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  1. Glad he's gone time to move on and support the team , let's hope we get a good manager and some entertaining football to watch ..
  2. if his team talks are anything like his press conferences , then the players must be confused like *** !
  3. ive a 2 season ticket , will i renew NO , to be honest havent been since blunts game , been an Owl since 83' good and bad times no glory hunter here . the passion on the field is lacking and quality is there and its not working , the club i fell in love with isnt the same as the one i see in front of me now ... No blue and white stripes No home grown manager No Uk owner look at the way their treating G.Hirst shocking a fan and son of a legend yes i'll always support swfc but attend games ... well
  4. nah dislike 82 fc too much , BHBB bristol :-)
  5. Lansdown is a tax dodger lives in Channel Islands , he loves Bristol so much that he hasn't paid the players of 82' dislike sh!theads 82fc with a passion, Otib the Gas !
  6. stay at hillsborough , take pillars out of kop and create safe standing zone , knock down leppings lane stand and build new stand that joins north and south create a fan area by shop , bars food stalls etc stage for live music , similar to what eithad has
  7. im feeling exactly the same , havent been since blades game , did regret it after hearing leeds result but back to dull footy again , wont renew season ticket either
  8. Woody Woodward 18 hrs I'm naming and shaming myself. I was the one towards the end of the game who went around the pitch to ask Carlos why we'd messed up on the 3rd major occasion. It's just not good enough., he doesn't seem to be able to prepare us for the big occasions. I'm furious I just got a telling off. I think there were bigger issues to deal with. What made it worse is the fact he was smiling as I approached him. I don't think anyone else was smiling in our camp.
  9. 1 good season of entertaining football thats all hes had, teams and managers have sussed him , he gets in players like boyd and rhodes then says they dont suit our style of play FFS why buy them then .. he should have gone end of last season , dont think we will make play-offs this year . next year FFP will kick in and we will be a selling club , get a UK manager in that knows this league and can motivate players
  10. we let in 4 goals at home , so where did we turn it ?
  11. He's got to go , he had one good season , last seasons football was dull , we won't make play offs this year , and ffp will knock us back into oblivion
  12. Bannan was awful, but he wasn't the only one , poor tactics again by a manager that can't turn a game
  13. Wallace is garbage in this formation , hunt is too slow going forward . and teams that do play down wing show our defense up as crap
  14. Is Bullen picking all his jock mates for the team ?
  15. Hells bells by ac/dc just watch a st Pauli video , awesome
  16. I'd rather they promote from within if Carlos goes .. Bullen should take up the role
  17. gate receipts to charity is good , he's type of guy who would do that , only mentioned it because it would be good send off for him , could be done as a pre season friendly game. yes it used to be 10 years at a club ..not many players do that nowadays .. could you see us having one for example for Liam Palmer
  18. surely the fans favorite in possibly his last year at SWFC should get a testimonial
  19. I prefer the Pale Ale on tap thats for sale on the North stand
  20. i bought a 2yr season ticket had i known that the stripes were going i would not have done so , reason i 1st supported club because i like kit so much . can wednesdayite ask if i can have a refund for next year ?
  21. Goal! Cardiff City 1, Sheffield Wednesday 1. Daniel Pudil (Sheffield Wednesday) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Gary Hooper.
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