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  1. im originally from bristol as a kid dad took me to city a few times he liked liverpool tho & mum liked leeds area i grew up in -barton hill was mostly city even tho rovers were nearer , i left school and city were in 4th div and workmates went city ,i went as it was social thing . i saw Weds on tv v Fulham 4/1/85 and thought wow , as i worked on railway i would plan a free trip up to hillsborough 2 march 85 1-0 win over coventry i walked into hillsboro and was hooked , ive moved around a bit lake district / crewe / north wales since then . and watch a local team if cant go see owls . so like / dislike the following like bristol rovers queen of the south port vale Blaenau Ffestiniog Amateurs dislike bristol city leeds sheff utd carlisle utd stoke city man u arsenal
  2. germany and 2 games st.pauli & hamburg sv please
  3. cat F&G games for me can't justify spending any more .
  4. just ordered one they look quality .. cheers NYCowl
  5. good to see the youth coming through , just hope the boo boys stay away
  6. U would not know a, as you weren’t born b, as keyboards weren’t around then mr warrior
  7. Been an owl since 1984 ! Weve heard DC side nothing from GH so don’t be so judgemental
  8. He wants to play football and get as much wages as he can ( what’s wrong with that) if a job offer was coming your way I’m sure 90% of you would leave and go for money ... him and his old man are Wednesdayites saw Hirst snr at forest away ... football is business now .. milan and chansari didn’t come here because we play in blue n white stripes ! oh we don’t cos mr tuna doesn’t like them and Milan has cashed out !
  9. so you going bold bazza just like me , grow a tash it stops people looking at your forehead !
  10. could we see more footy fans drifting into grass roots footy , players wages is a big issue for me , the game is going away from working class ethics . in my heart i will always have swfc , but i might go watch a non league game , beer on terrace cheap food and tickets ... blue & kit of course ...
  11. Didn’t want to go to the Carlos love fest .. alo money is tight at mo
  12. whacking bristol city inside and outside ashton gate a few years ago , cmon the gas
  13. although i stayed away after blades defeat and until CC was sacked (been to forest-A & burton-H) since , i would never ask for a refund , thats just wrong
  14. I've not been since blades game I'm season ticket holder, shall return now CC has gone
  15. Glad he's gone time to move on and support the team , let's hope we get a good manager and some entertaining football to watch ..
  16. if his team talks are anything like his press conferences , then the players must be confused like *** !
  17. ive a 2 season ticket , will i renew NO , to be honest havent been since blunts game , been an Owl since 83' good and bad times no glory hunter here . the passion on the field is lacking and quality is there and its not working , the club i fell in love with isnt the same as the one i see in front of me now ... No blue and white stripes No home grown manager No Uk owner look at the way their treating G.Hirst shocking a fan and son of a legend yes i'll always support swfc but attend games ... well
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