i live near carlisle and do more travelling than most to watch owls have done since 1983 1-7 you havin a laugh ! what about his tactics and form since he took on the job
  2. we've been poor all season & on the back of a poor run that took us down last season ! a run of 6 games wow more luck than skill
  3. quite a few around 500-600 , couldn't see many empty seats in area they gave us not looking forward to work tomorrow , guna get a ribbing by carlisle fans
  4. i went throught the gates as the 7th went in
  5. garbage again tonight , jones was shocking can't pass or cross , team defending poor should never have let simek go , i left 20mins early along with50-60 others , haven't left a match early since arsenal drubbing @ highbury seen a few games this season , living up here near carlisle , got ticket for swindon away , thinking can i be bothered ! new man in , in 'mandy' hope he gets rid of irvine and his dire tactics
  6. what and miss my local owls game not on yor nelly
  7. at home by the nice warm fire , do i set off at 7pm or go in town for a few pints , weather looks ok but very cold
  8. i'm happy with that draw carlisle is only 30mins from home
  9. hillsborough hotel , good beer and excellent breekie, secure garage parking
  10. i went to hillsboro for team pic today , tudders and jj were there was told weaver is joining soon
  11. i wish i could get a seaon ticket , haven't had one since 93 when kop went allseater, held one for 3 years 90-93 when i lived in bristol and travelled to home and away matches, i live in cumbria now and its not so easy to travel to sunny sheff , but i still go to as many games as poss , i've the money to pay for 1 but prefer to pay on day , feel the club gets more money from me that way , i got 5 year membership last year . looking forward to the carlisle away game see simek and give it large to my workmates when we stuff'em and only 30min drive home after the match
  12. a workmates wife is related to tommy , and she talks regularly to him hes on hols in portugal at the moment also been to NY , his contract has a clause that means cos of drop to div1 he has taken pay cut , he moved house last year and has big mortgage hes worried about that , so if offer came in who knows , he keeps saying that he loves swfc so he'll prob stay i personally like the player he tries on the pitch gives 100% , last season wasnt his best , but who did have a good season ... i'd get rid of tudgay , and a few of the midfielders , some reasonable signs so far , not sure we'll bounce straight back but gota hope so , looking froward to cufc away as its my nearest fixture to home
  13. 164 miles 3hrs 15mins , taking the wife to her 1st footy match , she has soft spot for leeds i'm winning her over tho used to have season ticket for 3 years and travel 179miles & 3hrs 16min from brizzol
  14. if they sold season tickets for an area thats for unreserved seating area i'd buy one
  15. just me unless i can talk the g/f in going in with me , she likes L***s scum tho !!! are you all owls going then , aint seen any up here or in carlisle . bridge bier house is another good pub in town centre , last time we went parking was crap . im prob'ly going preston away in the week , U ?
  16. hi millomowl i'm coming down from north cumbria near silloth . pay on the gate swfc website says ! i'll be in the away end , if not go in the home end like last year . ministry of ale pub is good near manchester road station i think , simular type of pub to the prince of wales at foxfield.
  17. merry xmas everyoneanyone going to burnley away ?
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